Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.9489566, Longitude: -85.0269014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brookhart, Ara Bell  8 Feb 1928Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30667
2 Brookhart, Ernest Wilbur  10 Mar 1908Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7768
3 Brookhart, Hazel M(ontgomery)  1913Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7770
4 Brookhart, Mattie Lou  18 Apr 1909Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7769
5 Brookhart, Roy Hurshel  18 Mar 1933Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30668
6 Brown, Charlotte Jane   I3603
7 Brown, Tony  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9585
8 Byars, Harrell Eugene "Eugene"   I16906
9 Campbell, Jane Ann   I3644
10 Campbell, Janet   I3643
11 Dalton, Janice L. "Jan"   I9589
12 Dixon, Amber Dalton  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9590
13 Dixon, Rodney Eugene   I3639
14 Estes, Jessica  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9601
15 Estes, John  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9600
16 Frost, Emily  8 Mar 1846Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I16953
17 Griffin, John Wendell   I3591
18 Griffin, Richard Scott   I3594
19 Griffin, Vickie Lynn   I3592
20 Griffin, Wendy Charlene   I3593
21 Hayes, Jamie  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3623
22 Hayes, Kenneth R.  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3621
23 Hayes, Sean  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3622
24 Hennessee, Connie Sue   I3616
25 Hennessee, Deanna Carlene   I3595
26 Hennessee, Debbie Lynn  1 Sep 1956Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3618
27 Hennessee, Diana Christine   I3608
28 Hennessee, Donald Douglas  6 Feb 1928Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3258
29 Hennessee, Donald Robert   I3617
30 Hennessee, Donna Charlene   I3590
31 Hennessee, Eugene  18 Sep 1926Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3257
32 Hennessee, Fred Henry  10 May 1921Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3255
33 Hennessee, Geraldine "Jerri"  26 Jan 1931Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3259
34 Hennessee, Irene  1 Feb 1934Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3260
35 Hennessee, James Dale "Dale"   I3602
36 Hennessee, James Savage "Junior" Jr.  20 Feb 1924Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3256
37 Hennessee, Johnny Richard Sr.  5 May 1945Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3263
38 Hennessee, Johnny Richard Jr.   I3634
39 Hennessee, Kenneth Venable   I3262
40 Hennessee, Lorene   I3261
41 Hennessee, Peggy Ruth   I3619
42 Hennessee, Ted Eugene "Teddy"   I3620
43 Hennessee, Tina Michelle   I3605
44 Kearley, Charles Richard Jr.  4 Sep 1922Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7764
45 Kearley, Charles Richard "Richard" Sr.  23 Nov 1901Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3250
46 Kearley, Clara Mae  13 Oct 1908Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30666
47 Kearley, John Elmo  18 Nov 1926Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7767
48 Kearley, Vance E.  1 Mar 1892Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3268
49 Leigh, Lori   I30882
50 Lewis, James Timothy "Tim"   I25886
51 McBride, James Lester  8 Sep 1901Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I48741
52 Page, Jay Emmit  20 Feb 1936Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I40262
53 Roberts, Melissa Kaye   I3637
54 Smith, Patrick Lee   I3612
55 Smith, Perry Lane   I3613
56 Smith, Roger Ken   I3611
57 Smith, Ronald Glen George  21 Nov 1947Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3598
58 Turner, Ethel Jane  10 Mar 1901Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3253
59 Yates, Alestia Elaine  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9598
60 Yates, Brian Edward  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9597
61 Yates, Christine Marie  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I9596


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Frances Rose "Grace"  17 Jan 1987Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I34401
2 Blackburn, Elbert S.  29 Jun 1896Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I27099
3 Bohannon, Lewis Lafayette  31 Aug 1932Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I39933
4 Brookhart, Ara Bell  10 Mar 2018Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30667
5 Brookhart, Ernest Wilbur  2 Jan 1982Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7768
6 Brookhart, Mattie Lou  1 May 1997Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7769
7 Brookhart, Roy Hurshel  2 Dec 2010Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30668
8 Cordell, Thomas Leslie "Leslie"  24 Sep 1964Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I430
9 Cunningham, Robert Lee "Lee"  22 Jul 1974Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I42102
10 Dodson, Dinah Ruth  28 Feb 2013Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I40268
11 Elmore, Minnie Lee  23 Mar 1966Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I14027
12 Harmon, Irene  1 Jul 1992Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I6789
13 Hennessee, Debbie Lynn  25 Aug 1957Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3618
14 Hennessee, Eugene  23 Nov 1926Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3257
15 Hennessee, James Savage Sr.  28 Apr 1977Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3246
16 Hennessee, James Savage "Junior" Jr.  10 Jul 2011Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3256
17 Hennessee, Johnny Richard Sr.  24 Sep 2010Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3263
18 Hennessee, Mary Belle  10 Jan 1973Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3249
19 Hennessee, Phoebe Belzora  28 Feb 1982Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I429
20 Hennessee, William Patrick  7 Jun 1973Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3247
21 Hennessee, Willie Mae  5 Jun 1973Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3248
22 Houston, Hazel  26 Aug 1998Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3264
23 Johnson, Raymond  17 Dec 2000Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I6798
24 Kearley, Charles Richard Jr.  14 Apr 1999Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7764
25 Kearley, Charles Richard "Richard" Sr.  9 Jul 1985Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3250
26 Kearley, Clara Mae  30 Dec 1991Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30666
27 Kearley, John Calvin  16 Oct 1927Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I15300
28 Kearley, John Elmo  18 Sep 1962Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7767
29 Kearley, Lee  8 Jun 1924Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7765
30 Kearley, Lela  3 Jun 1924Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I7766
31 Kearley, Ruby Mae  12 Sep 1972Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30669
32 Kearley, Vance E.  0Dec 1984Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3268
33 Livesay, Mary Jane  1920Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30275
34 Manning, John Oliver  19 Jan 1964Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I28071
35 Millard, Miranda  8 Sep 1960Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I30752
36 Milligan, Betty Ruth  2 Oct 2003Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I39944
37 Oakes, Samantha Elizabeth  2 Dec 1944Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3245
38 Roberts, Edith  9 Sep 1967Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I40555
39 Smith, Ronald Glen George  12 May 1990Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3598
40 Sparkman, Mildred Inez  29 Aug 2013Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I27761
41 Stevens, Josephine  6 Mar 1937Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I15301
42 Suttle, Carlen H.  22 Apr 1988Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I45058
43 Suttle, Haskell C. "Hack"  0Jun 1989Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I39954
44 Suttle, Sylvanus V.  1 Dec 1946Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I36561
45 Turner, Ethel Jane  24 Apr 1974Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I3253
46 Watley, Lonnie Austin  12 May 1983Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I40229


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bell, Jim  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I53594
2 Bess, John Abraham   I33537
3 Brookhart, Adam  2010Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I52699
4 Dixon, Rodney Eugene   I3639
5 Hennessee, Charles Lyn   I3270
6 Hennessee, Kenneth Venable   I3262
7 Hennessee, Sondra Kay   I3271
8 Hennessee, Ted Eugene "Teddy"   I3620
9 Kearley, Marlene  1999Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I52684
10 Milligan, Betty Ruth  0___ 2003Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I39944
11 Page, Jay Emmit  0___ 1997Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I40262
12 Page, Jeffrey Neale  0___ 2003Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I40264
13 Womack, Dorothy Jean  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee I18775


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Griffin   F3397
2 Brown / Roberts   F3399
3 Campbell / Hennessee   F1270
4 Dixon / Dalton   F3400
5 Estes / Campbell   F3403
6 Griffin / Hennessee   F1402
7 Hayes / Hennessee   F1410
8 Hennessee / Brown   F1405
9 Hennessee / Turner  1924Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F1267
10 Kearley / Hennessee  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F1264
11 Lewis / Watley  31 May 1941Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F9208
12 Loveday / Griffin   F3398
13 Smartt / Smith   F3371
14 Smith / Hennessee   F1404
15 Smith / Hennessee   F1408
16 Yates / Campbell   F3402

Residence (Family)

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Byrge / Page  0___ 2013Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F12611
2 Dodson / Cordell  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F6235
3 Elmore / Brookhart  2010Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F19712
4 Hennessee / Leigh   F11167
5 Herrod / Merriman  0___ 1930Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F12690
6 McDonald / Brookhart  2010Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F19711
7 Ogle / Kearley  Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee F19709