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Pop Byars' Daughters...
Pop Byars' Daughters...
Bessie Byars Wright, Pearl Byars Bess, Lucile Byars Hennessee & Margie Byars Tarasovich with some of their children.

This video was taken by Cousin Debbie in July of 1989. It begins at Aunt Pearl's house and later features the old homeplaces in DeKalb & Warren County, Tennessee, New Bildad Primitive Baptist Church and ends at Debbie's house. Be patient as this video is not edited and shows intermittant baseball games... DAH 
  3 Apr 2021


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Cantrell, Mary 
b. 1784  Greeneville County, South Carolina  13 Apr 2021
Cantrell, Nancy 
b. 1790  Rockingham County, North Carolina  13 Apr 2021
Cantrell, Thomas J. 
b. 26 Jan 1761  Caswell County, North Carolina  13 Apr 2021
Cooke, Nancy Watson 
b. 1808  Greeneville County, South Carolina  13 Apr 2021
Cooke, William Henry 
b. 1784  Culpeper County, Virginia  13 Apr 2021
Richardson, Alice 
b. 1891  Hood County, Texas  13 Apr 2021
Rogers, Fannie Virginia 
b. 1859  Polk County, Tennessee  13 Apr 2021
Rogers, Milton Elias 
b. 1830  Monroe County, Tennessee  13 Apr 2021
Taylor, Mildred Agatha 
b. 1914  Comanche County, Oklahoma  13 Apr 2021
Taylor, Timothy Young 
b. 1848  Randolph County, Alabama  13 Apr 2021
Taylor, William Henry Milton 
b. 1884  Wise County, Texas  13 Apr 2021
Thompson, Daniel 
b. 1794  South Carolina  13 Apr 2021
Thompson, Sarah Jane 
b. 1837  McMinn County, Tennessee  13 Apr 2021
Webb, John Wade 
b. 1913  Dewey County, Oklahoma  13 Apr 2021
Muller, James Mathew 
   12 Apr 2021
Muller, Susan Kathleen 
   12 Apr 2021
Norris, Thomas 
b. ~ 1720  Surry County, North Carolina  12 Apr 2021
Webb, Sybil Alice 
   12 Apr 2021
Yaussi, Ralph 
   12 Apr 2021
Bess, Bravanna 
b. 1847  Warren County, Tennessee  9 Apr 2021
Bess, Isabelle 
b. 1846  Warren County, Tennessee  9 Apr 2021
Bess, John 
b. ~1783  Spartanburg County, South Carolina  9 Apr 2021
Bess, Josephine 
b. 1867  Texas  9 Apr 2021
Bess, Lucinda J(ane) 
b. 1849  Warren County, Tennessee  9 Apr 2021
Bess, Wiley R. 
b. 14 Mar 1817  (Warren County) Tennessee  9 Apr 2021
Killian, Susanna 
b. 1827  Warren County, Tennessee  9 Apr 2021
Kimberlin, Lucinda 
b. 1780  (Spartanburg County, South Carolina)  9 Apr 2021
Hill, Lucinda 
b. 1803  McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee  8 Apr 2021
Gil, Angela Maria 
   9 Mar 2021

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
     I7749  Nancy Elizabeth Byars    13 Apr 2021
     I50391  Carrie Bell Hasty    13 Apr 2021
     I1649  Peggy Ann Hennessee    13 Apr 2021
     I26662  Susan Hennessee    13 Apr 2021
     I31416  Kasey Mae Hennessee    13 Apr 2021
     I54051  Carol Ann Mollenberg    13 Apr 2021
     I47056  Ruth Magaline Muncey    13 Apr 2021
     I47835  Margaret Peverel, Countess of Derby    13 Apr 2021
     I47315  Dortha Deanna "Deanna" Robbins    13 Apr 2021
     I52612  (Hester Sandys)    13 Apr 2021
     I49085  Maggie Smith    13 Apr 2021
     I43932  Ann Swinney    13 Apr 2021
     I50288  Angela Ann Webb    13 Apr 2021
 I51041  Rogvolod, Prince of Polotsk        13 Apr 2021
 I51068  Rurik, Prince of Ladoga and Novgorod        13 Apr 2021
 I50586  Edmund II, King of the English  I50587  Ealdgyth    13 Apr 2021
 I50883  Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor  I50884  Hildegard    13 Apr 2021
 I51056  Sviatoslav, I, Grand Prince of Kiev  I51067  Predslava    13 Apr 2021
 I51056  Sviatoslav, I, Grand Prince of Kiev  I51057  Malusha    13 Apr 2021
 I51073  Otto, I, Holy Roman Emperor  I51072  Eadgyth, Holy Roman Empress    13 Apr 2021
 I51115  Findlaech, Sub-King of Moray  I51114  Donalda    13 Apr 2021
 I51204  Maldred, King of Cumbria  I51205  Edith    13 Apr 2021
 I47266  George II  I47267  Caroline of Ansbach    13 Apr 2021
 I51065  Rollo  I51066  Poppa of Bayeux    13 Apr 2021
 I45446  Afonso IV, King of Portugal and The Algarves  I45447  Beatrice of Castile  12 Sep 1309  13 Apr 2021
 I49243  William, Earl of Mar  I49244  Elizabeth Comyn, of Buchan    13 Apr 2021
 I46750  William, I, King of the Scots  I46752  Isabel d'Avenel    13 Apr 2021
 I46750  William, I, King of the Scots  I46751  Ermengarde de Beaumont  5 Sep 1186  13 Apr 2021
 I43553  Henry IV, King of England  I45187  Mary de Bohun  5 Feb 1381  13 Apr 2021
 I46753  Alexander II, King of the Scots  I46754  Marie de Coucy    13 Apr 2021
 I43966  Fernando III, King of Castile and Leon  I43967  Jeanne de Dammartin, Countess of Ponthieu  0___ 1237  13 Apr 2021
 I51127  Untred, Earl of Northumbria  I51128  Ecgfrida of Durham    13 Apr 2021
 I45557  Alexander III, King of Scotland  I45556  Margaret of England, Queen of Scots  26 Dec 1251  13 Apr 2021
 I45579  James II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland  I45580  Anne Hyde  3 Sep 1660  13 Apr 2021
 I37515  Richard, Knight, 1st Earl of Cornwall  I46469  Joan LNU    13 Apr 2021
 I48094  Eustace II, Count of Boulogne  I48095  Ida of Lorraine  1057  13 Apr 2021
 I47270  George III, King of Great Brittain  I47271  Catherine of Mecklenburg-Strelitz  8 Sep 1761  13 Apr 2021
 I45579  James II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland  I45589  Mary of Modena  0___ 1673  13 Apr 2021
 I46833  Sancho III, King of Castile  I46834  Blanche of Navarre, Queen of Castile  30 Jan 1151  13 Apr 2021
 I46710  Stephen, II, Count of Blois  I46709  Adela of Normandy  1080-1083  13 Apr 2021
 I51129  Lambert II, Count of Lens  I51130  Adelaide of Normandy    13 Apr 2021
 I51038  Yaroslav, I, Czar of Russia  I51039  Ingigerd Olofsdottir, Princess of Sweden  1019  13 Apr 2021
 I51034  Vladimir, Czar of Russia  I51035  Rogneda of Polotsk, Princess Consort of Rus    13 Apr 2021
 I51058  Yaropolik, I, Prince of Rus'  I51035  Rogneda of Polotsk, Princess Consort of Rus    13 Apr 2021
 I51034  Vladimir, Czar of Russia  I51040  Anna Porphyrogenita, Princess of Byzantium  0989  13 Apr 2021
 I47268  Frederick, Prince of Wales  I47269  Augusta of Saxe-Gotha    13 Apr 2021
 I50915  Eustace III, Count of Boulogne  I50916  Mary of Scotland  1102  13 Apr 2021
 I49247  Fergus, Earl of Buchan  I49248  unnamed spouse    13 Apr 2021
 I50258  Donald, 6th Earl of Mar  I50259  unnamed spouse    13 Apr 2021
 I50608  Oslac  I50609  unnamed spouse    13 Apr 2021
 I50855  Aethelstan, King of the East Angles  I50856  unnamed spouse    13 Apr 2021
 I51125  Ealdred, Earl of Bernicia  I51126  unnamed spouse    13 Apr 2021
 I45586  William II, Prince of Orange  I45585  Mary Henrietta Stuart  1641  13 Apr 2021
 I45587  William III, King of England, Ireland and Scotland  I45581  Mary Stuart, II, Queen of England and Ireland  1677  13 Apr 2021
 I43555  Richard II, King of England  I46948  Isabella of Valois    13 Apr 2021
 I1825  Domhnall, I, Earl of Mar  I46861  Helen of Wales  Aft 1266  13 Apr 2021
 I48271  Henri, I, King of France  I48272  Anna Agnesa Yaraslavna, Queen of France    13 Apr 2021
 I48152  Roscelin (Beaumont), Viscount of Beaumont  I48151  Constance FitzRoy  0___ 1122  13 Apr 2021
 I48153  Richard (Beaumont), I, Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte  I48154  Lucie l'Aigle  Bef 1177  13 Apr 2021
 I43393  Roy (Ross)  I43392  Frances "Fannie" Wilcher    13 Apr 2021
 I46606  Albert Larwood Abston  I46607  Maggie Johnson    13 Apr 2021
 I46608  Larry Larwood Abston  I46609  Margaret Ann Martin    13 Apr 2021
 I45048  John Acclome  I45049  unnamed spouse    13 Apr 2021
 I45400  John Acklome  I45401  Alice Danby    13 Apr 2021
 I52404  FNU Adams  I13762  Ruby Brand    13 Apr 2021
 I4151  J. W. Adams  I28976  Julia Magness    13 Apr 2021
 I51466  James Adams  I51461  Frances Vassall  16 Jul 1637  13 Apr 2021
 I52378  FNU Adamson  I52377  Lucinda McClellan Hale    13 Apr 2021
 I53835  Al Addessi  I53832  Marsha Joan Marsh    13 Apr 2021
 I49155  FNU Addison  I49121  Mary Beth "Beth" Magness    13 Apr 2021
 I48411  Forrest Murphy Adkins  I48410  Elizabeth Chambers    13 Apr 2021
 I48420  Harve Whitfield Adkins  I48421  Ida M. LNU    13 Apr 2021
 I48422  William Daniel Adkins  I48423  Martha LNU  0___ 1880  13 Apr 2021
 I46745  FNU Adkins  I16023  Ruby Claire McGregor    13 Apr 2021
 I52246  Calvin Adkins  I52247  Eleanor Mitchell    13 Apr 2021
 I51695  Chris Adrian  I51694  Niki Harmon    13 Apr 2021
 I49398  Sutric ap Afleod, King of Dublin  I49397  Nest Verch Tudor    13 Apr 2021
 I52439  John Agnew  I52438  Teresa O'Sheal    13 Apr 2021
 I51859  William Ainsworth  I51860  Amy "Nonny" Gorham    13 Apr 2021
 I51792  Sam Jones Albritton, III  I51808  Michelle Kirkland    13 Apr 2021
 I51795  Sam Jones Albritton, Sr.  I51796  Martha Little    13 Apr 2021
 I51811  William Brooks Albritton  I51812  Avery LNU    13 Apr 2021
 I51793  Sam Jones Albritton, Jr.  I51794  Mary Brooks McKenzie  27 Aug 1955  13 Apr 2021
 I49903  Thomas Alderley  I49902  Margaret Farneham    13 Apr 2021
 I49904  Terry Aldersley  I49905  Elizabeth Allard    13 Apr 2021
 I49906  William Aldersley  I49907  Frances Fanshaw    13 Apr 2021
 I42153  George Alexander, The Immigrant  I42154  Jane (McGee)    13 Apr 2021
 I47936  Luke Pryor Alexander  I45965  Louisa Caroline "Carrie" Byars    13 Apr 2021
 I42248  Ed Alexander  I32325  Mary Dean Gray    13 Apr 2021
 I42155  William Alexander  I42156  Elizabeth King  9 Dec 1762  13 Apr 2021
 I49736  Amos Fanning Alexander  I49737  Betty Luther    13 Apr 2021
 I42152  Paul Alexander  I19908  FNU Womack    13 Apr 2021
 I41248  Andrew Jackson Allen  I41249  Flossie Mae Barlow    13 Apr 2021
 I41245  Stephen Milton Allen  I41252  Yolanda Baxter    13 Apr 2021
 I48574  Thomas Daniel Allen  I48573  Elizabeth Bethell    13 Apr 2021
 I54206  Amos A. Allen  I54207  Harriet Marsh Bratcher  15 Jan 1865  13 Apr 2021
 I50958  William Allen  I50959  Elinore "Ellen" Coyne    13 Apr 2021
 I41151  FNU Allen  I30149  Jean Lucille Hennessee    13 Apr 2021
 I41246  Charles Milton Allen  I41247  Rosa Pauline Holloway  23 Sep 1950  13 Apr 2021
 I41785  FNU Allen  I41784  Sarah J. Merriman    13 Apr 2021