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Mom & Dad, sitting on a swing at Aunt Pearl's during Dad's last summer in 1986
Mom & Dad, sitting on a swing at Aunt Pearl's during Dad's last summer in 1986
  1 Mar 2023
Agneta Pederson
Agneta Pederson
She is Athena, Helena of Troy, Marilyn Monroe and Kim Novak. Their combined beautyand grace all rolled-up in this wonderful woman. Platinum blonde hair, alabaster skin and Fjord-blue eyes. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was to look at. She was sweet, intelligent and elegant.

I had just bought this car and was returning from Cologne where the seller had arranged for his mechanics to make the sure that the car was in tip-top shape (photo below)

I had taken my then girl friend, Karen Hansen, with me to enjoy the week-end in Germany (photo below)

On our way back to Paris, Karen asked to drive by, "The Select", a bistro which we frequented (see photo)

Image illustrative de l’article Le Select

to look for her girlfriend, Urie. It was 1965 and a clear, gorgeous spring sunset when we approached.. Immediately I saw her and next to her was sitting a vision of Nordic beauty...Agneta 
  28 Feb 2023
Karen Hansen (1965)
Karen Hansen (1965)
  28 Feb 2023


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Isaac Cantrell, Sr. (1782-1840)
Isaac Cantrell, Sr. (1782-1840)
Interred at the Old Bildad Primitive Baptist Church, Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee 
     11 Feb 2023


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Hennessee, David Alden 
   27 Feb 2023

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 I1  Bertha Aldon "Bert" Hennessee  I2  Robert Lucile "Lucile" Byars  SATURDAY,22 Jul 1939  1 Mar 2023