Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.8275672, Longitude: -86.0716565


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryson, Ruby Rachel "Rachel"  2 Mar 1918Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I15654
2 Cope, George Hickman  25 Dec 1886Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I38715
3 Fuggitt, Julia Catherine "Kate"  4 Oct 1911Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I18982
4 Fugitt, Susanna "Sue"  3 Apr 1869Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I4205
5 Grizzle, Georgia Nell  9 Sep 1918Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I29528
6 Hennessee, James W. Hershel "JH"  25 Apr 1894Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I1960
7 Hennessee, Jennifer Denice "Denice"   I2199
8 Hennessee, Joe Edd   I307
9 Hennessee, Joe Eric "Eric"   I3395
10 Holt, Henderson Newton  0Jun 1839Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I11052
11 Merriman, Carl Lester  13 Jan 1920Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41806
12 Merriman, Joe Lester  7 Aug 1911Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41828
13 Merriman, Juanita  11 May 1941Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41839
14 Merriman, Lee Earl  9 Jul 1919Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41837
15 Merriman, Roberta  25 Nov 1921Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41841
16 Miller, Gladys Maitland  24 Oct 1890Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I9691
17 Milligan, Quixie Warren  11 Jul 1892Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I49153
18 Peeler, Willie J.  27 May 1919Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41842
19 Prater, Beulah  22 Jan 1924Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41838
20 Pryor, Henry Curl  2 Jun 1890Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I26009
21 Smith, William Butler  2 Jun 1863Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I2669
22 Sneed, Waldon Lee  8 Feb 1935Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41840
23 Watson, William Thomas "Bill"  9 Oct 1885Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I49152
24 West, Nezzie White  21 Oct 1909Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I38926
25 West, William Carroll "Blind Fidler"  0Jan 1832Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I38932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ferrell, Susan "Susie"  27 Jul 1967Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I19716
2 Gray, Fred Cabot  3 Feb 1916Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I9692
3 Inglis, Alexander II  30 Dec 1851Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I40569
4 Jenkins, Clyde Warren  25 Dec 1946Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I21312
5 Jordan, Martha  4 Oct 1945Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I38826
6 Martin, Maxa J(ane) "Maxie"  22 Feb 1950Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I401
7 Merriman, Annie  25 Jan 2015Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41826
8 Merriman, Georgia Lee  30 Jun 1969Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I19712
9 Merriman, Juanita  4 Jan 1999Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41839
10 Merriman, Lee Earl  6 Jul 1999Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41837
11 Merriman, Robert  14 Nov 1944Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41813
12 Merriman, Thomas Jefferson  8 Nov 1946Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I19715
13 Merriman, William Jesse  26 Oct 1929Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I32657
14 Milligan, Quixie Warren  8 Nov 1971Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I49153
15 Peeler, Willie J.  9 Apr 2000Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41842
16 Powell, Herbert Lee "Lee"  0___ 1986Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I501
17 Prater, Beulah  20 Jul 2004Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41838
18 Sanders, Elzie Sr.  0___ 1940Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I19955
19 Sissom, Nancy Caroline  10 Apr 1901Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I29537
20 Sneed, Waldon Lee  28 Sep 1994Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I41840
21 Stanley, John Ann  17 May 1978Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I52193
22 Upchurch, William Lester  30 Mar 1963Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I11571
23 Watson, William Thomas "Bill"  29 Nov 1981Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I49152
24 Webb, Nannie  4 Feb 1977Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I3399
25 West, William Carroll "Blind Fidler"  0Feb 1921Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I38932
26 Young, Henry Lester  8 Apr 1945Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I13160


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Rutledge, Cora Mae  Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I14657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Byars, Nathan  0___ 1860Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I5798
2 Wilcher, George  0___ 1860Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I23117
3 Wilcher, William Walton  1860Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee I14240


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Deberry / Smith   F2429
2 Hennessee / Blake   F1327
3 Hennessee / Machan   F833
4 Inglis / Sissom  0___ 1852Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F10699
5 Lance / Smith   F2430
6 Martin / Gribble  0___ 1883Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F8525
7 Miller / Gribble  11 May 1886Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F3428
8 Potter / Fugitt  8 Jul 1913Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F1641

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Womack  Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F15245
2 Byars / Artist   F283
3 Merriman / LNU  0___ 1900Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F15133
4 Roberts / Gillentine  Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F16184
5 Webb / Ware  Woodbury, Cannon County, Tennessee F2556