Wilkes County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carlton, Allen Burton "Burton"  5 Mar 1818Wilkes County, North Carolina I34232
2 Carlton, Calvin M.  0___ 1853Wilkes County, North Carolina I36114
3 Carlton, Cynthia  18 Dec 1818Wilkes County, North Carolina I32189
4 Carlton, Eliza Ann  0___ 1849Wilkes County, North Carolina I36112
5 Carlton, Eveline  0___ 1847Wilkes County, North Carolina I36111
6 Carlton, Joel Anderson  26 Aug 1851Wilkes County, North Carolina I36113
7 Carlton, Martha Elizabeth  0___ 1842Wilkes County, North Carolina I36110
8 Carlton, Nancy Jane  0___ 1855Wilkes County, North Carolina I36115
9 Carlton, Thomas  15 Aug 1787Wilkes County, North Carolina I28698
10 Carlton, Thomas  0___ 1840Wilkes County, North Carolina I36109
11 Colvard, Jesse  7 Oct 1800Wilkes County, North Carolina I25818
12 Colvard, Wiley M(erriman)  8 Sep 1835Wilkes County, North Carolina I31948
13 Crouch, Elisha  0___ 1805Wilkes County, North Carolina I47445
14 Cunningham, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1791Wilkes County, North Carolina I42237
15 Edwards, Jesse Rush  15 Feb 1790Wilkes County, North Carolina I42238
16 Hennessee, Keith Corwyn   I1789
17 Keeling, Edmund B.  0___ 1800Wilkes County, North Carolina I37167
18 Lawson, Jane  0___ 1835Wilkes County, North Carolina I36104
19 Lawson, Mary  0___ 1839Wilkes County, North Carolina I36106
20 Lawson, Nancy  0___ 1837Wilkes County, North Carolina I36105
21 Lawson, Sarah  0___ 1843Wilkes County, North Carolina I36108
22 Lawson, Thomas  0___ 1841Wilkes County, North Carolina I36107
23 Merriman, Allen Rufus "Rufus"  1834Wilkes County, North Carolina I4677
24 Merriman, Elizabeth  1842Wilkes County, North Carolina I25308
25 Merriman, Lewis Walter  31 Aug 1831Wilkes County, North Carolina I4676
26 Merriman, Owen  1807Wilkes County, North Carolina I25306
27 Moore, William Floyd  8 Sep 1901Wilkes County, North Carolina I11189
28 Pennington, Joshua P.  25 Feb 1778Wilkes County, North Carolina I27112
29 Sparks, William A.  ~ 1783Wilkes County, North Carolina I49307
30 Wheeler, Fannie  2 Feb 1820Wilkes County, North Carolina I50309


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Carlton, Allen Burton "Burton"  0___ 1903Wilkes County, North Carolina I34232
2 Carlton, Evaline C.  3 Jun 1847Wilkes County, North Carolina I34231
3 Colvard, William Pleasant  0Nov 1824Wilkes County, North Carolina I25315
4 Ferguson, James  Abt 1837Wilkes County, North Carolina I21138
5 Johnson, Miss  Aft 1796Wilkes County, North Carolina I28651
6 Merriman, Virginia Jane "Jennie"  10 Apr 1821Wilkes County, North Carolina I28697
7 Pennington, Benajah Ephraim  1792Wilkes County, North Carolina I45924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wohnort    Person ID 
1 Merriman, Wade C(olvard)  1850Wilkes County, North Carolina I29659