Halifax County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chisum, James Stewart  26 Jan 1774Halifax County, Virginia I6462
2 Cox, Nancy  1 Apr 1771Halifax County, Virginia I41308
3 Dodson, Agatha  14 Dec 1749Halifax County, Virginia I5640
4 Dodson, Reverend Elias  27 Oct 1807Halifax County, Virginia I19635
5 Dodson, Elisha (Jr.)  ~1764Halifax County, Virginia I5561
6 Dodson, Elder Jesse Buford Sr.  22 Nov 1752Halifax County, Virginia I310
7 Dodson, Presley  ~1766Halifax County, Virginia I5562
8 Dodson, Thomas Greenham  22 Nov 1752Halifax County, Virginia I4838
9 Dodson, William E.  1768Halifax County, Virginia I5563
10 Estes, Chism  10 Mar 1773Halifax County, Virginia I48534
11 Estes, John Younger  29 Dec 1818Halifax County, Virginia I42393
12 Estes, William  ~ AUGUST, 1778Halifax County, Virginia I1141
13 Fisher, Patriot John  11 Sep 1756Halifax County, Virginia I16688
14 Fisher, Mary Ann "Polly"  19 Feb 1760Halifax County, Virginia I17478
15 Gillentine, Nicholas  1776Halifax County, Virginia I20045
16 Hendrick, Humphrey  0___ 1745Halifax County, Virginia I36731
17 Hendrick, Tabitha  0___ 1768Halifax County, Virginia I5564
18 Hicks, Mary  1730Halifax County, Virginia I40558
19 Hutson, George William  1750-1760Halifax County, Virginia I38317
20 Johnson, Phillip  30 Dec 1774Halifax County, Virginia I33152
21 Lanier, Dr. Camillus Voltaire  5 Apr 1816Halifax County, Virginia I36281
22 Lanier, Sarah Tunstall "Sallie"  31 Dec 1853Halifax County, Virginia I36279
23 Lonon, John  27 Jul 1799Halifax County, Virginia I574
24 Moore, Nancy Anne  1785-1786Halifax County, Virginia I42392
25 Paine, Charles Sr.  0Apr 1758Halifax County, Virginia I24926
26 Read, Keziah  12 Aug 1733Halifax County, Virginia I20281
27 Rice, Louvisa  1745Halifax County, Virginia I4412
28 Stubblefield, William "Billy"  4 Jun 1773Halifax County, Virginia I20286
29 Weaver, Lucretia "Cresey"  0___ 1764Halifax County, Virginia I38318
30 Weaver, Samuel  9 Sep 1759Halifax County, Virginia I38307
31 Womack, Abraham Jr.  1726Halifax County, Virginia I29300
32 Womack, Lucinda "Lucy"  0___ 1764Halifax County, Virginia I4413
33 Womack, Thomas A.  ~ 1745Halifax County, Virginia I4411
34 Womack, William  11 Nov 1753Halifax County, Virginia I34660


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dodson, Caleb  1836Halifax County, Virginia I19622
2 Dodson, Joseph  1773Halifax County, Virginia I5703
3 Eckolls, Mary Eleanor  2 Nov 1771Halifax County, Virginia I20050
4 Estes, Barbara  Halifax County, Virginia I34132
5 Estes, Moses  1787Halifax County, Virginia I35860
6 Everett, Sarah  1824Halifax County, Virginia I470
7 Gillentine, Elizabeth  1790Halifax County, Virginia I46443
8 Gillentine, John G.  Bef 1763Halifax County, Virginia I13362
9 Hendrick, John  0___ 1792Halifax County, Virginia I36733
10 Moore, James  1798Halifax County, Virginia I50296


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Gillentine, Nicholas The Immigrant  Halifax County, Virginia I20049