Doyle, White County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hennessee, Molly Washington   I3461
2 Myers, Ruth  28 Jul 1942Doyle, White County, Tennessee I31181
3 Phifer, John Witt Jr.  0Apr 1867Doyle, White County, Tennessee I35591
4 Swindell, Samuel Porter  28 Sep 1920Doyle, White County, Tennessee I38115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Martha Patricia "Patsy"  26 Aug 1858Doyle, White County, Tennessee I28389
2 Dodson, William Montgomery  23 Jun 1942Doyle, White County, Tennessee I23680
3 Gist, Mary "Polly"  10 Oct 1839Doyle, White County, Tennessee I27113
4 Hill, Catherine  24 Jul 1891Doyle, White County, Tennessee I18761
5 Hill, Winkfield  8 Aug 1851Doyle, White County, Tennessee I28388
6 Jones, Phoebe  17 Aug 1843Doyle, White County, Tennessee I26913
7 Keathley, Eliza Ann  11 Apr 1923Doyle, White County, Tennessee I3833
8 Kerr, Levi Jarvis  26 Sep 1897Doyle, White County, Tennessee I18760
9 Moore, Hugh Lawson Carrick Jr.  28 Jul 1953Doyle, White County, Tennessee I29795
10 Moore, James M.  0___ 1915Doyle, White County, Tennessee I41481
11 Pennington, Mary Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  2 Jul 1896Doyle, White County, Tennessee I3864
12 Pennington, Richard  21 Dec 1813Doyle, White County, Tennessee I27515
13 Phifer, John Witt Jr.  2 Feb 1919Doyle, White County, Tennessee I35591
14 Roberts, Blackstone Oregon  5 Aug 1943Doyle, White County, Tennessee I21696
15 Shropshire, Catherine  11 Feb 1854Doyle, White County, Tennessee I25198
16 Sparkman, Mary "Polly"  8 Nov 1905Doyle, White County, Tennessee I35595
17 Swindell, Joseph Harmon  24 Jun 1919Doyle, White County, Tennessee I3874
18 Walling, James  15 Oct 1849Doyle, White County, Tennessee I26912


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wohnort    Person ID 
1 Turner, Clara  Doyle, White County, Tennessee I215