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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amanda E.  1821(DeKalb County) Tennessee I20510
2 Lizzie B.  15 Dec 1893(DeKalb County) Tennessee I16985
3 Myrtle S.  0___ 1885(DeKalb County) Tennessee I12977
4 "Phronie", Sophronia  18 Oct 1861(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23483
5 Adcock, Ann "Annie"  29 Sep 1860(DeKalb County) Tennessee I16144
6 Adcock, Anthony  1873(DeKalb County) Tennessee I12200
7 Adcock, Anthony E.  15 Dec 1853(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23484
8 Adcock, Charles  1866(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14335
9 Adcock, Exie Anah  17 Oct 1892(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23481
10 Adcock, Florence  1855(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14340
11 Adcock, Harriet  0Jan 1868(DeKalb County) Tennessee I8560
12 Adcock, Helen E.  9 Sep 1861(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14333
13 Adcock, Isaac T(homas)  1877(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14355
14 Adcock, John Herbert  5 Dec 1889(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14337
15 Adcock, Lee  1874(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14339
16 Adcock, Louverna E.  22 May 1871(DeKalb County) Tennessee I20439
17 Adcock, Marshall Elkanah  21 Dec 1839(DeKalb County) Tennessee I26290
18 Adcock, Martha B.  1875(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14354
19 Adcock, Milburn  (DeKalb County) Tennessee I12724
20 Adcock, Moetta  0___ 1839(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7099
21 Adcock, Nancy  1827(DeKalb County) Tennessee I24473
22 Adcock, Newton Edward  0___ 1830(DeKalb County) Tennessee I17551
23 Adcock, Newton Thomas  October 1852(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7219
24 Adcock, Samuel  1872(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14338
25 Adcock, Wilburn C.  1878(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14331
26 Adcock, William  1868(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14336
27 Adcock, William Jasper "Jasper"  13 Sep 1837(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14357
28 Adcock, William Newton  7 Jan 1853(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4445
29 Allen, Elijah N.  17 Oct 1851(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14751
30 Allen, Hannah Susannah  April 1875(DeKalb County) Tennessee I12705
31 Allen, Hugh Henderson  1 Mar 1847(DeKalb County) Tennessee I16316
32 Allen, Isaac D(enton)  30 Aug 1924(DeKalb County) Tennessee I30292
33 Allen, James M.   I30291
34 Allen, Mary F.  1866(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14312
35 Allen, Nancy Jane  4 Jan 1839(DeKalb County) Tennessee I16563
36 Allen, Rebecca Frances  14 Feb 1858(DeKalb County) Tennessee I19562
37 Allen, T. Lee  (DeKalb County) Tennessee I12259
38 Allen, Thomas C.  8 Feb 1842(DeKalb County) Tennessee I19124
39 Allen, William Carl  19 Aug 1917(DeKalb County) Tennessee I30290
40 Allen, William J. "Bill"  1 May 1844(DeKalb County) Tennessee I13135
41 Anderson, Caleb  (CIRCA 1832)(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7076
42 Anderson, Cynthia  1857(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14364
43 Anderson, William Claude "Claude"  (DeKalb County) Tennessee I12067
44 Arnold, John Allen  17 Nov 1876(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14326
45 Arnold, Sullivan White  0Nov 1878(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14327
46 Asher, Annie  10 Jun 1820(DeKalb County) Tennessee I27415
47 Atnip, Allen M.  0___ 1834(DeKalb County) Tennessee I29315
48 Atnip, Benjamin  0___ 1841(DeKalb County) Tennessee I29317
49 Atnip, Benjamin  0___ 1841(DeKalb County) Tennessee I29325
50 Atnip, Elisha L.  0___ 1839(DeKalb County) Tennessee I29324

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Myrtle S.  0___ 1916(DeKalb County) Tennessee I12977
2 "Phronie", Sophronia  29 Jul 1926(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23483
3 (Cantrell), Sarah  1850-1860(DeKalb County) Tennessee I24477
4 Adcock, Anthony E.  26 Feb 1929(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23484
5 Adcock, Exie Anah  4 Sep 1973(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23481
6 Adcock, Helen E.  29 Mar 1920(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14333
7 Adcock, James R. P. "Jim"  21 Jan 1922(DeKalb County) Tennessee I23102
8 Adcock, Martha Ann  12 Sep 1911(DeKalb County) Tennessee I17552
9 Adcock, Nancy  0Feb 1872(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4542
10 Allen, Deborah Jane "Jane"  16 Apr 1901(DeKalb County) Tennessee I21357
11 Atnip, Alexander  Bef 1850(DeKalb County) Tennessee I29320
12 Badger, Felix Alberto  Abt 1870(DeKalb County) Tennessee I14329
13 Bilbrey, Mary "Polly"  1 Sep 1857(DeKalb County) Tennessee I6498
14 Billings, Paralee  7 Jun 1910(DeKalb County) Tennessee I12952
15 Blankenship, Olivia Arvene  10 Apr 1973(DeKalb County) Tennessee I10901
16 Blount, Delilah  Bef 1858(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7933
17 Byars, Mildred  5 Jul 1981(DeKalb County) Tennessee I13386
18 Cantrell, Albert Melvin  6 Aug 1959(DeKalb County) Tennessee I8116
19 Cantrell, Alvin Pleasant "Pleasant"  30 Mar 1930(DeKalb County) Tennessee I5114
20 Cantrell, Andrew Watson Jackson "Jack"  3 Jun 1891(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7932
21 Cantrell, Belle  10 May 1898(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7529
22 Cantrell, Charles Oscar  14 Aug 1902(DeKalb County) Tennessee I5239
23 Cantrell, Delbert Clifford  23 Feb 1970(DeKalb County) Tennessee I10883
24 Cantrell, Douglas Leslie  11 Sep 1875(DeKalb County) Tennessee I21439
25 Cantrell, Edith Faye\Caroline  5 Feb 1934(DeKalb County) Tennessee I10258
26 Cantrell, Elinda "Nellie"  After 1880(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4334
27 Cantrell, Hallie  14 Feb 1966(DeKalb County) Tennessee I9910
28 Cantrell, Hannah  (DeKalb County) Tennessee I4861
29 Cantrell, Harden  Aft 1880(DeKalb County) Tennessee I6416
30 Cantrell, James Lemuel "Lemuel"  18 Jan 1931(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7934
31 Cantrell, John H.  7 Mar 1900(DeKalb County) Tennessee I8107
32 Cantrell, John Lee Sr.  30 Aug 1944(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7391
33 Cantrell, Keziah "Kizzie"  (AFTER 1860)(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4112
34 Cantrell, Lucinda Jane "Lucy"  Aft 1860(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4273
35 Cantrell, Mary Etta "Etta"  6 Sep 1956(DeKalb County) Tennessee I20091
36 Cantrell, Mary Jane "Dovie"  18 Sep 1901(DeKalb County) Tennessee I7414
37 Cantrell, Mary Loudora Cleopatra  23 Apr 1923(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4557
38 Cantrell, Melissa  13 May 1955(DeKalb County) Tennessee I8488
39 Cantrell, Quinn Claude  7 Jun 1944(DeKalb County) Tennessee I11108
40 Cantrell, Ransom Avant "Avant"  25 Apr 1960(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4497
41 Cantrell, Sampson  After 1850(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4004
42 Cantrell, Sarah Jane "Sary"  1 Apr 1896(DeKalb County) Tennessee I3922
43 Cantrell, Shelah Ware  15 Aug 1910(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4776
44 Cantrell, Smith  0___ 1905(DeKalb County) Tennessee I8486
45 Cantrell, Zollie  24 Dec 1958(DeKalb County) Tennessee I12881
46 Catherine, Mary  26 Mar 1934(DeKalb County) Tennessee I11014
47 Christian, Hiram Jefferson  7 Nov 1911(DeKalb County) Tennessee I13597
48 Christian, William M. "Will"  27 Jul 1962(DeKalb County) Tennessee I6135
49 Clark, Thomas Byrd  6 Nov 1953(DeKalb County) Tennessee I27443
50 Collins, Nancy Ann  Aft 1870(DeKalb County) Tennessee I4345

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wohnort    Person ID 
1 Estes, Brackett Lafayette Jr.  1870(DeKalb County) Tennessee I10898
2 Magness, Perry Green "Old Grandsir"  1870(DeKalb County) Tennessee I765