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Tryon Association's Statement, August 14, 1775

Perygren Mackness' participatation in the following association pre-dates "The Declaration of Independence" by almost a full year. Our North Carolina forefathers were pioneering the Constitution.

A prominent North Carolina Patriot as evidenced as one of forty-nine signatories of the Tryon Association's Statement, August 14, 1775;

"An Association

The unprecedented,barbarous and bloody actions committed by the British Troops on our American Brethren near Boston on the 19th of April and 20th of May last ,together with the Hostile operations and Traiterous Designs now Carrying on by the Tools of Administerial Vengeance and Despostism for the subjugating all British America, suggest to us the painful necessity of having recourse to Arms for the preservation of those Rights and Liberties which the principles of our Constitution and Laws of god, Nature and Nations, have made it our duty to defend.

We, therefore, the Subscribers, Freeholders and Inhabitants of Tryon County do hereby faithfully unite ourselves under the most sacred ties of Religion, Honor and Love to Our Country, firmly to Resist force by force, in defense of our Natural Freedom and Constitutional Rights against all Invasions, and at the same time do solemnly engage to take up Arms and Risque our lives and fortunes in maintaining the Freedom of our Country, whenever the Wisdom and Council of the Continental Congress or our Provincial Convention shall declare it necessary, and this Engagement we will continue in and hold sacred till a Reconciliation shall take place between Great Britain and America on Constitutional principles, which we most ardently desire.

And we do firmly agree to hold all such persons Inimical to liberties of America, who shall refuse to subscribe to this Association. Signed by:

Perygren Mackness

Resolved that we will continue to profess all Loyalty and attachment to our Sovereign Lord, King George the Third, His Crown & Dignity, so long as he secures to us those Rights and Liberties which the principles of Our Constitution require. Signed by John Walker, Chairman."

Perygren's signature is half-way down, left side.

I wonder if Perygren had anything to do with the name of his county, "Lincoln", as his father hailed from Lincolnshire, England...

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