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Having found, "The Golden Fleece" (see photo), the night before, I awoke that morning and decided to do a "walk-about" just the get the feel of Thirsk. I exited the front door and turned right and then turned right again. I remember noticing a small shop specializing in vacuum cleaners and thought to myself, "this fellow has got to be nuts", as how many vacuum cleaners are there in a town of less that 3,000 persons? Can he really make a living? 

As I continued walking along the road thinking about how I was going to find, "James White or James Black", (names that friends told me was his real name) the sun glinted on a brass plaque on the other side of the street. My curiosity aroused, I crossed the street for a closer "look-see". 

As I neared, I began to read, "James Wight, Veterinary Surgeon".

Eureka! I couldn't believe my luck. I had found James Herriot on a direct path from Camp David to Thirsk, Yorkshire!

The sign said that surgery hours were 10:00 am - 2:00 pm so I returned around 10:00 am hoping for an unscheduled meeting with the famous writer.

Part of the BBC TV set for, "All Creatures Great and Small", on permanent display at the World of James Herriot museum in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

James Herriot's Veterinary Office

a.k.a. "Skeldale House"

Owner/SourcePhoto taken in mid-December 1985, probably by Nancy Iliff, my companion on a trip to North Yorkshire in search of James Herriot. Abstracted by David A. Hennessee,, retrieved or revisited, recorded & uploaded to the website,, Monday, June 25th, 2018
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