Sviatoslav, I, Grand Prince of Kiev

Sviatoslav, I, Grand Prince of Kiev

Male ~941 - 972



Sviatoslav invading Bulgaria, Manasses Chronicle:

Pursuit of Sviatoslav's warriors by the Byzantine army, a miniature from 11th century chronicles of John Skylitzes.:

Madrid Skylitzes, meeting between John Tzimiskes and Sviatoslav.:

Siege of Durostorum in Manasses Chronicle:

The Death of Sviatoslav by Boris Chorikov:

Ivan AkimovSviatoslav's Return from the Danube to His Family in Kiev(1773):

Sviatoslav I in the Tsarsky Titulyarnik, 1672

Owner/Source"Sviatoslav I of Kiev", Biography,, by David A. Hennessee,, revisited or retrieved, recorded & uploaded to the website,, Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
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