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I had just seen the James Bond movie, "Golden Eye", in which this car was featured. Well, I tell you, I fell in love this car and I HAD TO HAVE IT.

I called the local BMW dealer to inquire about purchasing and Iwas informed that there was at a 4-month waiting list. Suffering was immediate gratification, I knew I couldn't wait 4 minutes let alone 4 months so I dismissed the whole idea.

A couple of weeks later I was driving-by the BMW dealership and was stunned & delighted to see several of these sports cars on display. I, of course, did an immediate turn into their location. The salesman asked if could help and I said, "I don't see any silver-gray models on display and therefore not really interested in buying a car from him". He happily replied that he did have such a car with red leather interior on the back lot and would I like to see it... IT WAS PERFECT. I told the salesman I would buy this car from him under one proviso and that would be I could drive off his lot with my new car within 30 minutes! Which he did and I did...

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