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Albert was the tenth of twelve children born to Noah B. Jones and Mary Adeline Countess. He married Rachel Lydia Jones on 25 August 1892 in McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee.

Albert and Rachel Jones moved to Mount Calm, Texas in March, 1910 from McMinnville, Tennessee. There were seven children born to Albert and Rachel Jones, the seventh child having died before they left Tennessee. Rachel Jones was ill at the time they moved to Texas, and on August 11, 1911 she died and was buried at Mount Calm.

In December of 1911, Albert Jones, with his five children(Hannah Edith had been wed to William Arthur Kelley), along with his brother Noah Jones and his family moved to Hebron, Texas in a covered wagon. They were on the road four days and nights. 

The children of Albert and Rachel were Hannah Edith, Albert "Bert" Otis, Orville Lee, Winnie Adeline, Francis Marion, Noah Elmer, and Preshia A.


Albert H. Jones, 63 years old, farmer of Lucky Community, died Monday morning at 5:20 o'clock, and was buried at Scacyfat Cemetery Tuesday. He is survived by his widow and several children.

Albert H. Jones (1873-1936)

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