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We know that Dorothy was born in 1663, so we can presume she would have begun having children about the time she married, with the first child arriving probably about 1684. Therefore, we have many spaces in which she probably had children that died and were buried at the Farnham Parish church in the old location, lost today, with only a general location known.

In the cemetery in the now-lost churchyard, we would find several of Dorothyís children born in about the following years:

1708 possibly
Thatís an awful lot of babies to have died. Nine, maybe ten. Some may have lived long enough to smile, to play, even to talk and run in the warmth of the sunshine. Then they died, taking a piece of their motherís heart with them. Every single one.

Every child was buried in a tiny grave, probably with a small wooden cross. Each one had a name.  Dorothy probably held each one as they died, cleaned their tiny body and dressed them in the best way she could afford.

Old North Farnham Church

Source: "Dorothy Durham (1663 - after 1725), No Shrinking Violet, 52 Ancestors #164", by Roberta Estes, posted June 10, 2017,, retrieved, recorded & uploaded to this website, Saturday, June 10th, 2017, by David A. Hennessee,

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