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was a used Porsche 356-Super Coupe, silver-grey, red leather interior (exactly to same color configuration purchased every Porsche since) cost me $800 in early 1964.

I bought this car because I wanted to be the driver who blinks his lights in left autobahn lane to pass another slower car in that lane.

I remember well that after a few days of, red-lining at 5000 rpm, 107 mph, and in the left lane thinking, "Aren't I cool". It was long that I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw car blinking at me! Again, I'm doing 107 and thinking it's probably an Italian super-sports car. I move over, it passes and I don't recognize the car. What? Every 20 year-old is familiar with most every car ever made... 

I drove on, flummoxed, when within a few minutes saw this mystery sports car in a roadside gas station. I pulled in behind it, approached the driver and asked, "What the hell is this car?". 

He politely tells me that it is the experimental Porsche, 6-cylinder  "911" prototype. 

The 911 began production four years later...

Later, during my 2nd marriage (1976-1980), I was in the process of restoring three of these Porsches, one convertible and two hard-tops, I lost them in the property settlement...

My Sixth Car (1964)

Owner/Source, abstracted by David A. Hennessee,, revisited or retrieved, recorded & uploaded to the website,, Wednesday, March 14th, 2018
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