Family: Perry Green "Green" Byars / Vernia Elvira "Ma" Swindell

m. 4 Jan 1915


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Perry Green "Pop" Byars (1894-1968)

Sunday morning, October 20, 2013:

Spoke to Aunt Pearl this morning about Pop & Uncle Pete in regards to their "troubles with the law"...

Pop thought that if he could run one load of whiskey to Nashville, that would solve all of his financial problems as...

This was in the early 1930's and he was living with his young family in Green Hill (DeKalb County) where he was cropping shares and hauled logs part-time. Can you imagine working the fields all day and then hauling logs to McMinnville, 10 miles away, all on foot and by mule? No wonder he thought this was an easier way to make a few dollars.

Pop got caught. Aunt Pearl tells us that it took everything he had to avoid jail and he never did that again!

Ma told me that Pop worked as a mechanic (probably during the 1930's). At some point, Pop began selling farm implements for the Sullivan Company of McMinnville and apparently did this through the early 1950's as I remember travelling with out in the country to call on his propests and customers...

In 1941 Pop went to Detroit. He worked for Budd Wheel through the summer of 1945. On his return he bought the log house on North Warren and the family moved there from their residence on Towles Avenue.

Then Pop buys a taxi which he ran until late 1949 - early 1950. It is at this juncture that Uncle Pete began a felon. Uncle Pete borrows the taxi from Pop and drives to Manchester and picks-up a lady(ies) for an evening of dancing and driking. Pete is "higher than a Georgia pine", crashes the car and kills a passenger. He is convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison in 1949 when he returns home about three years later...Pop got out of the taxi business.

It is at this point that he works full-time for Sullivan. It was 1950 and I remember Pop bought a brand-new 1950 Plymouth, "Sea Mist Green" 4-door sedan as this was the car we travelled in when he called on his clients.

He retired in the mid-1950's and spent his life fishing, whittling and guarding his realm from an old wood chair propped-up against the garage in the backyard...

Photo taken circa 1960...

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