Lincoln County, North Carolina



Latitude: 35.4637028, Longitude: -81.2078164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Thomas  0___ 1756Lincoln County, North Carolina I27272
2 Cline, Mary  ~ 1700Lincoln County, North Carolina I26253
3 Dillinger, John Garrett  12 Apr 1803Lincoln County, North Carolina I41497
4 Falls, Jane  22 Jan 1816Lincoln County, North Carolina I24719
5 Goodson, Andrew Jackson Sr.  15 Feb 1814Lincoln County, North Carolina I8782
6 Goodson, Caroline F.  Lincoln County, North Carolina I41624
7 Goodson, David A.  Lincoln County, North Carolina I41623
8 Goodson, Ephraim Leroy  8 Nov 1850Lincoln County, North Carolina I41620
9 Goodson, Jacob  18 Nov 1816Lincoln County, North Carolina I41615
10 Goodson, James Franklin  11 Feb 1850Lincoln County, North Carolina I41486
11 Goodson, James Roland Patton "Roland"  11 Feb 1825Lincoln County, North Carolina I4927
12 Goodson, Jeremiah  18 Sep 1793Lincoln County, North Carolina I41600
13 Goodson, John  0___ 1783Lincoln County, North Carolina I41599
14 Goodson, Julius  Lincoln County, North Carolina I41622
15 Goodson, Mary  24 Mar 1816Lincoln County, North Carolina I41496
16 Goodson, Mary A.  Abt 1840Lincoln County, North Carolina I41621
17 Goodson, Matthew  0___ 1750Lincoln County, North Carolina I8899
18 Goodson, Michael  0___ 1819Lincoln County, North Carolina I41594
19 Goodson, Michael Patton  1785-1787Lincoln County, North Carolina I4925
20 Goodson, Milton  From 1810 to 1814Lincoln County, North Carolina I24715
21 Goodson, Peter Felton  27 Mar 1827Lincoln County, North Carolina I7055
22 Goodson, Rebekah  0___ 1819Lincoln County, North Carolina I41616
23 Goodson, William Jr.  ~1782Lincoln County, North Carolina I4896
24 Hager, Barbara  ~ 1760Lincoln County, North Carolina I36702
25 Harbinson, Edgar Neil "Neil"   I9320
26 Keener, Mary Elizabeth  12 Nov 1841Lincoln County, North Carolina I41618
27 Killian, Daniel  0___ 1790Lincoln County, North Carolina I32230
28 Killian, Samuel Cline Sr.  ~ 1756Lincoln County, North Carolina I36701
29 Kincaid, Archibald  0___ 1774Lincoln County, North Carolina I11409
30 Magness, George  1768Lincoln County, North Carolina I4137
31 Magness, Sarah  16 Feb 1772Lincoln County, North Carolina I32166
32 Patton, Mary  1760Lincoln County, North Carolina I4894
33 Perkins, Ute  16 Jul 1761Lincoln County, North Carolina I33136
34 Saine, Mary Nancy Ann "Nancy"  18 Feb 1863Lincoln County, North Carolina I30202
35 Seitz, Eliza "Lizzie"  22 Mar 1809Lincoln County, North Carolina I7631
36 Summey, Peter Albert  24 Nov 1811Lincoln County, North Carolina I25979
37 Thornbug, Charles Zeb  18 May 1902Lincoln County, North Carolina I26330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Elizabeth  0___ 1840Lincoln County, North Carolina I3804
2 Cline, Michael S. Sr.  9 Jan 1840Lincoln County, North Carolina I13043
3 Deal, Jacob  0Apr 1812Lincoln County, North Carolina I32059
4 Deal, William II  8 Nov 1824Lincoln County, North Carolina I32057
5 Fry, Mary Margaret  0Oct 1810Lincoln County, North Carolina I10990
6 Goode, Benjamin Franklin "Franklin"  12 Nov 1902Lincoln County, North Carolina I32156
7 Goodson, Abner  31 Jul 1837Lincoln County, North Carolina I41601
8 Goodson, Ephraim Leroy  15 Jun 1918Lincoln County, North Carolina I41620
9 Goodson, Jacob  22 Nov 1883Lincoln County, North Carolina I41615
10 Goodson, Jeremiah  3 Nov 1836Lincoln County, North Carolina I41600
11 Goodson, John  29 Aug 1831Lincoln County, North Carolina I41599
12 Goodson, Mary L.  7 Apr 1897Lincoln County, North Carolina I41606
13 Goodson, Matthew  CIR 1802Lincoln County, North Carolina I8899
14 Goodson, Milton Albert  22 Sep 1891Lincoln County, North Carolina I41617
15 Goodson, Rebekah  28 Jun 1868Lincoln County, North Carolina I41616
16 Hager, Barbara  Aft 1813Lincoln County, North Carolina I36702
17 Keener, Mary Elizabeth  12 Mar 1923Lincoln County, North Carolina I41618
18 Killian, Leonard  6 Jun 1795Lincoln County, North Carolina I26086
19 Killian, Mary Margariete  0___ 1817Lincoln County, North Carolina I11383
20 Kincaid, John Jr.  Aft 1820Lincoln County, North Carolina I11399
21 Magness, Sarah  16 Oct 1828Lincoln County, North Carolina I32166
22 Mooney, Jacob  ~ 1790Lincoln County, North Carolina I32168
23 Myers, Elias Sr.  ~1803Lincoln County, North Carolina I31473
24 Patton, Mary  1800Lincoln County, North Carolina I4894
25 Pott, Anna Catharina Gertrude  0___ 1800Lincoln County, North Carolina I42722
26 Schell, Johannes Casper The Immigrant  1805Lincoln County, North Carolina I42721
27 Seitz, Lucretia  11 Apr 1877Lincoln County, North Carolina I41603
28 Sherrill, William Adam  31 Dec 1786Lincoln County, North Carolina I11475

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Buff, Barbara  1805Lincoln County, North Carolina I4902
2 Cline, Mary  ~ 1735Lincoln County, North Carolina I26253
3 Goodson, Champion  1790Lincoln County, North Carolina I4897

Alt Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Death    Person ID 
1 Patton, Mary  Bef 1818Lincoln County, North Carolina I4894
2 Womack, Abraham Jr.  5 Aug 1804Lincoln County, North Carolina I29300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Killen, Mary Margaret  0Oct 1810Lincoln County, North Carolina I26087


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lightsky, Charity Isabelle a Cherokee Woman  Lincoln County, North Carolina I28111


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byas / Houston  24 Mar 1804Lincoln County, North Carolina F2898
2 Cline / Killian  27 Jun 1785Lincoln County, North Carolina F4747
3 Deal / Smyer  10 Aug 1824Lincoln County, North Carolina F11671
4 Goodson / Baker  20 Aug 1835Lincoln County, North Carolina F15014
5 Goodson / Buff  22 Oct 1810Lincoln County, North Carolina F1868
6 Goodson / Falls  25 Dec 1837Lincoln County, North Carolina F8700
7 Goodson / Goodson  30 Sep 1805Lincoln County, North Carolina F8698
8 Goodson / Keener  16 Feb 1866Lincoln County, North Carolina F15060
9 Goodson / Vestal  1812Lincoln County, North Carolina F1879
10 Killian / Cline  Aft 1742Lincoln County, North Carolina F9374
11 Kincaid / Guthrie  June 1802Lincoln County, North Carolina F4084
12 Magness / Durham  0Oct 1794Lincoln County, North Carolina F1616
13 Magness / Twitty  3 Aug 1787Lincoln County, North Carolina F1615
14 Rincke / Killian  1780-1784Lincoln County, North Carolina F2640

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Boyles / Young  0___ 1850Lincoln County, North Carolina F12984
2 Clark / spouse  Lincoln County, North Carolina F8430
3 Kincaid / Avery  Lincoln County, North Carolina F4077