Commonwealth of Virginia


Latitude: 37.4315734, Longitude: -78.6568942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Martha  0___ 1805Commonwealth of Virginia I27268
2 Mary  0___ 1814Commonwealth of Virginia I27143
3 Sarah  1745Commonwealth of Virginia I23643
4 "Lucy", Lucinda  1789Commonwealth of Virginia I20854
5 (Bagley), Elizabeth  Abt 1714Commonwealth of Virginia I25271
6 (Ferguson), Harriet  1825Commonwealth of Virginia I10221
7 (Sr.), William C. Mullican  1769Commonwealth of Virginia I4913
8 Adams, Martha  26 May 1801Commonwealth of Virginia I21601
9 Akeman, Catherine "Kitty Ann"  0___ 1834Commonwealth of Virginia I19106
10 Akeman, Jacob  0___ 1797Commonwealth of Virginia I27267
11 Anderson, Anna  24 Jun 1801Commonwealth of Virginia I14139
12 Anderson, Sarah "Sally"  0___ 1792Commonwealth of Virginia I34737
13 Angling, Lyncia An  10 Jan 1764Commonwealth of Virginia I20189
14 Apperson, Young  0___ 1806Commonwealth of Virginia I32530
15 Argo, David  Commonwealth of Virginia I19654
16 Asher, Charles  1740Commonwealth of Virginia I40557
17 Bing, Spencer  0___ 1807Commonwealth of Virginia I6333
18 Bishop, John W.  9 Dec 1828Commonwealth of Virginia I14192
19 Bishop, Rella  13 Nov 1849Commonwealth of Virginia I1514
20 Blankenship, Rowland  Abt 1786Commonwealth of Virginia I17525
21 Blanton, Jane Ann  0___ 1766Commonwealth of Virginia I27750
22 Bolling, Frances  (CIRCA 1830)Commonwealth of Virginia I27931
23 Bond, Wilmouth  1783Commonwealth of Virginia I20287
24 Bottoms, James Armistead "Armistead"  1784Commonwealth of Virginia I13342
25 Bottoms, Miles  1820Commonwealth of Virginia I11038
26 Bowles, John  (CIRCA 1830)Commonwealth of Virginia I27930
27 Bramhall, Jacob  1 Feb 1815Commonwealth of Virginia I31072
28 Branch, Samuel  Commonwealth of Virginia I18547
29 Brien, P. W.  1801Commonwealth of Virginia I24251
30 Brown, William  0___ 1778Commonwealth of Virginia I23644
31 Bryant, Adrian  1801Commonwealth of Virginia I14773
32 Bryant, Elizabeth Jane  1826Commonwealth of Virginia I31494
33 Bryon, Elizabeth  0___ 1797Commonwealth of Virginia I29409
34 Byars, John Jr.  12 Nov 1764Commonwealth of Virginia I13373
35 Byars, Nancy  1776Commonwealth of Virginia I5984
36 Byars, Robert Wade  Abt 1868Commonwealth of Virginia I34839
37 Byars, William M.  18 Nov 1776Commonwealth of Virginia I13379
38 Caldwell, Joyce   I31202
39 Campbell, William  0___ 1774Commonwealth of Virginia I40639
40 Campbell, William L.  1786Commonwealth of Virginia I21561
41 Canady, Nancy  8 Dec 1808Commonwealth of Virginia I20902
42 Cantrell, Robert  1753Commonwealth of Virginia I5328
43 Chastain, Miles Thomas Sr.  24 Apr 1807Commonwealth of Virginia I14003
44 Chastain, Rene  Commonwealth of Virginia I26292
45 Christian, Drury  0___ 1730Commonwealth of Virginia I27357
46 Christian, Frances Elizabeth  Commonwealth of Virginia I14094
47 Christian, John  Abt 1755Commonwealth of Virginia I15017
48 Christian, William Peyton "Peyton"  0___ 1794Commonwealth of Virginia I4435
49 Clendenon, James Marion Sr.  0___ 1775Commonwealth of Virginia I24953
50 Coldwell, Martha  1765Commonwealth of Virginia I31689
51 Colicote, Jane Elizabeth  0___ 1794Commonwealth of Virginia I13343
52 Collins, Margaret "Peggy"  0___ 1783Commonwealth of Virginia I16860
53 Compton, Howard W.  1815Commonwealth of Virginia I8040
54 Cope, Andrew  2 Mar 1781Commonwealth of Virginia I13917
55 Cope, Susanna  21 Dec 1788Commonwealth of Virginia I25108
56 Cope, William  1798Commonwealth of Virginia I14184
57 Cox, Martha "Patsy"  1790Commonwealth of Virginia I28093
58 Crowder, Johannah  0___ 1838Commonwealth of Virginia I5084
59 Crowder, Mary  Commonwealth of Virginia I15294
60 Cummings, Eleanor Comis  0___ 1794Commonwealth of Virginia I24846
61 Cummings, Nancy Susannah  17 Sep 1795Commonwealth of Virginia I24864
62 Cunningham, Edmund  5 Jun 1792Commonwealth of Virginia I28285
63 Cunningham, James  1790Commonwealth of Virginia I14982
64 Cunningham, Captain John II  13 Sep 1782Commonwealth of Virginia I2923
65 Dalton, Mary Ann  0___ 1826Commonwealth of Virginia I12369
66 Davis, Matthew  1781Commonwealth of Virginia I23589
67 Davis, Sarah  0___ 1775Commonwealth of Virginia I7444
68 Dodd, James  17 Jun 1782Commonwealth of Virginia I32698
69 Dodson, Anne  16 Jul 1715Commonwealth of Virginia I5692
70 Dodson, Anne "Nanny"  20 Jul 1734Commonwealth of Virginia I5701
71 Dodson, Fleming  1792Commonwealth of Virginia I35182
72 Dodson, George  Commonwealth of Virginia I8779
73 Dodson, George  C. 1751Commonwealth of Virginia I5728
74 Dodson, Hightower  ~ 1745Commonwealth of Virginia I5725
75 Dodson, Hightower  C. 1788Commonwealth of Virginia I4840
76 Dodson, Ida  Commonwealth of Virginia I8778
77 Dodson, James  C. 1708Commonwealth of Virginia I5690
78 Dodson, John Jr.  12 Aug 1731Commonwealth of Virginia I5697
79 Dodson, John (Vincent) Sr.  ~1722Commonwealth of Virginia I16861
80 Dodson, Joseph  15 Nov 1719Commonwealth of Virginia I5733
81 Dodson, Joshua  ~ 1736Commonwealth of Virginia I5708
82 Dodson, Judith  6 Jan 1741Commonwealth of Virginia I5724
83 Dodson, Lydia  Commonwealth of Virginia I5558
84 Dodson, Mary  ~ 1710Commonwealth of Virginia I5688
85 Dodson, Mary  16 Jun 1730Commonwealth of Virginia I5704
86 Dodson, Moses  12 Jan 1729Commonwealth of Virginia I5696
87 Dodson, Noah  1794Commonwealth of Virginia I20592
88 Dodson, Raleigh  C. 1749Commonwealth of Virginia I5726
89 Dodson, William Sr.  14 Dec 1749Commonwealth of Virginia I19726
90 Dodson, William  6 Mar 1758Commonwealth of Virginia I51877
91 Dodson, William Fortunatus  C. 1747Commonwealth of Virginia I5727
92 Dougherty, Sarah Root "Sally"  24 Mar 1793Commonwealth of Virginia I5014
93 DuBoise, Miss  Commonwealth of Virginia I16989
94 Durham, Achilles  1741Commonwealth of Virginia I4252
95 Earles, Nathaniel Sr.  0___ 1782Commonwealth of Virginia I3815
96 Earles, Pleasant  1783Commonwealth of Virginia I3805
97 Edge, Edward W.  0___ 1795Commonwealth of Virginia I32019
98 Estes, Wilmouth  1761Commonwealth of Virginia I4914
99 Evans, Abraham Sr.  ~1765Commonwealth of Virginia I6471
100 Evans, Alice Lee "Ailsey"  5 Aug 1803Commonwealth of Virginia I13579

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Austin, Jonathan  Commonwealth of Virginia I35271
2 Beavers, Thomas  1779Commonwealth of Virginia I33195
3 Dodson, John Jr.  27 May 1734Commonwealth of Virginia I5697
4 Dodson, Tabitha  Commonwealth of Virginia I5560
5 Fussell, Nicholas Jr., The Immigrant  1678Commonwealth of Virginia I27594
6 Giles, Sarah Judith Jane  3 Sep 1747Commonwealth of Virginia I24813
7 Grady, Jane  4 Oct 1726Commonwealth of Virginia I4251
8 Hanks, William  0___ 1704Commonwealth of Virginia I5648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Denton, Captain Abraham II  Commonwealth of Virginia I16669
2 Fussell, Nicholas Jr., The Immigrant  Commonwealth of Virginia I27594

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Lanier, Sarah Tunstall "Sallie"  0Dec 1855Commonwealth of Virginia I36279
2 Lanier, Sarah Tunstall "Sallie"  0___ 1857Commonwealth of Virginia I36279
3 Merriman, Lewis D.  1812Commonwealth of Virginia I25799
4 Pique, Lucetta  1805Commonwealth of Virginia I15308
5 Sparks, Levi  0___ 1826Commonwealth of Virginia I1494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whitlock, James  4 Jul 1791Commonwealth of Virginia I12078


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bowles / Bolling  Commonwealth of Virginia F10071
2 Dodson / (Goad)  Commonwealth of Virginia F2089
3 Dodson / Dodson  Commonwealth of Virginia F1846
4 Dodson / Dodson  Commonwealth of Virginia F2049
5 Dodson / Goad  Aft 1739Commonwealth of Virginia F2090
6 Dodson / Hendrick  19 Jul 1784Commonwealth of Virginia F2017
7 Dodson / LNU  Commonwealth of Virginia F2085
8 Dodson / LNU  1832Commonwealth of Virginia F2086
9 Dodson / Peck  ~ 1818Commonwealth of Virginia F6894
10 Fussell / LNU  ~ 1666Commonwealth of Virginia F9924
11 Goddard / Cummings  1785-1790Commonwealth of Virginia F8903
12 Hardy / Dodson  Commonwealth of Virginia F2020
13 Humphrey / LNU  (CIRCA 1780)Commonwealth of Virginia F8925
14 Johnson / Curd  0___ 1799Commonwealth of Virginia F12170
15 Leith / Hite  ~ 1767Commonwealth of Virginia F10634
16 Northcutt / Angling  1778Commonwealth of Virginia F7055