Burke County, North Carolina



Latitude: 35.7616931, Longitude: -81.7349420


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 "Polly", Mary  0___ 1806Burke County, North Carolina I27321
2 Alexander, Lucy Estelle  27 Jan 1898Burke County, North Carolina I2365
3 Allen, Pantha C.  3 Feb 1873Burke County, North Carolina I17582
4 Anderson, Cindy  Burke County, North Carolina I31158
5 Ballew, Ralph Clifford   I1355
6 Beach, Celia  0___ 1812Burke County, North Carolina I4096
7 Bennett, Carrie Benson  12 Mar 1879Burke County, North Carolina I1233
8 Bennett, Fay   I37697
9 Bennett, Florence Amanda  17 Nov 1880Burke County, North Carolina I1228
10 Bennett, Floyd M.   I37696
11 Bennett, Louola Adeline  27 Feb 1870Burke County, North Carolina I1230
12 Bennett, Samuel C. Jr.  0___ 1906Burke County, North Carolina I37695
13 Berry, Bartlett Anderson Sr.  1 Feb 1830Burke County, North Carolina I1207
14 Berry, Bessie  0Jan 1886Burke County, North Carolina I31466
15 Berry, Dermont Richard  11 Aug 1926Burke County, North Carolina I41873
16 Berry, Forrest Commodore  17 Oct 1876Burke County, North Carolina I30208
17 Berry, Lance Dervil  6 Jan 1901Burke County, North Carolina I30247
18 Berry, Lara  0Jan 1899Burke County, North Carolina I31471
19 Berry, Minnie  0Aug 1888Burke County, North Carolina I31467
20 Berry, Paul  0Apr 1891Burke County, North Carolina I31468
21 Berry, Preston  0Oct 1895Burke County, North Carolina I31469
22 Berry, Thomas Lenoir  18 Oct 1859Burke County, North Carolina I28772
23 Berry, Thomas P.  28 Mar 1896Burke County, North Carolina I31470
24 Blankenship, Ethel Leola  7 Nov 1920Burke County, North Carolina I1779
25 Bouchelle, Margaret Elmena  11 Feb 1835Burke County, North Carolina I1202
26 Branch, Margaret Lucinda  0___ 1886Burke County, North Carolina I10546
27 Brinkley, James Marshall "Marshall"  10 Nov 1871Burke County, North Carolina I3727
28 Brittain, Versie  30 Sep 1897Burke County, North Carolina I10287
29 Brown, Clifford M.   I38086
30 Brown, Doris   I38088
31 Brown, Morris W.   I38087
32 Butler, Edward Vance  Burke County, North Carolina I11522
33 Butler, Ophelia  18 Feb 1898Burke County, North Carolina I11521
34 Carswell, James Millard "Millard"  19 May 1912Burke County, North Carolina I25383
35 Causby, Betty  24 May 1932Burke County, North Carolina I31156
36 Causby, Carlos Monroe  12 Feb 1909Burke County, North Carolina I11779
37 Causby, Horace Bennett  29 Dec 1929Burke County, North Carolina I29461
38 Causby, Horace Jackson  0May 1886Burke County, North Carolina I2130
39 Causby, Lewis   I42309
40 Causby, Mamie  23 Jun 1925Burke County, North Carolina I31161
41 Causby, Ray  0___ 1934Burke County, North Carolina I42308
42 Chambers, Elisha  11 Mar 1780Burke County, North Carolina I51342
43 Chapman, Sarah Jane  25 May 1819Burke County, North Carolina I29939
44 Clark, John Henry  14 Jun 1865Burke County, North Carolina I50581
45 Clark, John Wesley  29 Oct 1900Burke County, North Carolina I50579
46 Clark, Solomon  16 May 1801Burke County, North Carolina I27320
47 Clonts, Charles Kelly "Charlie"  25 Jan 1859Burke County, North Carolina I9835
48 Clonts, Elizabeth Little  15 Feb 1857Burke County, North Carolina I9834
49 Clonts, John Nero "Nero"  28 Jan 1839Burke County, North Carolina I9837
50 Clonts, John William Sr.  16 Feb 1804Burke County, North Carolina I8920
51 Clonts, William Asbury "Uncle Berry"  1856Burke County, North Carolina I9833
52 Clontz, Alice  Burke County, North Carolina I10284
53 Clontz, Alice W.  1869Burke County, North Carolina I10469
54 Clontz, Allie Orilla  22 Mar 1882Burke County, North Carolina I10537
55 Clontz, Altha Parks  2 Nov 1877Burke County, North Carolina I10509
56 Clontz, Ambrose  1833Burke County, North Carolina I10224
57 Clontz, Andrew Nelson "Nelson"  22 Jan 1828Burke County, North Carolina I9707
58 Clontz, Annie   I10503
59 Clontz, Barry Edwin  Burke County, North Carolina I11348
60 Clontz, Bertha Lodesta  7 Jun 1895Burke County, North Carolina I10395
61 Clontz, Bertie  14 Sep 1895Burke County, North Carolina I9719
62 Clontz, Bessie B.  18 Jan 1902Burke County, North Carolina I10380
63 Clontz, Billy Vernon   I10431
64 Clontz, Calvin  Burke County, North Carolina I10584
65 Clontz, Catherine  1 Feb 1785Burke County, North Carolina I9053
66 Clontz, Charles  Burke County, North Carolina I10583
67 Clontz, Charles Edward Jr.  Burke County, North Carolina I11681
68 Clontz, Charles Edward "Ed"  3 Feb 1904Burke County, North Carolina I9727
69 Clontz, Clara Jane   I9738
70 Clontz, Clarence Manuel  26 Oct 1890Burke County, North Carolina I10282
71 Clontz, Cloyd Lester  6 Nov 1892Burke County, North Carolina I10283
72 Clontz, Connie Sue   I9742
73 Clontz, Daughter  1849Burke County, North Carolina I10831
74 Clontz, Daughter  19 Oct 1901Burke County, North Carolina I10593
75 Clontz, Dora   I10579
76 Clontz, Dora Alice  6 Jan 1905Burke County, North Carolina I11121
77 Clontz, Ellen A.  19 Jun 1873Burke County, North Carolina I10405
78 Clontz, Ellie Ervin  11 Jul 1900Burke County, North Carolina I10368
79 Clontz, Elsie Magnus  Burke County, North Carolina I10511
80 Clontz, Emma  21 Sep 1889Burke County, North Carolina I9718
81 Clontz, Erastus Jones "Ras"  20 Feb 1902Burke County, North Carolina I9726
82 Clontz, Eva  31 Jul 1909Burke County, North Carolina I10578
83 Clontz, Eva A. "Granny Neebie"  1826Burke County, North Carolina I10321
84 Clontz, Felix Hamilton  20 May 1891Burke County, North Carolina I10391
85 Clontz, Frank D.  Burke County, North Carolina I11526
86 Clontz, Frank James  11 Nov 1886Burke County, North Carolina I10280
87 Clontz, Frank R.  18 Jul 1886Burke County, North Carolina I10420
88 Clontz, Fred  1 Oct 1895Burke County, North Carolina I10377
89 Clontz, Gean  16 Feb 1918Burke County, North Carolina I11181
90 Clontz, Geneva  Burke County, North Carolina I10595
91 Clontz, George  27 Dec 1814Burke County, North Carolina I12041
92 Clontz, Grace Mae  8 Jun 1909Burke County, North Carolina I11777
93 Clontz, Gregory David  Burke County, North Carolina I11349
94 Clontz, Hardie Millroy  9 Aug 1897Burke County, North Carolina I10285
95 Clontz, Harley Nester Sr.   I10866
96 Clontz, Harmon   I10596
97 Clontz, Hattie Margaret  24 Sep 1885Burke County, North Carolina I10538
98 Clontz, Henry Everett  3 Aug 1895Burke County, North Carolina I10365
99 Clontz, Henry Tillman  11 Jan 1858Burke County, North Carolina I10408
100 Clontz, Herbert T.  20 Apr 1885Burke County, North Carolina I11243

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Pantha C.  27 Jun 1949Burke County, North Carolina I17582
2 Ann, Nancy  8 Nov 1836Burke County, North Carolina I27301
3 Beck, Elizabeth "Betsey"  1862Burke County, North Carolina I17585
4 Bennett, Carrie Benson  22 Apr 1921Burke County, North Carolina I1233
5 Bennett, Louola Adeline  5 Feb 1932Burke County, North Carolina I1230
6 Berry, Dermont Richard  16 Dec 2011Burke County, North Carolina I41873
7 Bouchelle, Margaret Elmena  13 Dec 1912Burke County, North Carolina I1202
8 Branch, Margaret Lucinda  20 Jun 1941Burke County, North Carolina I10546
9 Braswell, William Barjonas "Jonas"  Bef 1820Burke County, North Carolina I11183
10 Burns, Walter  C. 1946Burke County, North Carolina I10451
11 Butler, William E.  0___ 1929Burke County, North Carolina I10322
12 Byars, William  1794-1795Burke County, North Carolina I7727
13 Causby, Ray  0___ 1934Burke County, North Carolina I42308
14 Chester, John M.  26 Oct 1926Burke County, North Carolina I9715
15 Clark, John M.  3 Apr 1819Burke County, North Carolina I27302
16 Clark, Susan Matilda "Matilda"  14 May 1910Burke County, North Carolina I9709
17 Clonts, Elizabeth Little  10 Apr 1931Burke County, North Carolina I9834
18 Clonts, John Nero "Nero"  26 Dec 1921Burke County, North Carolina I9837
19 Clonts, William Alphonso "Alphonso"  19 Feb 1924Burke County, North Carolina I9761
20 Clontz, Allie Orilla  INFANCYBurke County, North Carolina I10537
21 Clontz, Altha Parks  30 Aug 1936Burke County, North Carolina I10509
22 Clontz, Amos Adrian "Adrian"  24 Nov 1954Burke County, North Carolina I10456
23 Clontz, Bertie  23 May 1982Burke County, North Carolina I9719
24 Clontz, Charles Edward Jr.  C. 1960Burke County, North Carolina I11681
25 Clontz, Charles Edward "Ed"  4 Aug 1972Burke County, North Carolina I9727
26 Clontz, Christian  25 Aug 1841Burke County, North Carolina I9702
27 Clontz, Daughter  19 Oct 1901Burke County, North Carolina I10593
28 Clontz, Dora Alice  11 Feb 1906Burke County, North Carolina I11121
29 Clontz, Ellen A.  25 Feb 1905Burke County, North Carolina I10405
30 Clontz, Ellie Ervin  27 Feb 1989Burke County, North Carolina I10368
31 Clontz, Elsie Magnus  1 Nov 1941Burke County, North Carolina I10511
32 Clontz, Emma  1 May 1965Burke County, North Carolina I9718
33 Clontz, Eva A. "Granny Neebie"  10 Mar 1906Burke County, North Carolina I10321
34 Clontz, Frank James  15 Dec 1889Burke County, North Carolina I10280
35 Clontz, Hardie Millroy  2 Jun 1976Burke County, North Carolina I10285
36 Clontz, Hattie Margaret  INFANCYBurke County, North Carolina I10538
37 Clontz, Herbert T.  15 Jun 1908Burke County, North Carolina I11243
38 Clontz, James B.  30 Jan 1912Burke County, North Carolina I11245
39 Clontz, Jimmy Bennett "Bennett"  21 Nov 2013Burke County, North Carolina I10433
40 Clontz, John Harold  1 Oct 1962Burke County, North Carolina I9728
41 Clontz, John Washington  9 Jan 1937Burke County, North Carolina I9711
42 Clontz, John Wilton  8 Dec 1984Burke County, North Carolina I9735
43 Clontz, Loyd Harmon "Harmon"  27 Dec 1933Burke County, North Carolina I10577
44 Clontz, Marshall Edgar "Edgar"  5 Aug 1960Burke County, North Carolina I10510
45 Clontz, Marshall Otis  21 Nov 1957Burke County, North Carolina I10393
46 Clontz, Max Hamilton  21 Nov 1947Burke County, North Carolina I10551
47 Clontz, Myrtie Sue  4 Jun 1894Burke County, North Carolina I10507
48 Clontz, Nancy Amanda  28 Sep 1943Burke County, North Carolina I9714
49 Clontz, Pearl Lucille  7 Apr 1986Burke County, North Carolina I10485
50 Clontz, Robert Glenn "Glenn" Sr.  28 Oct 1993Burke County, North Carolina I10428
51 Clontz, Samuel Kelly "Kelly"  29 Oct 1910Burke County, North Carolina I10484
52 Clontz, Vester H. Sr.  23 Sep 1962Burke County, North Carolina I9717
53 Clontz, Wayne Odell  26 Jan 1952Burke County, North Carolina I9732
54 Clontz, William Wesley "Nester"  21 Apr 1909Burke County, North Carolina I9872
55 Copeland, Alma Estelle "Estelle"  9 Jul 1975Burke County, North Carolina I10576
56 Dale, Cora Elizabeth  23 Jul 1935Burke County, North Carolina I9729
57 Dale, Robert Jackson  25 Jan 1960Burke County, North Carolina I9777
58 Deal, Ida Caroline  10 Sep 1910Burke County, North Carolina I1473
59 Duckworth, Elva Leslie "Ma Byrd"  22 Oct 1979Burke County, North Carolina I5192
60 Duckworth, Paul Eugene  20 Jan 1958Burke County, North Carolina I10435
61 Duckworth, Rufus Ralph  11 Aug 1900Burke County, North Carolina I1468
62 Dulin, Sarah  23 Feb 1872Burke County, North Carolina I11424
63 Dunkley, Elizabeth  0___ 1818Burke County, North Carolina I577
64 Fox, Lucinda  22 Jun 1916Burke County, North Carolina I17584
65 Giles, Elmina  20 May 1922Burke County, North Carolina I10343
66 Grady, Kate M.  23 Jul 1951Burke County, North Carolina I10364
67 Greene, Stella Maude  12 Apr 1970Burke County, North Carolina I1271
68 Guthrie, Elizabeth "Betsey"  0___ 1862Burke County, North Carolina I11419
69 Hennessa, James Phifer  10 Apr 1896Burke County, North Carolina I3551
70 Hennessee, Alice  21 Aug 1924Burke County, North Carolina I1220
71 Hennessee, Carrie E(lizabeth)  14 Sep 1915Burke County, North Carolina I11336
72 Hennessee, Daniel Lafayette "Dan"  29 Mar 1940Burke County, North Carolina I1229
73 Hennessee, David Thomas  8 May 2013Burke County, North Carolina I33997
74 Hennessee, Emanuel Augustus "Manuel"  22 May 1903Burke County, North Carolina I1077
75 Hennessee, H. Augustus  3 Jun 1906Burke County, North Carolina I11337
76 Hennessee, Harold Connor "Pug"  3 Mar 1975Burke County, North Carolina I1251
77 Hennessee, Ida Catherine  9 Feb 2016Burke County, North Carolina I2349
78 Hennessee, Infant  20 Jun 1911Burke County, North Carolina I11338
79 Hennessee, J(oseph) R(ichardson) Jr.  26 Jul 1912Burke County, North Carolina I11339
80 Hennessee, Joel King  17 Mar 1923Burke County, North Carolina I1280
81 Hennessee, Joseph Richardson  17 Aug 1942Burke County, North Carolina I1227
82 Hennessee, Lavenia  Aft 1870Burke County, North Carolina I1200
83 Hennessee, Lois Mae  17 Oct 1876Burke County, North Carolina I18675
84 Hennessee, Lora May  17 Oct 1876Burke County, North Carolina I1471
85 Hennessee, Margaret Matilda  14 Aug 2011Burke County, North Carolina I25373
86 Hennessee, Martha Cora  13 Feb 1897Burke County, North Carolina I1484
87 Hennessee, Martha Elizabeth  Aft 1870Burke County, North Carolina I1197
88 Hennessee, Millard Tate Sr.  1 Sep 1974Burke County, North Carolina I1474
89 Hennessee, Patrick  1795Burke County, North Carolina I14
90 Hennessee, R. Vernon  31 Jul 1906Burke County, North Carolina I11340
91 Hennessee, Robert Lee "Lee"  15 Feb 1964Burke County, North Carolina I1482
92 Hennessee, Sarah W.  16 Jun 1916Burke County, North Carolina I1216
93 Hennessee, Thomas Patrick  4 May 1904Burke County, North Carolina I1469
94 Hennessee, William L.  27 Aug 1895Burke County, North Carolina I1231
95 Henson, Bartlett  0___ 1823Burke County, North Carolina I25712
96 Hicks, Joseph Martin  24 Dec 1892Burke County, North Carolina I19274
97 Johnson, Elizabeth Caroline  19 Aug 1889Burke County, North Carolina I1078
98 Keller, Johnsie Annie Lou  23 Oct 2008Burke County, North Carolina I11632
99 Kincaid, Andrew Dunn  5 Jun 1862Burke County, North Carolina I11423
100 Kincaid, Archibald  7 Dec 1847Burke County, North Carolina I11409

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ball, Corey  3 Aug 1971Burke County, North Carolina I30229
2 Clontz, Christian  26 Aug 1841Burke County, North Carolina I9702
3 Hennessee, Margaret Clair  13 Dec 1981Burke County, North Carolina I1250
4 Thompson, Addie Irene  9 Apr 1941Burke County, North Carolina I29459
5 Watts, George Francis  16 Sep 1979Burke County, North Carolina I25380
6 Williams, Katherine  Burke County, North Carolina I37459

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Hennessee, Alford  1803Burke County, North Carolina I101
2 Hennessee, John  1780Burke County, North Carolina I16
3 Wilcher, Lucy  1784Burke County, North Carolina I3800

Alt Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Death    Person ID 
1 Womack, Thomas A.  ~ 1790Burke County, North Carolina I4411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hennessee, Manassa Nixon "Uncle Nas"  8 Apr 1861Burke County, North Carolina I1224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Hennessa, Patrick  1845Burke County, North Carolina I915
2 Hennessee, Patrick  0Oct 1796Burke County, North Carolina I14
3 Hennessee, Thomas A.  0___ 1867Burke County, North Carolina I1204


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ferree, Joseph Alexander  0___ 1860Burke County, North Carolina I3538
2 Hennessa, Myra Ann  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1206
3 Hennessa, Robert Jones  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1208
4 Hennessee, Alexander  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1196
5 Hennessee, Lavenia  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1200
6 Hennessee, Lavenia  0___ 1870Burke County, North Carolina I1200
7 Hennessee, Mannasa S(udderth)  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1205
8 Hennessee, Martha Elizabeth  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1197
9 Hennessee, Martha Elizabeth  0___ 1860Burke County, North Carolina I1197
10 Hennessee, Martha Elizabeth  0___ 1870Burke County, North Carolina I1197
11 Hennessee, Patrick Waightsill  0___ 1850Burke County, North Carolina I1203
12 Hennessee, Patrick Waightsill  0___ 1860Burke County, North Carolina I1203
13 Hennessee, William Richard  1850Burke County, North Carolina I1199
14 Spencer, Joseph  1800Burke County, North Carolina I18507
15 Spencer, Tisdale  1820Burke County, North Carolina I1893
16 Spencer, Tisdale  1830Burke County, North Carolina I1893
17 Spencer, Tisdale  1840Burke County, North Carolina I1893
18 Sudderth, Nancy  1850Burke County, North Carolina I919
19 Sudderth, Nancy  1860Burke County, North Carolina I919
20 Wilcher, Charles  Burke County, North Carolina I34315
21 Wilson, Elizabeth  1850Burke County, North Carolina I914


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berry / Hennessa  3 Jun 1857Burke County, North Carolina F461
2 Bost / Lynn  23 May 1916Burke County, North Carolina F4046
3 Bouchard / Clontz  Burke County, North Carolina F3739
4 Branch / Clontz  20 Jan 1876Burke County, North Carolina F3729
5 Byars / Green  19 Apr 1809Burke County, North Carolina F2903
6 Carswell / Hennessee  27 Mar 1937Burke County, North Carolina F9005
7 Chandler / Clontz  13 Dec 1865Burke County, North Carolina F3488
8 Clark / Pearson  Burke County, North Carolina F18776
9 Clark / Spencer  Abt 1788Burke County, North Carolina F9796
10 Clonts / Kincaid  22 Feb 1854Burke County, North Carolina F3449
11 Clonts / LNU  C. 1867Burke County, North Carolina F3478
12 Clonts / Walker  30 Sep 1868Burke County, North Carolina F3703
13 Clontz / Baker  Burke County, North Carolina F3747
14 Clontz / Bouldin  Burke County, North Carolina F3674
15 Clontz / Clarke  22 Feb 1822Burke County, North Carolina F3409
16 Clontz / Clontz  13 Aug 1902Burke County, North Carolina F3571
17 Clontz / Dale  28 May 1895Burke County, North Carolina F3704
18 Clontz / Duckworth  5 Feb 1928Burke County, North Carolina F3683
19 Clontz / Giles  23 Feb 1865Burke County, North Carolina F3643
20 Clontz / Hallyburton  28 Jan 1911Burke County, North Carolina F3707
21 Clontz / Harris  8 Oct 1913Burke County, North Carolina F3621
22 Clontz / Mangum  6 Oct 1915Burke County, North Carolina F3969
23 Clontz / McCarthy  28 Nov 1903Burke County, North Carolina F3678
24 Clontz / Menzies  30 Dec 1874Burke County, North Carolina F3672
25 Clontz / Miller   F4522
26 Clontz / Mitchell  28 Jun 1879Burke County, North Carolina F3673
27 Clontz / Moore  C. 1900Burke County, North Carolina F3746
28 Clontz / Pitts  15 Mar 1922Burke County, North Carolina F3624
29 Clontz / Stokes  12 Apr 1828Burke County, North Carolina F3433
30 Coffey / Pearson  Burke County, North Carolina F5896
31 Cooke / Clontz  5 Oct 1815Burke County, North Carolina F3483
32 Crump / Clontz  25 Dec 1904Burke County, North Carolina F3439
33 Deal / Herman  6 Jul 1797Burke County, North Carolina F11672
34 Duckworth / Hennessee  10 Mar 1878Burke County, North Carolina F561
35 Garrou / Holloway  1918Burke County, North Carolina F4222
36 Giles / Clontz  11 Oct 1859Burke County, North Carolina F3644
37 Hemphill / Walker  Burke County, North Carolina F7764
38 Hennessa / Duckworth  Abt 1894Burke County, North Carolina F10170
39 Hennessa / Sudderth  8 Feb 1824Burke County, North Carolina F354
40 Hennessee / Alexander  24 Jun 1916Burke County, North Carolina F911
41 Hennessee / Anderson  5 Oct 1925Burke County, North Carolina F913
42 Hennessee / Bouchelle  29 Nov 1855Burke County, North Carolina F460
43 Hennessee / Kincaid  17 Jun 1919Burke County, North Carolina F905
44 Hennessee / Smith   F10916
45 Hennessee / Walker  18 Aug 1908Burke County, North Carolina F904
46 Holloway / Clontz  15 Sep 1886Burke County, North Carolina F3761
47 Houk / Brinkley  Burke County, North Carolina F1349
48 Johnson / Hennessee  15 Mar 1815Burke County, North Carolina F358
49 Kincaid / Moody  Burke County, North Carolina F4098
50 Lane / Clonts  22 May 1866Burke County, North Carolina F3574
51 Lowman / Clontz  30 Nov 1897Burke County, North Carolina F3696
52 Lynn / Clonts  2 Jan 1896Burke County, North Carolina F3698
53 Lynn / Whisenant  26 Dec 1876Burke County, North Carolina F3697
54 McGraw / Clontz  30 Dec 1859Burke County, North Carolina F3645
55 Merriman / Kirby  13 Nov 1823Burke County, North Carolina F1336
56 Newton / Wortman  0___ 1882Burke County, North Carolina F11166
57 Page / Clontz  20 Jul 1907Burke County, North Carolina F3745
58 Pitts / McGimsey  28 Dec 1919Burke County, North Carolina F3454
59 Poarch / Clontz  24 Dec 1932Burke County, North Carolina F3838
60 Powell / Clontz  8 Feb 1908Burke County, North Carolina F3619
61 Pritchard / Clontz  5 Oct 1889Burke County, North Carolina F3712
62 Satterwhite / Hennessee  1 May 1901Burke County, North Carolina F467
63 Scott / Brown  26 May 1918Burke County, North Carolina F10935
64 Shuffler / Clontz  Burke County, North Carolina F5307
65 Small / Clontz  Burke County, North Carolina F3438
66 Small / Spinks  31 Aug 1874Burke County, North Carolina F3965
67 Sudderth / Sumpter  16 Jan 1786Burke County, North Carolina F458
68 Walton / Spencer  25 Jan 1830Burke County, North Carolina F8984
69 Wilcher / Gordon  1805Burke County, North Carolina F4851

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Denton / Hogg  1783Burke County, North Carolina F5772
2 Hennessee / LNU  1790Burke County, North Carolina F6
3 Wilcher / LNU  1789Burke County, North Carolina F463
4 Williams / Hennessee  0___ 1920Burke County, North Carolina F912