Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.4428512, Longitude: -84.5929898


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benson, Anna Alice  0___ 1916Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I5185
2 Benson, Charlie Arnold  17 Oct 1927Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I5187
3 Benson, Ernest William  16 Mar 1918Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I5184
4 Benson, Nola Mae  23 Jul 1923Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I5186
5 Benson, William Foster  28 Sep 1893Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2285
6 Brown, William Scott "Scott"   I33846
7 Davis, Judith "Judy"   I30451
8 Dobbs, Marty Lynn   I30910
9 Frye, Betty Joan   I1925
10 Harrison, Ida Ruth   I30528
11 Harrison, Pearl   I2283
12 Henley, Debra Ann   I30542
13 Henley, Jackie Aaron Sr.   I30541
14 Henley, Jackie Aaron Jr.   I30544
15 Henley, Pamela Ruth   I30543
16 Hennessee, Ada Leona  18 Jun 1894Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1901
17 Hennessee, Adam Davis   I30453
18 Hennessee, Allen Ray   I1929
19 Hennessee, Anna Lee   I30526
20 Hennessee, Betty Rose   I30524
21 Hennessee, Bobby Eugene   I1928
22 Hennessee, Bobby Ronald "Ron"   I30444
23 Hennessee, Brenda Carolyn   I30534
24 Hennessee, Charlie Roscoe   I1916
25 Hennessee, Charlie William  4 Jan 1914Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2274
26 Hennessee, Charlotte Evelyn   I30463
27 Hennessee, Christopher Forrest "Chris"   I30450
28 Hennessee, Connie Sue   I30527
29 Hennessee, David  25 Oct 1878Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1902
30 Hennessee, Earnest Rae "Ernie"  5 Mar 1909Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2108
31 Hennessee, Edna Kathryn  16 Jul 1922Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2112
32 Hennessee, Eugene Lionel "Gene" Sr.  23 Jun 1894Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1284
33 Hennessee, Floyd Leo  19 Apr 1888Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1904
34 Hennessee, Frances "Fran"   I30525
35 Hennessee, Glen Charles   I1926
36 Hennessee, Harl Eugene  9 Dec 1892Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1897
37 Hennessee, Henry Franklin "Frank"  3 Jun 1883Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1905
38 Hennessee, Howard Marsellus  28 Mar 1912Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2109
39 Hennessee, Ida Ellen  8 Aug 1885Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1899
40 Hennessee, Irene Joyce   I28222
41 Hennessee, Jack Lewis  12 Feb 1946Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30442
42 Hennessee, James Calvin "JC"  31 May 1927Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2114
43 Hennessee, James William  20 Jun 1881Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1903
44 Hennessee, Janice Elaine   I1930
45 Hennessee, Jeffery Louis   I30447
46 Hennessee, Jerry Dale   I30443
47 Hennessee, Johnie Edward "Edward"   I30523
48 Hennessee, Kimberly Anne  26 Oct 1967Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30449
49 Hennessee, Laura Anne   I30446
50 Hennessee, Lula Ann   I2113
51 Hennessee, Luther Franklin  3 Sep 1916Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2111
52 Hennessee, Milard  3 Aug 1897Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2104
53 Hennessee, Myra Catherine  5 Sep 1876Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1900
54 Hennessee, Nellie Blanch  19 Nov 1918Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2110
55 Hennessee, Octavia Paige "Paige"   I33843
56 Hennessee, Peggy Bernice   I28223
57 Hennessee, Sally Jewel  15 Oct 1910Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2107
58 Hennessee, Sharon Rose   I1927
59 Hennessee, Tracy Steven   I1931
60 Hickman, Johnnie Faye "Faye"   I30551
61 Lovelady, Cody Bryant   I30550
62 Lovelady, Faith Lauren   I30549
63 Lovelady, Jeffrey Bryan  (CIRCA 1965)Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30548
64 Martin, Mona Lisa   I30898
65 Mayfield, Willis Hennessee   I40658
66 Rogers, Minerva Ellen  30 Oct 1855Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I36457
67 Shook, Lee Ann "Ann"  24 Jul 1859Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1896
68 Shook, Nellie  ~ 1855Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2267
69 Tunnell, William Mayfield "Wilburn"  29 May 1856Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I36456
70 Vaughn, Laura Rachelle   I30546
71 Vaughn, Ricky Lee   I30545
72 Vaughn, Taylor Preston  7 Aug 1880Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2105
73 Vincent, Fannie Meldoria  18 Dec 1893Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1915
74 Vincent, Locke Junior  Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I40454
75 Ward, Mary Susan  14 May 1858Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30589
76 Wheeler, Brandon  (CIRCA 1958)Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benson, Nola Mae  21 Apr 1996Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I5186
2 Benson, William Foster  23 Oct 1951Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2285
3 Cate, William Hoyt  25 Sep 2011Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1924
4 Chisam, William Anderson  2 Apr 1966Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I43057
5 Elkins, Rosa Lee  26 Sep 2008Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2281
6 Ellis, Lowery Lonzo  25 Jul 2002Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2524
7 Essman, Ester  13 Nov 1857Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I36463
8 Hennessee, Arlen Lee  18 Oct 1988Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1920
9 Hennessee, Arthur Eugene "Hootie"  5 Apr 1948Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1921
10 Hennessee, Billy Lewis  16 Nov 2012Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1922
11 Hennessee, Earnest Rae "Ernie"  28 Oct 1945Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2108
12 Hennessee, Floyd Leo  24 Apr 1975Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1904
13 Hennessee, Harl Eugene  23 Jul 1976Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1897
14 Hennessee, James Calvin "JC"  19 Jun 1999Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2114
15 Hennessee, Milard  29 Jun 1898Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2104
16 Hennessee, Myra Catherine  27 Feb 1952Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1900
17 Hennessee, Nellie Blanch  Aft 2005Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2110
18 Hennessee, Sally Jewel  7 Jul 2005Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2107
19 Miller, Alice Elizabeth  9 Apr 1926Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30432
20 Norris, Elizabeth A(nne)  25 Sep 1830Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I4125
21 Vaughn, Taylor Preston  14 Jul 1959Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2105
22 Vincent, Dallas Wilky "Wilk"  30 May 1930Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30431
23 Vincent, Fannie Meldoria  15 Dec 1962Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I1915
24 Vincent, Locke Miller  9 Sep 1985Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I40453
25 Ward, Mary Susan  19 Jul 1932Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I30589
26 Ware, Rowland Burton  15 Jun 1864Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I19667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Robinson, Margaret  Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee I2269


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hennessee, Lula Ann   I2113
2 Roberts, William Ward   I4590


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benson / Hennessee  Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F873
2 Cate / Hennessee   F723
3 Hennessee / Cooper   F12416
4 Hennessee / Harrison   F871
5 Hennessee / Hutsell  9 Sep 1906Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F802
6 Hennessee / Shook  Abt 1874Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F863
7 Shook / Gibbs  26 Feb 1878Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F10973
8 Shook / Robinson  9 Mar 1848Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F864
9 Woods / Cate   F11112

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Chisam / Martin  0___ 1940Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F15609
2 Roberts / Lewis  0___ 1920Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F1762
3 Small / Hennessee  0___ 1940Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee F1085