(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee



Latitude: 36.1628390, Longitude: -85.5016423


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bohannon, Mattie  (Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39958
2 Denton, Senia Arlene "Arlene"  13 Apr 1928(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I13177
3 England, Andrew Lockhart  11 Nov 1883(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29019
4 England, Beecher  11 Aug 1891(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29023
5 England, Bessie May  2 Jun 1904(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39959
6 England, Canzada  22 Sep 1885(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29020
7 England, Ellen Almedia  30 Aug 1880(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29017
8 England, Etta  5 May 1889(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29022
9 England, Harold  0___ 1910(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39961
10 England, James Jordan  1 Jun 1857(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I27018
11 England, James Jordan Jr.  8 Feb 1887(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29021
12 England, Rosena  0___ 1905(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39960
13 England, Wesley Holtford  22 Jan 1882(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29018
14 Fisher, Thomas Jefferson  0Sep 1856(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I26419
15 Gillen, Mary Elizabeth "Betty"  25 Jul 1886(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39934
16 Lee, Brack  0___ 1893(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I17072
17 Oakes, George W.  18 May 1842(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I30274
18 Paris, Geraldine  15 Jun 1918(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39770
19 Robinson, Earl  0___ 1909(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39942
20 Settle, John L.  1860(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I27017
21 Settle, Nancy J(ane)  1852(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I27014
22 Settle, Susan O.  1855(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I27015
23 Smith, Ruby Ila  14 Jun 1894(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I23799
24 Suttle, Jesse  15 Dec 1824(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I170
25 Suttle, Margaret Darthula  2 Sep 1864(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I36560
26 Suttle, Mary Melvina  8 Oct 1857(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I27016
27 Suttle, Samuel Stanton  1863(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I36559
28 Suttle, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"  7 Dec 1849(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I1213
29 Suttle, Sidney Samuel  3 Aug 1861(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I36562
30 Suttle, Sylvanus V.  7 Apr 1868(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I36561
31 Suttles, Ollie  28 Feb 1869(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I14026
32 Whiteaker, Emma  28 Jan 1886(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I5943
33 Whiteaker, George W.  25 Mar 1864(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I14208


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clouse, Simpson  26 Dec 1913(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I1502
2 England, Andrew Lockhart  7 Jan 1953(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29019
3 England, Beecher  19 Aug 1964(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I29023
4 Hennessee, Patrick Scott "Paddy"  18 Oct 1900(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I62
5 Long, Euphanna Isom  28 May 1861(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39404
6 Milligan, Hubert L(oyd)  30 Apr 1981(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I39943
7 Suttle, Jesse  22 Apr 1888(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I170
8 Suttle, Mary Melvina  2 Jan 1934(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I27016
9 Suttles, Ollie  10 Jan 1896(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I14026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Suttle, Jesse  (Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bess, William Henry "Wild Bill"  1930(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I31583
2 Suttles, Ollie  1900(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee I14026


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 England / Bohannon  (Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F8073
2 England / Suttle  30 Mar 1879(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F9681
3 Lowery / Smith  8 Jan 1905(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F9910
4 Robinson / Gillen  7 Jul 1907(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F10059

Residence (Family)

Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Allen / Hitchcock  0___ 1940(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F12935
2 England / Bohannon  0___ 1910(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F8073
3 England / Suttle  1900(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F9681
4 Gillen / Suttle  1900(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F10031
5 Hennessee / Harrison  1900(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F41
6 Hennessee / Oakes  1900(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F1263
7 Robinson / Gillen  0___ 1910(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F10059
8 Suttle / Hennessee  1870(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F48
9 Suttle / Hennessee  1880(Cookeville) Putnam County, Tennessee F48