Walling, White County, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.8081226, Longitude: -85.5994231


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blankenship, David Overton "Obie"  27 Jan 1868Walling, White County, Tennessee I48353
2 Chisam, William Anderson  5 Oct 1890Walling, White County, Tennessee I43057
3 Crain, Charles Bosson  11 Apr 1853Walling, White County, Tennessee I23552
4 Franks, Peter Buram  6 Dec 1832Walling, White County, Tennessee I16895
5 Franks, William M.  29 Mar 1827Walling, White County, Tennessee I31010
6 Hembree, Fred Buis  19 Oct 1919Walling, White County, Tennessee I8880
7 Hembree, John Lorenzo  8 Jun 1895Walling, White County, Tennessee I8956
8 Hembree, Maude Ellen  0___ 1928Walling, White County, Tennessee I9058
9 Hembree, Yancy Claude  Walling, White County, Tennessee I9039
10 Jenkins, Frank L.  24 Mar 1877Walling, White County, Tennessee I2084
11 McPeak, Beecher Herod "Herod"  24 Mar 1929Walling, White County, Tennessee I35250
12 Moore, Amanda Elizabeth  1836Walling, White County, Tennessee I16878
13 Moore, Elihu Burritt "Burr"  8 Jan 1874Walling, White County, Tennessee I22182
14 Swindle, Henry Charles  6 Jul 1887Walling, White County, Tennessee I15685
15 Wall, Cordia Burr "Cordy"  2 Feb 1882Walling, White County, Tennessee I16661
16 Wright, William Hershell  10 Oct 1908Walling, White County, Tennessee I29596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bowdoin, William Asberry "Bill"  27 Dec 1915Walling, White County, Tennessee I44514
2 Chisam, Overton DeWeese  5 Jan 1883Walling, White County, Tennessee I34183
3 Chisam, Rosetta "Zettie"  4 Oct 1934Walling, White County, Tennessee I48361
4 Cotton, Joseph Edward  24 Nov 1939Walling, White County, Tennessee I16404
5 Fisher, Roshia Florence  9 Jul 1939Walling, White County, Tennessee I41697
6 Franks, William M.  0___ 1863Walling, White County, Tennessee I31010
7 Goodson, John Monroe "Row"  6 Jul 1930Walling, White County, Tennessee I3747
8 Green, James Carroll  7 Sep 1988Walling, White County, Tennessee I52509
9 Grissom, Cecil Elijah  22 Nov 1975Walling, White County, Tennessee I3314
10 Hash, Celia Jane  25 Jul 1895Walling, White County, Tennessee I34184
11 Henderson, Effie Mae  7 Apr 1950Walling, White County, Tennessee I33886
12 Johnson, James O.  15 Feb 1919Walling, White County, Tennessee I12745
13 McPeak, Mary Jane "Polly"  1890Walling, White County, Tennessee I15506
14 Moon, Luther J.  19 May 1925Walling, White County, Tennessee I31324
15 Moore, Madison Lee "Matt"  18 Feb 1865Walling, White County, Tennessee I5950
16 Moore, Mary "Polly"  0Nov 1866Walling, White County, Tennessee I25463
17 Moore, Permelia Artie  1 Feb 1920Walling, White County, Tennessee I16871
18 Norris, Minnie  24 Jun 1936Walling, White County, Tennessee I8881
19 Parrish, Luchie Lee  3 Apr 1936Walling, White County, Tennessee I14316
20 Pettus, Thairsa Jane  11 Feb 1866Walling, White County, Tennessee I15511
21 Pollard, Edward Varner "E. V." Sr.  10 Sep 1878Walling, White County, Tennessee I12935
22 Safley, Laura  2 Jan 1933Walling, White County, Tennessee I37829
23 Sopha, Homer Walker  20 Jul 1962Walling, White County, Tennessee I38124
24 Templeton, John William  24 Sep 1944Walling, White County, Tennessee I20346
25 Webb, Eliza  23 Jan 1898Walling, White County, Tennessee I24
26 Wright, William Hershell  25 Apr 2003Walling, White County, Tennessee I29596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Moss, Tabitha G.  Walling, White County, Tennessee I17542
2 Wright, Susannah "Susie"  Walling, White County, Tennessee I20899


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Hash, Celia Jane  Walling, White County, Tennessee I34184


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Barbara Gail   I41721
2 Cantrell, Leroy "Roy"  Walling, White County, Tennessee I12832
3 Swindell, Charles  0___ 1900Walling, White County, Tennessee I2058
4 Wright, Jeffrey Lee   I54119

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Cantrell / Hillis  Walling, White County, Tennessee F20196
2 Chisam / Cotton  1900Walling, White County, Tennessee F13432
3 Denton / Anderson  0___ 1900Walling, White County, Tennessee F11406
4 Dunlap / LNU  Walling, White County, Tennessee F16169
5 Eller / Matheny  0___ 2006Walling, White County, Tennessee F14215
6 Grissom / LNU  Walling, White County, Tennessee F15708
7 Wright / LNU  2010Walling, White County, Tennessee F20301