Spartanburg County, South Carolina



Latitude: 34.8605510, Longitude: -81.9534815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Isaac  0___ 1795Spartanburg County, South Carolina I21396
2 Adcock, Isaac  0___ 1809Spartanburg County, South Carolina I35962
3 Adcock, Lot Sr.  Abt 1792Spartanburg County, South Carolina I25114
4 Adcock, Nancy  0___ 1785Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4542
5 Adkins, Mary  1774Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4131
6 Bailey, Mary Belle "Belle"  25 Feb 1888Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39777
7 Barnett, Narcissa  12 Feb 1797Spartanburg County, South Carolina I23957
8 Bess, John  Abt 1783Spartanburg County, South Carolina I24998
9 Bethel, Cantrell  17 Dec 1779Spartanburg County, South Carolina I6677
10 Bethel, Cloud  19 May 1793Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10644
11 Bethel, Tilman  5 Dec 1788Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5013
12 Bethell, Bluford  8 Feb 1798Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10645
13 Bethell, Chester  7 Jan 1791Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10643
14 Bethell, Greene  24 Jul 1784Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10640
15 Bethell, Larkin  4 Mar 1775Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10639
16 Bethell, Talitha  22 Apr 1795Spartanburg County, South Carolina I11837
17 Byars, Amelia  0Aug 1887Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28743
18 Byars, Andrew Jr.  9 Jan 1897Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28745
19 Byars, Andrew Jackson "Jackson"  1815Spartanburg County, South Carolina I2668
20 Byars, Benjamin Joab "Joab"  11 Aug 1807Spartanburg County, South Carolina I32478
21 Byars, Delila  ~ 1808Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7701
22 Byars, Drucilla  7 Jul 1803Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7719
23 Byars, Drucilla  15 Sep 1811Spartanburg County, South Carolina I2096
24 Byars, Hattie  0Jan 1889Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28744
25 Byars, Jack Walter  30 May 1880Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39151
26 Byars, Jane "Janie"  7 Nov 1894Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28746
27 Byars, John  0___ 1800Spartanburg County, South Carolina I19465
28 Byars, John Logan  14 May 1808Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7721
29 Byars, John Newberry "Newberry"  23 Jan 1897Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28747
30 Byars, Joseph Gill  28 Feb 1805Spartanburg County, South Carolina I2094
31 Byars, Martha "Patsie"  0___ 1803Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7720
32 Byars, Mary Campbell "Polly"  3 Jun 1813Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7722
33 Byars, Seth  0___ 1795Spartanburg County, South Carolina I34878
34 Cantrell, Abner  1 Mar 1793Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4052
35 Cantrell, Abraham  179?Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4337
36 Cantrell, Alfred  1825Spartanburg County, South Carolina I37624
37 Cantrell, Benjamin  0___ 1805Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4090
38 Cantrell, Dickson  27 Dec 1804Spartanburg County, South Carolina I15768
39 Cantrell, Eliza  0May 1828Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39011
40 Cantrell, Elizabeth  5 Feb 1796Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4091
41 Cantrell, Hasel Haswell "Hass"  0Oct 1833Spartanburg County, South Carolina I8909
42 Cantrell, James  0___ 1790Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4088
43 Cantrell, James  24 Jan 1802Spartanburg County, South Carolina I8016
44 Cantrell, Jefferson Lemuel  25 Jun 1809Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4063
45 Cantrell, John  0___ 1804Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3808
46 Cantrell, John A. "Pompey John"  12 Feb 1808Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4061
47 Cantrell, Larkin  18 Feb 1797Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7811
48 Cantrell, Leonard  4 Oct 1811Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4291
49 Cantrell, Madison Atkins  1814Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4339
50 Cantrell, Mary "Polly"  20 Jul 1799Spartanburg County, South Carolina I766
51 Cantrell, Peter  0___ 1802Spartanburg County, South Carolina I8284
52 Cantrell, Peter Green  7 Jul 1806Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3919
53 Cantrell, Rayburn "Reuben"  28 May 1800Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4089
54 Cantrell, Sampson  18 Feb 1795Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7810
55 Cantrell, Watson  0___ 1791Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3950
56 Cantrell, William H.  14 Nov 1804Spartanburg County, South Carolina I8018
57 Cantrell, William Riley "Bill Flat"  28 Jul 1809Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4277
58 Chisam, James  1792Spartanburg County, South Carolina I51277
59 Chisholm, Frances  1787Spartanburg County, South Carolina I46439
60 Chisum, Nancy  1790-1791Spartanburg County, South Carolina I15702
61 Clontz, Aaron  0___ 1908Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10036
62 Crow, Melissa  6 Oct 1861Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28742
63 Daniel, Catherine "Katie"  26 Jan 1812Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7741
64 Davis, John Lewis  1788Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7848
65 Hembree, Abraham  16 May 1757Spartanburg County, South Carolina I10852
66 Hewitt, James  0___ 1790Spartanburg County, South Carolina I40395
67 Hewitt, Selah Letitia "Lettie"  0May 1820Spartanburg County, South Carolina I40394
68 Hicks, Berryman Theodore  1 Jul 1778Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4296
69 Hicks, Durham  0___ 1801Spartanburg County, South Carolina I19224
70 Hicks, Joseph Martin  18 Feb 1822Spartanburg County, South Carolina I19274
71 Howard, Hazel Elizabeth  14 Feb 1920Spartanburg County, South Carolina I37329
72 Logan, Delphia "Delphy"  1778-1785Spartanburg County, South Carolina I1095
73 Loring, John C.  7 May 1833Spartanburg County, South Carolina I17492
74 Martin, Amazonia  1851Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7796
75 Martin, Ann  1835Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7787
76 Martin, Avanice\Armant  1854Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7798
77 Martin, Delphia  0___ 1844Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7791
78 Martin, Drucilla  0___ 1837Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7789
79 Martin, Edley  25 Dec 1859Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7799
80 Martin, Elmer  3 Sep 1885Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39776
81 Martin, Jackson  1836Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7788
82 Martin, John  1832Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7786
83 Martin, Martin  1847Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7792
84 Martin, Mary D.  0Jan 1852Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7797
85 Martin, Mary Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  0___ 1793Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4134
86 Martin, Misseniah  19 Nov 1840Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7790
87 Martin, Nancy  0___ 1828Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7783
88 Martin, Narcissa  1830Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7785
89 Martin, Othello  0___ 1828Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7784
90 Martin, Robert Benson Jr.  1849Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7793
91 Martin, Romeo  1848Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7795
92 O'Sheal, Elizabeth Apsley  1793Spartanburg County, South Carolina I40396
93 Parris, John S.  10 Mar 1807Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39010
94 Parris, Nancy "Nannie"  25 Nov 1858Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39009
95 Potter, Tilman  0___ 1792Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3940
96 Price, Tabitha Branson "Taby"  0___ 1816Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4758
97 Reynolds, Shirley Rebecca   I17439
98 Robbs, William  Spartanburg County, South Carolina I29099
99 Sheppard, Lillie Mae  13 Mar 1905Spartanburg County, South Carolina I30242
100 Tubb, James P. Jr.  18 Mar 1788Spartanburg County, South Carolina I21455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Mary Belle "Belle"  12 Feb 1965Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39777
2 Ballenger, James  Bef 28 Aug 1813Spartanburg County, South Carolina I42702
3 Betenbaugh, Mary Morris  11 Oct 1987Spartanburg County, South Carolina I37326
4 Blackwell, Joel Jr.  0___ 1807Spartanburg County, South Carolina I29643
5 Byars, Andrew Jr.  9 Mar 1961Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28745
6 Byars, John Newberry "Newberry"  15 Feb 1970Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28747
7 Byars, Martha  13 Mar 1915Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39147
8 Byars, Nathan  15 Aug 1846Spartanburg County, South Carolina I1090
9 Byars, Nathan  26 Jan 1946Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28748
10 Byars, Nathan N.  1 Dec 1909Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5618
11 Byars, Robert Scott "Scott"  1 Mar 1920Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5619
12 Byars, William  8 Nov 1819Spartanburg County, South Carolina I25592
13 Cantrell, Eliza  0___ 1902Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39011
14 Cantrell, Elizabeth  0___ 1832Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3948
15 Cantrell, Enoch  0___ 1844Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5343
16 Cantrell, James  0___ 1838Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5335
17 Cantrell, John "Miller John"  17 Oct 1825Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3987
18 Cantrell, John Hightower "High"  0___ 1877Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39020
19 Cantrell, Mark  Abt 1836Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5340
20 Cantrell, Nancy  Bef 1805Spartanburg County, South Carolina I48506
21 Cantrell, Peter  0___ 1848Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3992
22 Cantrell, Reuben  0___ 1808Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3994
23 Dempsey, Nancy  0___ 1852Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39059
24 Dodds, Rosanna  1 Oct 1796Spartanburg County, South Carolina I34875
25 Dodson, Dorcas  Aft 1814Spartanburg County, South Carolina I42701
26 Durham, Achilles  0___ 1814Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4252
27 Durham, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1846Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4295
28 Hicks, Dicy  24 Aug 1845Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7703
29 Hightower, Sarah  Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39013
30 Linder, Mary  11 Oct 1844Spartanburg County, South Carolina I25851
31 Martin, Edley  4 Oct 1927Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7799
32 Martin, Elmer  6 Mar 1952Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39776
33 Martin, Martin  24 Feb 1837Spartanburg County, South Carolina I7702
34 McMehen, Rebecca  0___ 1836Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5313
35 O'Sheal, Jethro  0___ 1846Spartanburg County, South Carolina I40397
36 O'Sheal, John  1845Spartanburg County, South Carolina I51584
37 O'Sheal, Teresa  1844Spartanburg County, South Carolina I51585
38 Parris, John  0___ 1852Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39024
39 Parris, John S.  3 Apr 1893Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39010
40 Potter, Ephraim  0___ 1806Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5002
41 Price, Tabitha Branson "Taby"  0___ 1870Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4758
42 Saunders, Margaret  Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39030
43 Turner, Jemima  0___ 1855Spartanburg County, South Carolina I39025
44 Turner, John  0Jun 1813Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5312
45 Walker, Sarah  0___ 1810Spartanburg County, South Carolina I40400
46 Watson, Malissa Lucy "Etta"  ~ 1799Spartanburg County, South Carolina I4128

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Chisam, John "Hickory John"  30 Nov 1779Spartanburg County, South Carolina I34185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Henry  0___ 1783Spartanburg County, South Carolina I24547
2 Cantrell, Elizabeth  0___ 1788Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5388
3 LNU, Martha  0___ 1787Spartanburg County, South Carolina I24548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Turner, John  2 Sep 1818Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Byars, Andrew Jackson "Jackson"  1860Spartanburg County, South Carolina I2668
2 Byars, Nathan Jr.  Spartanburg County, South Carolina I28798
3 Byars, Nathan N.  8 Aug 1860Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5618
4 Byas, Robert  1854Spartanburg County, South Carolina I5986
5 Hembree, Esther  0___ 1810Spartanburg County, South Carolina I48867
6 Hembree, Esther  0___ 1820Spartanburg County, South Carolina I48867
7 Hembree, Esther  0___ 1830Spartanburg County, South Carolina I48867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Cantrell, John "Miller John"  30 Mar 1823Spartanburg County, South Carolina I3987


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adcock / Green  Abt 1810Spartanburg County, South Carolina F8885
2 Byars / Arnold  10 Aug 1829Spartanburg County, South Carolina F11867
3 Byars / Logan  8 Oct 1819Spartanburg County, South Carolina F417
4 Cantrell / Adkins  1793Spartanburg County, South Carolina F1612
5 Cantrell / Bennett  0___ 1802Spartanburg County, South Carolina F14546
6 Cantrell / Bethel  18 Feb 1794Spartanburg County, South Carolina F1571
7 Cantrell / Dempsey  Abt 1812Spartanburg County, South Carolina F14552
8 Cantrell / Morris  0___ 1805Spartanburg County, South Carolina F14547
9 Cantrell / Parris  0___ 1822Spartanburg County, South Carolina F14531
10 Cantrell / Shed  Spartanburg County, South Carolina F2978
11 Cantrell / Watson  0___ 1768Spartanburg County, South Carolina F1570
12 Cash / Martin  Spartanburg County, South Carolina F8770
13 Chisam / Harris  1804Spartanburg County, South Carolina F12552
14 Ellis / Smith  0___ 1787Spartanburg County, South Carolina F8979
15 Hale / Dill  Abt 1790Spartanburg County, South Carolina F14627
16 Hembree / Floyd  1825Spartanburg County, South Carolina F3847
17 Hembree / LNU  0___ 1774Spartanburg County, South Carolina F18048
18 Hembree / Rice  ~ 1810Spartanburg County, South Carolina F18047
19 Hennessee / Clontz  1945Spartanburg County, South Carolina F484
20 Magness / Barnett  22 Jul 1813Spartanburg County, South Carolina F3321
21 Martin / Bailey  Spartanburg County, South Carolina F8777
22 Robbs / Watson  Spartanburg County, South Carolina F10542
23 Underwood / Utley  (~1796)Spartanburg County, South Carolina F7542
24 Watkins / Byars  Spartanburg County, South Carolina F2908
25 Watson / LNU  0___ 1744Spartanburg County, South Carolina F10419
26 Wiley / Byars  2 Mar 1817Spartanburg County, South Carolina F2914

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Bethell / Cantrell  1787-1788Spartanburg County, South Carolina F1837
2 Byars / Price  1860Spartanburg County, South Carolina F1811
3 Hembree / Jackson  Spartanburg County, South Carolina F3846