Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee



Latitude: 36.0067276, Longitude: -85.9677659


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bess, Robert Ferman  26 Jun 1917Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I836
2 Cathcart, Sallie  28 Dec 1859Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I25258
3 Conley, Mary Elizabeth  13 Apr 1894Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I48604
4 Evans, Eli Joseph  11 Dec 1850Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I22277
5 Givan, Alonzo  0___ 1871Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I41013
6 Givan, Dillard  0___ 1879Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I41014
7 Givan, Elza Livingston  7 Feb 1877Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20169
8 Givan, John G.  0___ 1867Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I41011
9 Givan, Mary A.  0___ 1874Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I41012
10 Givan, Sarah "Sallie"  9 May 1880Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I26528
11 Givan, Thomas  9 Sep 1843Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20167
12 Griffith, David  29 Nov 1807Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I4613
13 Odom, John Thadeus  4 Sep 1860Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I14388
14 Odom, Robert Shelton  3 Aug 1890Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I25259
15 Sadler, Dan Erbie  26 Dec 1902Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I43672
16 Sadler, Dan Erbie Jr.  28 Mar 1931Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I35603
17 White, Lillie Mae  31 Aug 1901Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I16610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bass, John L.  19 Sep 1845Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I23848
2 Bass, Sarah Jane  0___ 1902Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I5023
3 Bess, Henry J(ohn)  0Mar 1920Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I31581
4 Bethel, Tilman  9 Mar 1865Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I5013
5 Braswell, Lucretia  0___ 1826Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I31758
6 Clark, Frances Lula "Fannie"  1 Nov 1951Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I11469
7 Dale, Sophia Evans  22 Oct 1860Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I41024
8 Davidson, Nancy  0___ 1852Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I8827
9 Dougherty, John  ~1829Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I8826
10 Dougherty, Sarah Root "Sally"  26 Nov 1869Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I5014
11 Givan, Elza Livingston  19 Mar 1973Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20169
12 Givan, James Robert  12 Aug 1981Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20170
13 Givan, Thomas  14 Sep 1926Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20167
14 Givan, William  3 Nov 1822Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I41023
15 Goodson, Memphis  11 Jan 1865Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I51419
16 Greene, Daisy Cindrella  28 Dec 1952Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20165
17 Griffith, Jonathan Jr.  3 Oct 1848Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I26678
18 Griffith, Peyton  1 May 1870Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I5058
19 Hudson, Martha "Maggie"  0Aug 1980Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I39987
20 LNU, Eliza  Bef 1880Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I5056
21 Luttrell, David Crockett "Crockett"  Bef 1880Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I13785
22 Sadler, Dan Erbie  26 Mar 1948Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I43672
23 Whaley, Sarah Francis  Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I20168
24 Williams, Elizabeth "Betsey"  12 Mar 1854Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I26679
25 Williams, William  12 Dec 1821Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I31757

Alt Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Death    Person ID 
1 Bethell, Sampson  10 Feb 1806Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee I4821


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bess / Hale  26 Mar 1905Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee F5321
2 Bethel / Bass  (C. 1847)Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee F1919

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Givan / Whaley  0___ 1880Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee F7042
2 Neal / Claiborn  0___ 1880Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee F13948