Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.8761769, Longitude: -85.7472051


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Byars, Robert Lucile "Lucile"  6 Dec 1918Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I2
2 Cantrell, Cornelia  10 Sep 1904Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I12189
3 Cantrell, Hannah  0___ 1880Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I7571
4 Cantrell, Hattie Ola  9 Sep 1909Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I12285
5 Cantrell, Kate Lorene  24 Sep 1903Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I12278
6 Cantrell, Lena  Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I19201
7 Cantrell, Linda  Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I19199
8 Cantrell, Luda Belle "Belle"  26 Aug 1877Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I2093
9 Cantrell, Roger  Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I19198
10 Cantrell, Rose Ann  Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I19200
11 Cope, William Neil "Billy"  27 Sep 1887Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I16324
12 Hudson, James T.  0Feb 1900Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I28064
13 Hudson, William Floyd "Floyd"  0Oct 1895Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I28063
14 Jones, Doris Ann   I718
15 Judkins, Jim Albert  1 May 1917Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I52161


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Braswell, Lillie Mae  Aft CLYDEKeltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I19268
2 Cantrell, Abraham  1826Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I3951
3 Cantrell, Clyde Hampton  30 Jun 1977Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I12687
4 Cantrell, Lee Harmon  10 Dec 1975Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I12681
5 Cantrell, Luda Belle "Belle"  7 Mar 1916Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I2093
6 Cantrell, Peter Green  15 Jan 1868Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I3919
7 Cantrell, William Riley "Bill Flat"  5 Feb 1884Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I4277
8 Franks, John Verble  10 Sep 1960Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I21424
9 Redmon, John Hampton  27 Aug 1952Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I9933

Alt Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Death    Person ID 
1 Durham, Jerusha Candace  26 May 1880Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee I35888