(Spartanburg County) South Carolina



Latitude: 34.8605510, Longitude: -81.9534815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, William  0___ 1778(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I4549
2 Bess, Basil  0___ 1804(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I25000
3 Bess, Eli  0___ 1815(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I25001
4 Bess, John  14 Mar 1815(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I17666
5 Byars, Andrew "Jackson" Sr.  3 Feb 1855(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5624
6 Byars, Delilah  19 Jan 1837(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I7800
7 Byars, Delphia  25 Feb 1848(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5622
8 Byars, John  1846(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5621
9 Byars, Joseph Harrel  0___ 1826(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I46368
10 Byars, Mary E.  9 Oct 1843(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5620
11 Byars, Nancy  1850(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5623
12 Byars, Nancy Ann  9 Aug 1835(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I34891
13 Byars, Nathan N.  16 Sep 1836(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5618
14 Byars, Queen Anna  0___ 1870(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I39153
15 Byars, Relphord  7 May 1921(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I34730
16 Byars, Robert Scott "Scott"  0___ 1840(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5619
17 Byars, Sarah Jane  0___ 1868(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I45798
18 Byars, Silvanis  1857(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5626
19 Byars, Thomas I.   I39759
20 Cantrell, Elinda "Nellie"  0___ 1797(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I4334
21 Cantrell, Nancy  1791(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I4092
22 Cantrell, Sarah Durham  2 Jul 1837(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I7178
23 Cantrell, Sarah Nancy  30 Oct 1793(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I4093
24 Cantrell, Serena  1804(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I4336
25 Chisholm, Sarah  1789(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I46438
26 Corey, Sarah  ~ 1750(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I5003
27 Jones, Betty L.  26 Jan 1902(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I34727
28 LNU, Matilda  0___ 1832(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I46371
29 Martin, Robert  0Feb 1794(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I14966
30 Martin, Talitha  1807(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I15004
31 Price, Russell  0___ 1790(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I44072
32 Rice, Nancy Jane  25 Mar 1790(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I48846
33 Turner, Jemima  0___ 1780(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I39025
34 Turner, William  0___ 1759(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I39028
35 White, Susan  0___ 1804(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I46370


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Turner, William  9 May 1813(Spartanburg County) South Carolina I39028


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byars / Price  ~1838(Spartanburg County) South Carolina F1811
2 Martin / Byars  ~ 1803(Spartanburg County) South Carolina F2905
3 Martin / Washburn  (~ 1847)(Spartanburg County) South Carolina F2924
4 Price / Turner  0___ 1810(Spartanburg County) South Carolina F16048