Warren County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.7115652, Longitude: -85.8076600


Matches 4801 to 4888 of 4888

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
4801 Womack, Robert O(tto)  0___ 1892Warren County, Tennessee I14738
4802 Womack, Ruth  1861Warren County, Tennessee I18086
4803 Womack, Samantha B(yars)  25 Aug 1839Warren County, Tennessee I7671
4804 Womack, Samuel Evins "Sam"   I20126
4805 Womack, Samuel Gardner  13 Jan 1857Warren County, Tennessee I12076
4806 Womack, Samuel Marion  21 Apr 1826Warren County, Tennessee I12799
4807 Womack, Sarah  25 Dec 1838Warren County, Tennessee I7660
4808 Womack, Sarah Ann  0___ 1840Warren County, Tennessee I16388
4809 Womack, Sarah T. "Sallie"  20 Jan 1819Warren County, Tennessee I4968
4810 Womack, Stella Lee  24 Sep 1881Warren County, Tennessee I24140
4811 Womack, Stephen Randall  1 Aug 1949Warren County, Tennessee I49120
4812 Womack, Susanna Paulina "Paulina"  11 Mar 1848Warren County, Tennessee I4924
4813 Womack, Sylvia Carol  Warren County, Tennessee I21190
4814 Womack, Thomas Calhoun  30 Jun 1888Warren County, Tennessee I14905
4815 Womack, Thomas Jefferson  20 May 1864Warren County, Tennessee I18085
4816 Womack, Vallie Lee  August 1883Warren County, Tennessee I12795
4817 Womack, Virginia Ruth   I38955
4818 Womack, W(illiam) Monroe  13 Oct 1880Warren County, Tennessee I6427
4819 Womack, Walter  1899Warren County, Tennessee I24431
4820 Womack, Waymon B.  1870Warren County, Tennessee I12771
4821 Womack, Will H.   I38954
4822 Womack, William  1899Warren County, Tennessee I24432
4823 Womack, William Chester Sr.  11 Aug 1901Warren County, Tennessee I17897
4824 Womack, William Chester Jr.  11 Apr 1932Warren County, Tennessee I17898
4825 Womack, William Denton  11 Oct 1862Warren County, Tennessee I5776
4826 Womack, William E. "Billy"   I21181
4827 Womack, William Levander Pope "Levander"  19 Oct 1855Warren County, Tennessee I1244
4828 Womack, William M(ullican)  0___ 1842Warren County, Tennessee I18098
4829 Womack, William P(inckney)  1879Warren County, Tennessee I21393
4830 Womack, William Parker "Parker"  22 Aug 1879Warren County, Tennessee I10601
4831 Womack, William Pink  19 Jul 1874Warren County, Tennessee I45123
4832 Womack, William Riley "Riley"  1846Warren County, Tennessee I17685
4833 Womack, William Samuel Jr.  Warren County, Tennessee I20124
4834 Womack, William Samuel  5 Jul 1876Warren County, Tennessee I20122
4835 Womack, Willie Mae  10 Aug 1898Warren County, Tennessee I24157
4836 Woodlee, Edna Marie "Marie"   I30490
4837 Woodlee, Jacob E.   I14313
4838 Woodlee, Robert M. "Dock"  9 Jun 1920Warren County, Tennessee I30489
4839 Woods, Arthur Ocies  16 Mar 1891Warren County, Tennessee I12045
4840 Woods, Catherine Louise  Warren County, Tennessee I22023
4841 Woods, James Philander  0___ 1858Warren County, Tennessee I1427
4842 Woods, John M.  17 Feb 1864Warren County, Tennessee I15058
4843 Woods, Maggie Lee  14 Jul 1915Warren County, Tennessee I2334
4844 Woods, R. Allen  Warren County, Tennessee I22024
4845 Woods, Richard  Warren County, Tennessee I22025
4846 Woods, William A.  1866Warren County, Tennessee I15059
4847 Wright, Almedia "Meadie"  29 Apr 1857Warren County, Tennessee I2939
4848 Wright, David Mortimer "Mort"  1827Warren County, Tennessee I2991
4849 Wright, Debra Joyce   I757
4850 Wright, Nancy  16 Feb 1860Warren County, Tennessee I22
4851 Yager, Adelaide "Addie"  15 Aug 1850Warren County, Tennessee I29070
4852 York, Benjamin Hill "Ben"  10 Jul 1863Warren County, Tennessee I21022
4853 York, George Washington  1811Warren County, Tennessee I36958
4854 Young, Asa Overton  16 Apr 1900Warren County, Tennessee I17798
4855 Young, Doak  0___ 1902Warren County, Tennessee I441
4856 Young, Druscilla  1907Warren County, Tennessee I443
4857 Young, Jewell Brown "JB"  26 Oct 1917Warren County, Tennessee I721
4858 Young, Julia  6 Feb 1904Warren County, Tennessee I442
4859 Young, Marlin E.   I558
4860 Young, Reese   I450
4861 Zwingle, Alice "Hixie"  22 Jan 1882Warren County, Tennessee I6519
4862 Zwingle, Carrie H.  13 Jul 1875Warren County, Tennessee I10233
4863 Zwingle, Christopher Harold  26 Aug 1892Warren County, Tennessee I6522
4864 Zwingle, Christopher Mullens  6 Oct 1883Warren County, Tennessee I23525
4865 Zwingle, Cibbie Little  8 Jan 1873Warren County, Tennessee I10232
4866 Zwingle, Clayborne C.  30 Sep 1896Warren County, Tennessee I6523
4867 Zwingle, Comer  27 May 1888Warren County, Tennessee I6521
4868 Zwingle, Diane  Warren County, Tennessee I23534
4869 Zwingle, Earl H.  29 Dec 1909Warren County, Tennessee I23528
4870 Zwingle, Eloise  15 Oct 1879Warren County, Tennessee I10234
4871 Zwingle, Emma Josephine  16 Apr 1886Warren County, Tennessee I6520
4872 Zwingle, George F.  1907Warren County, Tennessee I10240
4873 Zwingle, Georgia Mai   I6542
4874 Zwingle, James Evans "Jimmy"  30 Jun 1880Warren County, Tennessee I6518
4875 Zwingle, James L'Woods "JL"  13 Jul 1906Warren County, Tennessee I23527
4876 Zwingle, John  1903Warren County, Tennessee I10238
4877 Zwingle, Josephine "Josie"  1902Warren County, Tennessee I10237
4878 Zwingle, Linda  Warren County, Tennessee I23535
4879 Zwingle, Lucian E(vans)  14 Jun 1902Warren County, Tennessee I6539
4880 Zwingle, Luther Carson  14 Jun 1914Warren County, Tennessee I6541
4881 Zwingle, Maggie  4 Jul 1890Warren County, Tennessee I6525
4882 Zwingle, Mary Frances  1895Warren County, Tennessee I16120
4883 Zwingle, Robert  Warren County, Tennessee I23532
4884 Zwingle, Robert Alford "Bobbie"  18 Nov 1878Warren County, Tennessee I10235
4885 Zwingle, Rosin  1909Warren County, Tennessee I10241
4886 Zwingle, Sharon  Warren County, Tennessee I23533
4887 Zwingle, William Leonard  22 Feb 1907Warren County, Tennessee I6540
4888 Zwingle, Willie Etta "Etter"  Warren County, Tennessee I25172

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