Sparta, White County, Tennessee



Latitude: 35.9258985, Longitude: -85.4641421


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcorn, Debbie Jean   I38252
2 Alcorn, Sherre Frances   I38253
3 Angel, Jesse D  15 Oct 1887Sparta, White County, Tennessee I36555
4 Bratcher, Jacob Milligan "Jake"  5 Jun 1872Sparta, White County, Tennessee I7419
5 Denton, Osias Frank "Frank"  12 Apr 1879Sparta, White County, Tennessee I19922
6 Denton, Zora Kanzada  28 May 1895Sparta, White County, Tennessee I45954
7 Dodson, Ephraim Bailey  5 Feb 1894Sparta, White County, Tennessee I33904
8 Ewton, Albin Buchanan  15 Jan 1810Sparta, White County, Tennessee I42138
9 Fisher, Mary Ethel  28 Jun 1881Sparta, White County, Tennessee I35417
10 Fleming, Catherine  22 Sep 1851Sparta, White County, Tennessee I26451
11 Frazier, Mumford F.  23 May 1872Sparta, White County, Tennessee I25265
12 Glover, Waymon Randolph  29 Oct 1870Sparta, White County, Tennessee I41459
13 Goodson, Timothy Lee  21 Sep 1957Sparta, White County, Tennessee I26586
14 Gracy, Lizzie Jane  9 Mar 1882Sparta, White County, Tennessee I41461
15 Griffith, Daniel  27 Dec 1842Sparta, White County, Tennessee I36694
16 Helton, Christopher Columbus  0Feb 1846Sparta, White County, Tennessee I28229
17 Helton, Michael  9 May 1875Sparta, White County, Tennessee I15241
18 Hennessee, Joseph "Joe"  1 Jan 1861Sparta, White County, Tennessee I3298
19 Howard, Charles Forest  21 Mar 1867Sparta, White County, Tennessee I23856
20 Hudson, Claude Rayfield  21 Jun 1896Sparta, White County, Tennessee I25614
21 Lowery, Don Kenneth   I27565
22 Mason, John Thomas Jr.  3 Jun 1908Sparta, White County, Tennessee I24736
23 Meek, Marian Moon  17 Nov 1840Sparta, White County, Tennessee I16889
24 Moore, Joseph Douglas "Joe"  0Apr 1879Sparta, White County, Tennessee I35100
25 Moore, William Madison  25 Mar 1835Sparta, White County, Tennessee I16872
26 Pinegar, Amber Dion   I45883
27 Pinegar, Clarence Donald Jr.  19 Mar 1955Sparta, White County, Tennessee I45874
28 Saylors, Lella Gertrude "Gertrude"  4 Mar 1898Sparta, White County, Tennessee I47911
29 Sparkman, Mildred Inez  27 May 1927Sparta, White County, Tennessee I27761
30 Sparks, Nancy Tina  1 Apr 1884Sparta, White County, Tennessee I45786
31 Swindell, Joseph Eans "Joe"  22 Jul 1885Sparta, White County, Tennessee I5409
32 Wallace, William "Bill"  Sparta, White County, Tennessee I2868
33 Wilhite, Mary Ann  5 Oct 1825Sparta, White County, Tennessee I49779
34 Wilhite, William Henry Harrison  28 Feb 1840Sparta, White County, Tennessee I15262


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chisum, Elijah James Sr.  0___ 1818Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6460
2 Claiborne, Mary Lucinda Herbert "Lucy"  0Oct 1818Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6461
3 Clouse, Cora B.  21 Jun 1929Sparta, White County, Tennessee I36757
4 Denton, Zora Kanzada  14 Oct 1987Sparta, White County, Tennessee I45954
5 Dodson, Joseph Harmon  1 Feb 1955Sparta, White County, Tennessee I21213
6 Edmonds, Charles Erbie  30 Oct 2013Sparta, White County, Tennessee I27847
7 Edmonds, William McFarland "Mack"  16 Aug 1947Sparta, White County, Tennessee I29804
8 England, Joseph  10 Oct 1940Sparta, White County, Tennessee I51996
9 Frasier, Thomas  20 Oct 1861Sparta, White County, Tennessee I28283
10 George, Powell Lee  14 Feb 1983Sparta, White County, Tennessee I49622
11 Gleeson, Edward Leonard  5 Mar 1886Sparta, White County, Tennessee I44668
12 Gooch, William Wallace  2 Jan 1924Sparta, White County, Tennessee I21219
13 Goodson, Amanda Ann  20 Jan 2011Sparta, White County, Tennessee I19407
14 Goodson, Champion Carroll  22 Oct 1977Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6340
15 Gracey, William David  26 Apr 1936Sparta, White County, Tennessee I31700
16 Grissom, Helen Louise  4 Mar 2014Sparta, White County, Tennessee I51869
17 Harris, Sarah  30 Aug 1848Sparta, White County, Tennessee I17471
18 Hennessee, Clara Novella  27 Jan 1973Sparta, White County, Tennessee I1434
19 Hennessee, Clifford Earl  26 Feb 2016Sparta, White County, Tennessee I1030
20 Hennessee, James Robert  16 Dec 1965Sparta, White County, Tennessee I1499
21 Hennessee, Lydia Maude  4 Mar 1919Sparta, White County, Tennessee I3149
22 Hennessee, Zola Brown  19 Apr 1980Sparta, White County, Tennessee I3147
23 Humphrey, Vernon Jewel  2 Mar 2010Sparta, White County, Tennessee I24770
24 Hutchings, Benjamin Dillard "Red"  0___ 1883Sparta, White County, Tennessee I26951
25 Jaco, Angie C.  5 Aug 1950Sparta, White County, Tennessee I15588
26 Johnson, Edna  30 Apr 1985Sparta, White County, Tennessee I9178
27 Johnson, Samuel Joseph  12 Jan 1900Sparta, White County, Tennessee I51820
28 Little, Robert Luther  2 Jul 1959Sparta, White County, Tennessee I51797
29 Luna, Joseph Dennis  10 May 1948Sparta, White County, Tennessee I34491
30 Luna, Ruby Pearl  22 Aug 2015Sparta, White County, Tennessee I3162
31 Mitchell, Judith  0___ 1839Sparta, White County, Tennessee I44674
32 Mooneyham, Laura  Sparta, White County, Tennessee I17413
33 Moore, Edward Gleason  19 Aug 1873Sparta, White County, Tennessee I16693
34 Moore, Henry H.  26 Jan 1970Sparta, White County, Tennessee I29796
35 Moore, Indimion Benjamin "Dimo"  3 Feb 1956Sparta, White County, Tennessee I20638
36 Page, Jay Emmit  8 Dec 2013Sparta, White County, Tennessee I40262
37 Parish, Vera Elizabeth  2 Jun 1947Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6994
38 Prater, Moses Josiah  22 Jan 1892Sparta, White County, Tennessee I28107
39 Ray, Millard Edmund Lee  19 Jul 1936Sparta, White County, Tennessee I9004
40 Roberts, George Thomas "Tom"  7 Jul 1940Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6618
41 Roberts, Jesse E. Jr.  28 Jun 1941Sparta, White County, Tennessee I40556
42 Sanders, Nancy Emmaline  22 Apr 1984Sparta, White County, Tennessee I8971
43 Sperry, Elizabeth  28 Aug 1892Sparta, White County, Tennessee I49795
44 Summers, William Howard  13 Mar 2001Sparta, White County, Tennessee I31461
45 Suttle, John M.  3 Sep 1851Sparta, White County, Tennessee I12814
46 Suttle, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"  21 Jan 1914Sparta, White County, Tennessee I1213
47 Swindell, Samuel Porter  28 Sep 2014Sparta, White County, Tennessee I38115
48 Usrey, Nancy Myra  25 Feb 1943Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6337
49 Wilhite, Mary Ann  19 May 1893Sparta, White County, Tennessee I49779
50 Winstead, William Jessee  7 Nov 1941Sparta, White County, Tennessee I30533
51 Witt, Nancy  0___ 1874Sparta, White County, Tennessee I28455
52 Wright, James Everett "Everett"  2 Sep 1977Sparta, White County, Tennessee I23911


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Titsworth, Mary Jane  Sparta, White County, Tennessee I6103

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Helton, John Richmond  1869Sparta, White County, Tennessee I15238

Alt Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Death    Person ID 
1 Goodson, Rebecca "Becky"  12 Apr 1930Sparta, White County, Tennessee I2059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Moore, Nancy "Nannie"  2 Jan 1863Sparta, White County, Tennessee I16890


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Glover, Mary Joyce "Joyce"   I3206
2 Goodson, Robert Darrell Sr.   I49739
3 Graham, Ben  0___ 2006Sparta, White County, Tennessee I41464
4 Graham, Dale  0___ 2006Sparta, White County, Tennessee I41466
5 Graham, Joyce  0___ 2006Sparta, White County, Tennessee I41467
6 Kidd, Arland Frank   I17903
7 Peavyhouse, Martha Linnie   I15850
8 Roberts, Billy Carl  0___ 2006Sparta, White County, Tennessee I8566
9 Roberts, Lloyd Earl  0___ 2006Sparta, White County, Tennessee I8591
10 Swindell, Mildred Frances   I24772


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gillentine / Lewis  5 Oct 1820Sparta, White County, Tennessee F9199
2 Johnson / Roberts  28 Jun 1914Sparta, White County, Tennessee F9963
3 Luna / England  12 Apr 1917Sparta, White County, Tennessee F11817
4 Miller / Tipett  23 Mar 1914Sparta, White County, Tennessee F6487
5 Raper / Simmons  22 Feb 1941Sparta, White County, Tennessee F12427
6 Smith / Russell   F1032
7 Swindell / Eller   F14212
8 Winstead / Simrell  1 Sep 1881Sparta, White County, Tennessee F2998

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Broyles / Hennessee  0___ 1940Sparta, White County, Tennessee F1226
2 Felton / Passons   F17299
3 Jenkins / Swindle  0___ 1910Sparta, White County, Tennessee F787
4 Jenkins / Swindle  0___ 1930Sparta, White County, Tennessee F787
5 Jenkins / Turner   F10849
6 Kirby / Goodson  Sparta, White County, Tennessee F18388
7 Lowery / Smith  0___ 1930Sparta, White County, Tennessee F9910
8 Miller / Goodson  Sparta, White County, Tennessee F18389
9 Miller / Goodson  Sparta, White County, Tennessee F18390
10 Pinegar / Isleman   F16775
11 Turner / LNU  0___ 1910Sparta, White County, Tennessee F15077
12 Turner / LNU  0___ 1920Sparta, White County, Tennessee F15077