Rutherford County, North Carolina



Latitude: 35.4280550, Longitude: -81.9349979


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baxter, Nancy Caroline  12 Mar 1844Rutherford County, North Carolina I6963
2 Baxter, William  22 Oct 1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I29936
3 Beam, Esther  0___ 1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I32155
4 Beaver, Benjamin  1804Rutherford County, North Carolina I27853
5 Blackwell, Daniel  1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I29634
6 Blackwell, James  1769Rutherford County, North Carolina I29626
7 Blackwell, Peter Sylvester  ~1788Rutherford County, North Carolina I29629
8 Blackwell, Rebecca  1789Rutherford County, North Carolina I29631
9 Bridges, Georgianna  Abt 1878Rutherford County, North Carolina I37673
10 Byars, Agnes Jane  1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I34816
11 Byars, Andrew (Drury)  1786Rutherford County, North Carolina I5987
12 Byars, Ann Nancy  28 Mar 1766Rutherford County, North Carolina I39327
13 Byars, Benjamin M.  1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I35034
14 Byars, Elizabeth  4 Mar 1812Rutherford County, North Carolina I34821
15 Byars, George K.  1760-1770Rutherford County, North Carolina I19444
16 Byars, Harrell N.  20 May 1820Rutherford County, North Carolina I42730
17 Byars, Jackson Vandelou "Doc"  4 Jul 1849Rutherford County, North Carolina I5625
18 Byars, Jane  Bef 1811Rutherford County, North Carolina I34819
19 Byars, Mary "Polly"  1795Rutherford County, North Carolina I34813
20 Byars, Nancy  1796Rutherford County, North Carolina I34814
21 Byars, Sarah  9 Apr 1799Rutherford County, North Carolina I34815
22 Byars, Stripling  ~1768Rutherford County, North Carolina I14277
23 Byars, William Henry  3 Oct 1802Rutherford County, North Carolina I34817
24 Byas, Robert  0Mar 1785Rutherford County, North Carolina I5986
25 Campbell, Albert Franklin  3 Nov 1924Rutherford County, North Carolina I1781
26 Campbell, Jerry   I30302
27 Campbell, Linda   I30301
28 Campbell, Michael   I30303
29 Chisholm, Rachel  1777Rutherford County, North Carolina I46432
30 Clinton, Emelia "Millie"  1760Rutherford County, North Carolina I5433
31 Davis, John  18 Jul 1813Rutherford County, North Carolina I14972
32 Durham, Micajah  0___ 1804Rutherford County, North Carolina I47401
33 Durham, Plato  20 Sep 1840Rutherford County, North Carolina I47399
34 Durham, Rebecca  7 Feb 1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I39783
35 Ferree, John Ernest  23 Nov 1896Rutherford County, North Carolina I29929
36 Ferree, John M.  8 Mar 1856Rutherford County, North Carolina I1222
37 Fisher, David  11 Jun 1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I16493
38 Fisher, John Jr.  11 Jul 1781Rutherford County, North Carolina I20194
39 Fisher, Malissa "Massee"  19 Feb 1808Rutherford County, North Carolina I13327
40 Fisher, Mary  1788Rutherford County, North Carolina I51273
41 Fisher, Mourning  ~ 1793Rutherford County, North Carolina I28267
42 Fisher, William  18 Apr 1783Rutherford County, North Carolina I15701
43 Frasier, Thomas  9 Aug 1777Rutherford County, North Carolina I28283
44 Frazier, Asa Alexander  19 Jan 1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I25264
45 Geer, Edmund Clarence  25 Jul 1880Rutherford County, North Carolina I11812
46 Geer, Norma Azalea   I11803
47 Goode, Elizabeth Jane "Jenny"  26 Dec 1806Rutherford County, North Carolina I34855
48 Greene, Seth Thomas  9 Aug 1877Rutherford County, North Carolina I37672
49 Hand, Ascenith  27 May 1804Rutherford County, North Carolina I4422
50 Hardcastle, Elisha G.  25 Mar 1808Rutherford County, North Carolina I14186
51 Harrill, Grover Cleveland  27 Jul 1884Rutherford County, North Carolina I30207
52 Harrill, Kathlene  0___ 1910Rutherford County, North Carolina I33993
53 Harrill, Ruth   I33994
54 Hembree, Ephraim  1827Rutherford County, North Carolina I30430
55 Hembree, Joseph  1779Rutherford County, North Carolina I48838
56 Hembree, Mahala Caroline  3 Nov 1829Rutherford County, North Carolina I8969
57 Hembree, Sarah Ann  1831Rutherford County, North Carolina I48818
58 Hennessee, Bonnie Jean "Jean"   I1320
59 Hennessee, Bruce Wayne  7 Dec 1950Rutherford County, North Carolina I3343
60 Hennessee, Carrie Katherine "Katherine"   I1336
61 Hennessee, Earl Emanuel  4 Apr 1933Rutherford County, North Carolina I1349
62 Hennessee, Hugh Bennett   I1331
63 Hennessee, Kelley Emanuel   I1353
64 Hennessee, Kimberly Ann   I1351
65 Hennessee, Peggy Mitchell   I1354
66 Hennessee, Robert Floyd "Floyd"  10 Jun 1925Rutherford County, North Carolina I1318
67 Hennessee, Russell Louis  22 Oct 1928Rutherford County, North Carolina I1344
68 Hennessee, Ruth Evelyn  23 Oct 1930Rutherford County, North Carolina I1347
69 Hennessee, Shannon Lorraine   I1352
70 Hennessee, Vonnie Faye "Faye"  13 Jul 1931Rutherford County, North Carolina I1321
71 Hennessee, William Howard  17 Jul 1923Rutherford County, North Carolina I1324
72 Hicks, Dicy  0___ 1762Rutherford County, North Carolina I7703
73 Hunt, Joe Russell  10 May 1933Rutherford County, North Carolina I30295
74 Hunt, Juanita  21 Jan 1924Rutherford County, North Carolina I30293
75 Hunt, Letty Lou   I30296
76 Hunt, Pauline   I30297
77 Hunt, Ruby  26 May 1925Rutherford County, North Carolina I30294
78 Jackson, Ella May  13 May 1893Rutherford County, North Carolina I1234
79 King, Rebecca  30 Nov 1798Rutherford County, North Carolina I36007
80 LNU, Nancy  0___ 1806Rutherford County, North Carolina I27854
81 Lookadoo, Julia Melinda  29 Nov 1875Rutherford County, North Carolina I7037
82 Luckadoo, Huldah Louisa  21 Jul 1833Rutherford County, North Carolina I30308
83 Magness, Benjamin  0___ 1832Rutherford County, North Carolina I38702
84 Magness, Catherine "Katie"  0___ 1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I4260
85 Magness, David  0___ 1834Rutherford County, North Carolina I38703
86 Magness, James  0___ 1840Rutherford County, North Carolina I38705
87 Magness, Perry  0___ 1837Rutherford County, North Carolina I38704
88 Magness, Perry Green "Old Grandsir"  23 May 1796Rutherford County, North Carolina I765
89 Magness, Sarah G. "Sally"  0Sep 1794Rutherford County, North Carolina I4254
90 McFarland, Gary Steven   I28230
91 McFarland, Guy  10 May 1928Rutherford County, North Carolina I1334
92 McFarland, Hobart Lee  29 Mar 1897Rutherford County, North Carolina I30251
93 Mooney, James T.  (~ 1775)Rutherford County, North Carolina I25006
94 Moore, Virginia   I11236
95 Nanney, Corrie Alice  23 Feb 1884Rutherford County, North Carolina I11813
96 Newton, Betty Lou   I24699
97 Newton, Doris Jean   I24698
98 Newton, William Swofford  28 Mar 1831Rutherford County, North Carolina I32284
99 Patton, Margaret Miller  12 Jan 1826Rutherford County, North Carolina I29937
100 Roberts, Joshua  5 Feb 1795Rutherford County, North Carolina I22554

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bedford, Jonas  3 May 1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I29624
2 Biddix, George Edwin  25 Feb 1995Rutherford County, North Carolina I3373
3 Biggerstaff, Martha "Roxie"  19 Sep 1939Rutherford County, North Carolina I30306
4 Byars, Ann Nancy  7 Jul 1837Rutherford County, North Carolina I39327
5 Byars, James  1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I25590
6 Byars, Joseph "Joe"  29 Jan 1850Rutherford County, North Carolina I34881
7 Byars, Sarah  Aft 1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I25003
8 Clinton, Emelia "Millie"  1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I5433
9 Clontz, Mary Anna "Annie"  16 Aug 1942Rutherford County, North Carolina I11251
10 Collins, Frances "Fannie"  1764Rutherford County, North Carolina I25591
11 Crow, Eula A.  9 Aug 1946Rutherford County, North Carolina I30252
12 Dobbins, Frances  0___ 1863Rutherford County, North Carolina I15476
13 Doggett, Sarah Ann  12 Aug 1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I7728
14 Earles, Pleasant  1860Rutherford County, North Carolina I3805
15 Earles, William  0___ 1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I3803
16 Geer, Edmund Clarence  26 Jun 1940Rutherford County, North Carolina I11812
17 Goodson, William  1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I4893
18 Harmon, Johann  1774Rutherford County, North Carolina I39708
19 Harrill, Grover Cleveland  26 Sep 1947Rutherford County, North Carolina I30207
20 Hembree, Ephraim  1827Rutherford County, North Carolina I30430
21 Hennessee, Earl Emanuel  3 Apr 2016Rutherford County, North Carolina I1349
22 Hennessee, William Howard  17 Apr 1924Rutherford County, North Carolina I1324
23 Jackson, Ella May  31 May 1990Rutherford County, North Carolina I1234
24 Jackson, Robert Henry "Bob"  12 Feb 1952Rutherford County, North Carolina I7036
25 Lea, Sarah  0___ 1814Rutherford County, North Carolina I22681
26 Lewis, John  Bef 1782Rutherford County, North Carolina I19417
27 Lookadoo, Julia Melinda  24 May 1971Rutherford County, North Carolina I7037
28 Luckadoo, Huldah Louisa  26 Mar 1897Rutherford County, North Carolina I30308
29 Magness, Benjamin  26 Jan 1828Rutherford County, North Carolina I4139
30 Magness, Catherine "Katie"  0___ 1827Rutherford County, North Carolina I4260
31 Magness, Jacob  9 Nov 1855Rutherford County, North Carolina I4146
32 McFarland, Hobart Lee  11 May 1960Rutherford County, North Carolina I30251
33 Nanney, Corrie Alice  8 Sep 1975Rutherford County, North Carolina I11813
34 Raymond, Amasa "Mercy" Travis  26 Dec 1823Rutherford County, North Carolina I29625
35 Reynolds, Hamilton  5 Nov 1814Rutherford County, North Carolina I22680
36 Rice, Louvisa  1828-1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I4412
37 Toney, Draper  28 Dec 1907Rutherford County, North Carolina I30307
38 Walker, Elijah  0___ 1863Rutherford County, North Carolina I19445
39 Walker, John  13 Jan 1820Rutherford County, North Carolina I7681
40 Watkins, Daniel Sr.  0___ 1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I4429
41 Watkins, Peter  1801Rutherford County, North Carolina I5314
42 Watkins, Philip  0___ 1866Rutherford County, North Carolina I19458
43 Watkins, William  8 Jun 1851Rutherford County, North Carolina I19447
44 Webb, Edith  6 Apr 1851Rutherford County, North Carolina I4148
45 Webb, John  1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I25002
46 Webb, Robert G.  1843Rutherford County, North Carolina I8580
47 Webb, William Sr.  ~1806Rutherford County, North Carolina I6884
48 Wilson, Montford  1 Jan 1807Rutherford County, North Carolina I50462
49 Womack, Anderson  30 Sep 1848Rutherford County, North Carolina I4414
50 Womack, Thomas  Abt 1809Rutherford County, North Carolina I4418
51 Womack, Thomas A.  Bef 1790Rutherford County, North Carolina I4411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Magness, Nancy Jane  12 Dec 1934Rutherford County, North Carolina I38706

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Copeland, Sarah "Sallie"  25 May 1794Rutherford County, North Carolina I6828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Blackwell, Joel  0Apr 1821Rutherford County, North Carolina I19442
2 Earles, William  0Apr 1803Rutherford County, North Carolina I3803
3 Lewis, John  0Apr 1782Rutherford County, North Carolina I19417
4 LNU, Mary  0Jan 1802Rutherford County, North Carolina I7539
5 Logan, Larkin  0Oct 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina I7758
6 Magness, James  0Oct 1783Rutherford County, North Carolina I32153
7 Suttle, Susannah  0Jan 1817Rutherford County, North Carolina I19440
8 Walker, Elijah  0Sep 1863Rutherford County, North Carolina I19445
9 Watkins, Daniel Sr.  0Jul 1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I4429
10 Watkins, Peter  0Oct 1801Rutherford County, North Carolina I5314
11 Webb, Elias  0Jan 1814Rutherford County, North Carolina I19423
12 Webb, Robert G.  9 Oct 1843Rutherford County, North Carolina I8580
13 Webb, William Sr.  0Apr 1806Rutherford County, North Carolina I6884


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Byars, Andrew (Drury)  1830Rutherford County, North Carolina I5987
2 Byars, Stripling  1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I14277
3 Byars, Stripling  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I14277
4 Byas, Robert  1810Rutherford County, North Carolina I5986
5 Durham, Achilles  1783Rutherford County, North Carolina I4252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Blackwell, Joel  1818Rutherford County, North Carolina I19442
2 Earles, Pleasant  8 Jul 1860Rutherford County, North Carolina I3805
3 Logan, Larkin  14 Jul 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina I7758
4 Magness, Benjamin  3 Feb 1827Rutherford County, North Carolina I4139
5 Watkins, Daniel Sr.  23 May 1800Rutherford County, North Carolina I4429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Byars  Aft 1800Rutherford County, North Carolina F2893
2 Baxter / Patton  3 Apr 1843Rutherford County, North Carolina F10818
3 Byars / Bedford  1785Rutherford County, North Carolina F10730
4 Durham / LNU  21 Mar 1808Rutherford County, North Carolina F1668
5 Earles / Webb  17 Oct 1801Rutherford County, North Carolina F1502
6 Fisher / (Tubb)  29 Nov 1779Rutherford County, North Carolina F5780
7 Fisher / Chisum  2 Apr 1807Rutherford County, North Carolina F5559
8 Floyd / Hembree  19 Jan 1831Rutherford County, North Carolina F18043
9 Frasier / Wilson  19 Aug 1807Rutherford County, North Carolina F10212
10 Geer / Nanney  10 Jun 1910Rutherford County, North Carolina F4259
11 Goode / Magness  14 Nov 1831Rutherford County, North Carolina F11719
12 Hembree / Floyd  25 Aug 1830Rutherford County, North Carolina F18042
13 Hembree / White  4 Jan 1830Rutherford County, North Carolina F18046
14 Hennessee / Blankenship  10 Nov 1951Rutherford County, North Carolina F670
15 Hennessee / Hunt  0Feb 1922Rutherford County, North Carolina F510
16 Hennessee / Toney  30 Jun 1946Rutherford County, North Carolina F671
17 Hord / Reynolds  0___ 1832Rutherford County, North Carolina F3335
18 Kelly / Byars  9 May 1795Rutherford County, North Carolina F5268
19 Lovelace / LNU  ~1802Rutherford County, North Carolina F10417
20 Magness / Beam  19 Dec 1827Rutherford County, North Carolina F11718
21 Magness / Hamrick  29 Jan 1818Rutherford County, North Carolina F11717
22 Reynolds / Magness  7 Jul 1810Rutherford County, North Carolina F1651
23 Rowland / Lewis  1777Rutherford County, North Carolina F6582
24 Stockton / Philbeck  Rutherford County, North Carolina F8929
25 Suttle / Hargis  12 Feb 1808Rutherford County, North Carolina F4659
26 Toney / Luckadoo  27 May 1857Rutherford County, North Carolina F10951
27 Toney / Waters  15 Mar 1920Rutherford County, North Carolina F10947
28 Tubb / Fisher  0___ 1779Rutherford County, North Carolina F6264
29 Walker / Byars  16 Mar 1795Rutherford County, North Carolina F2894
30 Webb / Clinton  0Jan 1786Rutherford County, North Carolina F3114
31 Webb / Copeland  19 Jan 1809Rutherford County, North Carolina F2515
32 Webb / Roach  30 Apr 1824Rutherford County, North Carolina F6793
33 Womack / Dobbins  Abt 1792Rutherford County, North Carolina F5487


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackwell / Padgett  ~1809Rutherford County, North Carolina F10734
2 Magness / Durham  0Sep 1795Rutherford County, North Carolina F1616
3 Magness / Webb  21 Aug 1806Rutherford County, North Carolina F1618
4 Womack / Byars  ~1791Rutherford County, North Carolina F798

Residence (Family)

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   Family    Residence (Family)    Family ID 
1 Gill / LNU  0___ 1790Rutherford County, North Carolina F1969
2 Hennessee / Hunt  0___ 1940Rutherford County, North Carolina F510
3 Magness / Mooney  0___ 1790Rutherford County, North Carolina F8934
4 Magness / Webb  0___ 1850Rutherford County, North Carolina F1618
5 Watkins / Dill  0___ 1810Rutherford County, North Carolina F10745


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   Family    Separated    Family ID 
1 Byars / Harrelson  11 Oct 1808Rutherford County, North Carolina F414