(Sequatchie County) Tennessee


Latitude: 35.3469428, Longitude: -85.3962769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akeman, Martha E.  15 Mar 1843(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I21033
2 Apperson, George  0___ 1832(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32523
3 Austin, Phoebe E.  0Feb 1869(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I35268
4 Beavert, Alfred Ausberry  25 Jun 1885(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6809
5 Bias, Alice  1834(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I15748
6 Blackburn, Susie  3 Nov 1883(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I33322
7 Boyd, Daniel  23 Mar 1863(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24971
8 Boyd, John A.  22 Jul 1866(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I23946
9 Boyd, Margaret Ann  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24162
10 Boyd, Martha Jane  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24163
11 Boyd, William Elliot  1877(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24164
12 Brooks, Roberts  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I26622
13 Byas, Caswell Polk "Cass"  11 Apr 1836(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I15749
14 Byas, Jonas Lafayette  25 Feb 1866(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I18275
15 Cain, James A.  0___ 1867(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37686
16 Cain, James M.  0___ 1846(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37667
17 Carlton, Sarah Donna "Donna"  26 Sep 1880(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I38367
18 Clark, Arnold C.   I21122
19 Clark, Charles C.  22 Sep 1889(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I21121
20 Clark, James  1887(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24336
21 Clark, Nathan Andrew  27 Mar 1885(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24335
22 Clemons, Mary J.  0___ 1860(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I26624
23 Cooley, Iola  21 Sep 1927(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I35906
24 Cooley, James Henry "Jim"  12 May 1871(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I44591
25 Cordell, Charles Granville  22 Nov 1879(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6710
26 Cordell, Florence L. "Florrie"  0Jul 1876(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I29818
27 Cordell, John Lee  20 Aug 1871(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I29816
28 Cordell, Lewis W.  0___ 1874(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I29817
29 Cunningham, Baxter T.  29 Jan 1939(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42115
30 Cunningham, Billie Joe   I42113
31 Cunningham, Georgia Lee   I42110
32 Cunningham, Gracie   I42112
33 Cunningham, Howard   I42109
34 Cunningham, Lula Mare   I42114
35 Cunningham, Mary   I42108
36 Cunningham, Minnie Mae   I42107
37 Dennis, Violet  4 Apr 1916(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32337
38 Deweese, Rueben L.  0Sep 1880(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22833
39 Dill, Stella  1898(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I40052
40 Elliott, James Harrison "Jim"  9 Nov 1871(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24680
41 Elliott, Julia  15 Oct 1847(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I40514
42 Ewton, Anna  0___ 1878(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43375
43 Ewton, Esther  0___ 1890(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43380
44 Ewton, Hester  0___ 1888(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43379
45 Ewton, John Houston  10 May 1853(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39845
46 Ewton, John Houston  23 Mar 1882(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43377
47 Ewton, Martha  0___ 1880(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43376
48 Ewton, Matthew  0___ 1876(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43374
49 Ewton, Nancy  1884(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43378
50 Gannaway, Louise  24 May 1909(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6774
51 Goines, Mary Elizabeth  6 Jan 1881(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I8635
52 Hale, Wiley O.  0___ 1895(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I34521
53 Haney, Ruben  1838(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24030
54 Haney, Sarah Adeline "Addie"  11 May 1863(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I19058
55 Harmon, Lillie "Polly"  (CIRCA 1843)(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I30993
56 Harmon, Mary Louise  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6776
57 Harmon, William  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6775
58 Hatfield, Joseph N.  0___ 1855(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I26623
59 Hatfield, Rebecca  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I23291
60 Heard, Edley W.  17 Apr 1870(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I413
61 Hennessee, Iula Kaye "Kaye"  1918(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I35826
62 Hennessee, J. C.   I35827
63 Johnson, Albert  0Dec 1896(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22829
64 Johnson, Vieva   I6797
65 Jones, Josiah  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I34510
66 Jones, William Joseph  ~1842(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I31970
67 Kirkland, Peggy  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I23287
68 LNU, Catherine E.  15 Aug 1849(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37668
69 LNU, Nancy  0___ 1910(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42111
70 Lockridge, Dixie Myrtle  26 Apr 1903(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22821
71 Lockridge, Hance  27 Mar 1879(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I23284
72 Matthews, Virginia "Jennie"  1852(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I17388
73 Maynard, Margaret  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I23283
74 McEntire, Viola Susan  0Jul 1898(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39992
75 McEntire, William Robert  21 Sep 1854(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39989
76 McWilliams, Dorothy  29 Aug 1914(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39173
77 Merriman, Ernest  (AFTER 1880)(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I26625
78 Merriman, Richard "Dick"  0Mar 1870(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I34434
79 Merriman, Wiley D.  5 Jun 1864(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I4668
80 Minton, Joseph  19 Jan 1814(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6733
81 Minton, Mamie Isabelle  26 Feb 1901(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6808
82 Mooneyham, Ida Mae  0May 1875(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I30349
83 Moore, Druscilla  26 May 1802(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I19109
84 Pendergrass, Hugh  1885(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I33323
85 Phelps, Foster  1878(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I17390
86 Phelps, James Hannibal  1850(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I17387
87 Phelps, Willie  10 Apr 1888(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I17389
88 Price, Betty J.   I38372
89 Price, Bobbie   I38371
90 Reynolds, Edith  (CIRCA 1900)(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22836
91 Reynolds, James Madison  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I23290
92 Smith, Elizabeth "Betsy"  0___ 1854(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32532
93 Smith, John M.  0___ 1856(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32541
94 Smith, Mary "Polly"  0___ 1860(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32534
95 Smith, Myrtle  0___ 1899(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I38369
96 Smith, Susannah Minerva  0___ 1843(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32539
97 Smith, Velma  0___ 1910(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I38368
98 Standefer, Alfred King  24 Feb 1850(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I49712
99 Standefer, John Epruetus  18 Oct 1872(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I49711
100 Standifer, Sarah  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I34511

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Austin, Matilda  15 Feb 1998(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39889
2 Cain, George W.  3 Jul 1889(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37662
3 Cain, James A.  0___ 1940(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37686
4 Cain, James M.  18 Jul 1892(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37667
5 Carlton, Sarah Donna "Donna"  1 Sep 1967(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I38367
6 Cordell, Florence L. "Florrie"  0___ 1955(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I29818
7 Cordell, William McKinley  1900-1910(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I24964
8 Cunningham, Baxter T.  28 Jul 1982(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42115
9 Cunningham, John Daniel  31 Jul 1949(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42119
10 Davis, Mary E.  10 Sep 1966(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42122
11 Dennis, Violet  23 Dec 1936(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I32337
12 Dykes, Mary Opal  12 May 1935(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I21575
13 Elliott, Julia  20 Oct 1893(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I40514
14 Ewton, John Houston  19 Feb 1964(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I43377
15 Ewton, Verna K.  0___ 2002(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6773
16 Griffith, Martha Jane  Bef 1900(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I30758
17 Harmon, Joe Lester  21 Feb 1970(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I33469
18 Harmon, William Bartley "Bart"  1880(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I1558
19 Harmon, Willis Clarence  18 Mar 1982(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I33471
20 Hase, Margaret Elizabeth  Bef 1885(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I29367
21 Heard, Jesse  0___ 1830(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I29366
22 Hennessee, Martha Leona "Mattie Lee"  8 Jun 1956(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I3479
23 Hillis, Amanda  10 Oct 1972(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22210
24 Hillis, Benjamin Franklin  22 Oct 1957(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22219
25 Hillis, Daisy B.  6 Apr 1920(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22215
26 Hixson, Mary Ann  12 Mar 1922(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6805
27 Hudson, Edgar F.  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee I40032
28 Hunter, Elizabeth  0Jun 1888(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I34029
29 Jones, William Joseph  Bef 1896(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I31970
30 LNU, Catherine E.  30 Aug 1883(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37668
31 LNU, Corda L.  14 Apr 1967(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I40142
32 LNU, Frances  26 Nov 1908(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42137
33 Merriman, Adaline  Bef 1896(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I4681
34 Merriman, Ella J(ane)  3 Mar 1889(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I681
35 Merriman, Lewis Barney "Barney"  13 Jun 1956(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I31966
36 Merriman, Louise Jane "Jane"  Aft 1900(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I4679
37 Minton, Joseph  18 Oct 1891(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6733
38 Minton, Thomas Jackson  12 Aug 1926(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6804
39 Smith, Elizabeth  13 May 1882(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I6701
40 Standefer, Alfred King  14 Aug 1927(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I49712
41 Stone, Rebecca  6 Jul 1889(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I37663
42 Sutherland, Eliza Ann  18 Apr 1951(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22287
43 Sutherland, John T.  7 Dec 1951(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I22284

Alt Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt Birth    Person ID 
1 Mooneyham, Ida Mae  2 May 1871(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I30349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cunningham, Robert Lee "Lee"  0___ 1884(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42102
2 Cunningham, Robert Lee "Lee"  0___ 1889(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I42102
3 Ewton, John Houston  0May 1833(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39845
4 McEntire, John Cleveland  0___ 1887(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39990
5 McEntire, William Robert  0___ 1853(Sequatchie County) Tennessee I39989


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Apperson / Smith  (CIRCA 1665)(Sequatchie County) Tennessee F11894
2 Boyd / Akeman  5 Oct 1865(Sequatchie County) Tennessee F8448
3 Cain / Cordell  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F13965
4 Cain / Stone  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F13956
5 Cooley / Newman  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F14428
6 Cordell / Hunter  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F12483
7 Cunningham / LNU  Abt 1930(Sequatchie County) Tennessee F15231
8 Deweese / Kirkland  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F8166
9 Ewton / Austin  12 Jan 1881(Sequatchie County) Tennessee F12959
10 Ewton / Cunningham  24 Dec 1909(Sequatchie County) Tennessee F12957
11 Harmon /    F12338
12 Harmon / Dennis  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F11802
13 Harmon / Elliott  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F2004
14 Harmon / Johnson   F2493
15 Hudson / Holloway  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F10490
16 Jones / Standifer  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F12681
17 Lockridge / Watson  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F8165
18 Pendergrass / Dill  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F12232
19 Reynolds / Hatfield  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F8168
20 Smith / Smith  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F11899
21 Standefer / Elliott  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F18373
22 Watson / Maynard  (Sequatchie County) Tennessee F8164