Matthew Rushing, Sr., The Immigrant

Male 1633 - 1678  (44 years)

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  • Name Matthew Rushing 
    Suffix Sr., The Immigrant 
    Born 2 Jun 1633  Clare, Suffolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location  [1, 2, 3
    Gender Male 
    Also Known As Matthew Rushin  [3
    Died 1678  James City County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  [2, 3
    Person ID I27682  The Hennessee Family
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    Family unnamed spouse  [1
    Married Y  [2, 3
     1. Eliza Rushing,   b. 1652, (Clare, Suffolk, England) Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1715, Isle of Wight County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 63 years)
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    Link to Google MapsBorn - 2 Jun 1633 - Clare, Suffolk, England Link to Google Earth
    Link to Google MapsDied - 1678 - James City County, Virginia Link to Google Earth
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  • Notes 
    • The "Rushing" Brothers

      We find a family in England's records of a William Rushen with several sons, three of which are named William, John and Mathew. They are in parish registers of Clare, Suffolk County, England. The records show slightly different surname spellings among the brothers and sisters from two different sources. The Rushen, Rushin and Rushing surname spellings occur in this family from both sources, the Mormon Church's transcripts and the Anglican Church's transcripts of the Clare church's parish registers. As we know these given names also appear in abundance on the American side of the ocean while others common names of the period that should, do not appear in this family. It would be great to finally prove the kinship of our Virginia William, John and Mathew, could these brothers be the American John and Mathew Rushing? The timeline, ages, migration pattern, spelling variations, and the way the names flow through the family on both sides of the ocean are the same.

      William, Mathew and John Rushen were militiamen for Clare in the Hundred of Risbridge in the year 1638. Sources note that "In 1648 Colchester was put under siege by the Roundheads. On August 28th the Royalists surrendered and the prisoners were marched to the south coast ports, put on boats and sent as slaves to the West Indies. Although history books say the prisoners were allowed to return home on the 29th after taking an oath to support the parliament, deportation of loyalists continued till 1657, the leaders of the loyalists were executed the next day at Colchester (29 Aug. 1648).

      Genetic genealogy (DNA) testing has shown that Peter Rushen of England and several varied United States Rushing family lines share a recent common ancestor (99.96% within 24 generations). Except for obvious non-paternal events all Rushings in the U.S. share a common ancestor and also the genetic "Viking gene" haplogroup I1A.

      A search of P. W. Coldham's extensive works on ship and emigration records did not turn up these names however variations of our surname appear in the various Barbados records long before the first documented arrival of Rushing surname variation appears.

      Rushen, Russin, Rushem, Rushin, Ruskin and Rushlin of Barbados "International Records: English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800 Marriages, Wills and Administrations, Baptisms. 6 volumes" English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800 Barbados' surviving parish registers were copied during the mid-19th century and are now housed in the Barbados Department of Archives. William or Matthew are not found in the Barbados archive but James is clearly found there with some others.

      Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company. Copyright 1979. "Barbados Records, Wills and Administrations Volume I", SANDERS, Joanne McRee

      "Barbados Marriages Volume I, 1643-1800." ST. MICHAEL PARISH MAY 6 1721 Benja: Ruskin & Kathan: Edwards [Marriage Record]

      There is a James Rushen listed as a white British settler in Christ Church Parish, Barbados [James arrived from London, England between 1639 - 1654]. He and his wife Ursala (Maiden name Wathmoll from transcripts of the Barbados marriage records, Volume 1, Jan. 30, 1654) and children Francis and Prudence Rushen disappear from Barbados after 1659. A James Rushin appears in 1667 New Kent County, Virginia with a debt.

      Sanders Publishing Company. Copyright 1982. "Barbados Records, Wills and Administrations Volume II", SANDERS, Joanne McRee

      HOWARD, Henry 3 Apr 1658, RB6/13, p. 238
      Wf Mary Howard* - Xtrx & land in Christ Church Parish bounding Maj. Robert Haccett, Merris Eavrns, Robert Watkins, Thomas Vinton, & Capt. William Balston; mentions Irish servant Mathew Flennaugh; friends henry Strowd & Lt. Stephen Brown - Overseers. signed Henry (x) Howard
      Wit: John Bradshaw, James Ruskin, [This is James Rushen] Will (x) Ashburner
      Proved 20 July 1658

      Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company. Copyright 1979. "Barbados Records, Wills and Administrations Volume I", SANDERS, Joanne McRee:

      MAKERNES, William of London 17 Dec 1689, RB6/41, p. 465

      Cousin Peter Makernes, his dau; the 3 sons of uncle John Baslee; sis Mary Page; Richard Hands shoemaker at Northhampton; Mr. Withorne of the same place; cousin & God dau Ann Makernes & her sis Mary Makernes; uncle Chaplin; John Ruslin and his wf and dau Prude Ruslin*[sp?] [This is James Rushen & wife and daughter]; negro Judith - freedom; negro Henry - his freedom at 21; bro Robert Makernes - Xtr.

      signed William Makerness

      Wit: Abraham Whood, John Potter, Nathaniel Enderby sworn by Jno: Rocke notary public

      Memo, page 466, Power of Atty 26 Aug 1700: Robert Monk* of Farnham, Co. Surry apothecary & surgeon & Mary Monk* his wf Admx of the will of William Makernes heretofore of Bdos merchant or planter, late of London merchant decd. Appoint Thomas Pilgrim of Bdos merchant or planter our Atty to sue for recovery from William Griffith of Bdos merchant or planter surviving Xtr of the will of Thomas Page late of Bdos merchant or planter decd & of the front ____ Coates of Bdos widow & Xtrx of James Coates Esq of Bdos decd. Wit: Stephen Smither, John Smither, Mary Dare Dep, Stephen Smither of Farcham, Co. Surry carryer age 29

      Proved 27 Aug 1700 London, 1 Dec 1701 Bdos

      Haviland, Ann, widow 18 Nov 1692, RB6/3, p. 45
      Aunt Alice Burdrix, the wf of Rosswell Burdrix of Southwark in London; neice Catherine Farchason; kinsman Thomas Farchason; cousin John Farcheason; Xtrs - Thomas Quantine Esq and Richard Turner of Bdos. signed Ann Haviland
      Wit: Tho: Hogan, Jasper Bullard, John Leagan, Thomas Rushell [This is Thomas Rushing a Barbados land owner]
      Proved 26 Nov 1692
      Haviland, Ann, widow
      18 Nov 1692, RB6/3, p. 69
      Aunt Alice Burdrix, the wf of Roswell Burdrix of Southwark in London; neice Katherine Fercharson; cousin Thomas Fercharson; cousin John Fercharson; Xtrs - Thomas Quintyne Esq and Richard Turner of Bdos. signed Ann (x) Haviland
      Wit: Thomas Hogan, Jasper Bullard, John Legay, Thomas Rushee [This is also Thomas Rushing]
      Cod, 18 Nov 1692, Elizabeth Hagen, dau of Thomas Hagen.
      Proved 26 Nov 1692

      Barbados <>, settled by the British in 1627, served as a point of origin for many settlers who eventually settled in Virginia, Georgia, the Carolinas. As a result, many early American families can trace their origins in the New World first to Barbados. Most of the more than 40,000 original white British settlers left Barbados for the American colonies after the 'Sugar Revolution' of the 1650's.

      A few extremely rich sugar 'Barons' had taken the farmland away from the small cotton and tobacco farmers to plant the more profitable sugar. Cotton and tobacco did not do well in the climate and soil of the island while sugar did. James' surname is spelled Rushen, Rushem and Rushkin in the Barbados records. Could this James also be one of the progenitors of the Rushins, Rushens or Rushings in American Virginia? There is evidence for a James Rushing in 1667 in New Kent County Virginia.

      William and Mathew Rushing of Virginia

      When searching the Virginia archives for variation of the Rushing surname you find the documents on this page. As with any documents some interpretation is necessary. They are presented here so that the reader can find the meanings for themselves. The author's comments are included so another researcher can see how these conclusions were reached. It is twice stated that Mathew is the son of William Russhin and twice stated that he is the orphan of Mathew Russhin.

      Both William and Mathew died abt. 1678, in 1679 the courts order John Galloes, who married the widow of Mathew Rushing, the administrator for Mathew Rushing's estate in 1679 and, separately James Munford is ordered to hold William Russhin's estate away from Sara Wallis who has "unjustly detained" William's son, another Mathew [last names are spelled Russhin] the same year. The confusion comes about in 1685 when the Orphan of Mathew Rushing also petitions the court for a change in guardianship to John Wallis and is put out of the home of John Galloes who is Mathew Rushing's Administrator and Husband of Mathew Rushing's natural mother. So why are they calling him an orphan if his mother is still alive? The 1685 Charles City County, a Virginia record entry answers this, and confuses the kinship. Here he is the orphan of Mathew Rushing, Mathew being the more widely accepted name for Mathew's father [Mrs. Rushing Galloes is deceased by 1685].

      In 1679, Wm Russhin's estate held in escrow by James Munford, Sara Wallis being unable to post a security bond for Wm.'s estate. By 1790 James Munford has died and Wm. Russhin's estate is in the hands of James Munford's widow Sara Munford.

      Matthew Russhin first gains his liberty from Sara Wallis in June, 1690. Then in a separate court action "on motion of Mathew Russhin" Wm Russhin's estate is "set aside and secured" in Mathew Russhin's name in Sept. 1690, from the widow Sara Munford and (James Munford's) children's property. There are two separate Saras and two separate estates established by the court, William and Mathew were contemporary and William's son is also named Mathew? This is unlikely and it is fair to combine the two parents of young Mathew as one Mathew Rushing with a second son named William. The records of ensuing generations in Anson County, NC will then make sense, and the earlier Virginia records do not show a William but there is a Mathew Rushing.
      Charles City County, VA Court Transcripts.1679 Page 114 transcribed: "Page 406 cont. - Admin, Granted JNO. Galloes on the estate of Matthew Rushing as marrying the Relict." 4 August 1679 Page 205


      Widow of Jon. Wallis, Dec'd to procure security for what estate she has in her hands belonging to the orphan of Wm. Russhin, dec'd. or else James Munford to be possessed of that estate. Page 263,

      The orphan of Wm. Russhin, petitions court that he is unjustly detained in service of Sarah, relict and adm'x of Jno Wallis, dec'd, prays order for his freedom; and said Sarah, disclaiming and right to said orphan, and said orphan's estate being secured in hands of James Munford, Court therefore sets orphan at liberty.


      Page 359, Page 3 [Modern Numbering] December 1685
      Abstract: "Jno. Galloes hath turned Mathew Russhin out of doores the Orph'n of Mathew Russhin dec'ed and otherwise evilly entreated him". At orphans request John Wallis app'd gaurdian. Page 285,

      3 June, 1690

      At Westopher at Charles City Co., Court. On motion of Mathew Russhin, an orphan, the widow of James Munford, dec'd, is to be summoned to next court to answer what said orphan shall exhibit against her.

      Page 300,

      Ordered that widow of Ja. Munford, dec'd give good security at next orphan's court for what she has belonging to Mathew Russhin.

      Page 303,

      Charles City Co., VA. At orphans court held at Westopher, 15 Sept., 1690
      Sept. 15 1690 ... [List of Justices Presiding.]...

      On 23rd. this month Mr. Jn. Hardiman, Mr. Richard Bland and Mr. Jon. Woodleife to divide the goods and chattels of Ja. Munford. dec'd. between Sarah the relict, and children of dec'd; but before dividing, what estate was in Munford's hands belonging to Mathew Russhin, an orphan, to be set aside and secured.
      End of Transcript Series 1678 - 1690

      Earlier Records of Mathew in Charles City County, VA

      In other Virginia records we find Mathew Rushing in documents dated 1661 and 1662 in, and James Rushen in 1667 New Kent County when an indenture is ordered. "Charles City County Court Orders 1661-1664"

      Page 326

      At Westopher, 4 January1661, Morgan Jones ord to deliver to Mathew Rushing 3 bbl corn left in his custody.

      Page 383

      At Chaplins, A jury of inquest impaneled the 16th of M'ch 1662 upon the death of a serv't man ... jury members included Math. Rushing.

      "VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS Vol. XII" by Beverly Fleet, 1961

      These documents help establish the time frame of the arrival of the first Rushings in America. Again I must thank Peter Rushen of England and John Thomas Rushing of San Diego, CA for helping me find where to look next. The emigration project continues, if you have any information that might help please write us.

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    • The Rushing Surname's Origin...

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    • Biography
      The date of baptism of Mathew Rushin, 2 Jun 1633, is correct, taken from the Clare, Suffolk, England, parish records. No evidence has been found to indicate that this individual came to America and was buried in Virginia. The details of his parents are correct.

      Clare parish records.

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