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601 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Gabbard, Robert Douglas (I33082)
602 Sir John FitzMarmaduke, Knt., of Horden, Eighton, Lamesley, Ravensholm, and Silksworth, County Durham, Sheriff of North Durham, and Joint Warden beyond the Scottish Sea between the Firth of Forth and Orkney.

He fought on the English side at the Battle of Falkirk, 22 July 1298, and was present at the Siege of Caerlaverock Castle in 1300. In 1307 he was commanded to assist the Earl of Richmond in expelling Robert de Brus and the Scottish rebels from Galloway.

In 1309 his armour and provisions in a vessel bound for Perth were arrested off Great Yarmouth. He was governor of St. John's Town (Perth) in 1310 until his death. 
FitzMarmaduke, Sir John Knight (I46691)
603 Sources, Comments and Notes

[There is much confusion and differing opinion on Katherine's parentage
If her father was a "Norwich", who was her father's name: John or Walter ?]

Source Par Jennifer C. Ward:
"... Most of the other household accounts which survive were drawn up for widows, and the households range from the widows of knights to those of women of the highest standing. Katherine de Norwich, whose roll of household expenses survives for 1336\emdash 7, was the widow of Sir Walter de Norwich, chief baron of the exchequer and acting treasurer at various times under Edward II. ..."
Source Par Alfred Suckling:
"... In the thirty-seventh of Henry III. occurs R. de Norwico, Chancellor of Ireland; and in the fifth of Edward II.7 we meet with Walter de Norwich, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, constituted locum tenens of the Treasurer till the King could provide one. On the 25th of October in the same year, he was admitted one of the Privy Council, and in 1314 summoned to Parliament. Two years afterwards he was appointed Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and in the twentieth of the same reign made locum tenens of William de Melton, Archbishop of York, and Treasurer to the King. This distinguished member of the family married Katharine, daughter of John, and sister to Sir Simon de Hetherset, and was father of Sir John de Norwich, his no less distinguished son, who founded Mettingham Castle. ..."
Source :

"Sir William de la Pole (died 21 June 1366) ...

Descendants and legacy

William de la Pole married Katherine, daughter of Sir Walter de Norwich, ..."

Robert de Ufford, 1st Earl of Suffolk, KG (9 August 1298 - 4 November 1369) was an English peer. He was created Earl of Suffolk in 1337. ...

In 1334 he married Margaret Norwich (d. 2 April 1368), daughter of Sir Walter Norwich (d.1329), Treasurer of the Exchequer, and Catherine de Hedersete, by whom he had a large family, ..."
Source publiâe par Carole Rawcliffe, Richard Wilson:
"... Katherine was the widow of Sir Walter de Norwich (d. 1329), a former treasurer of the exchequer. She had rights of dower in a number of Norfolk and Suffolk manors, the closest to Norwich being Blackworth, about five miles from the city in the parishes of Stoke Holy Cross and Howe. Her household accounts survive from late September 1336. After periods of residence at Mettingham, Suffolk, and Blackworth, she moved to Norwich in January 1337 and remained there until at least the end of April, when the detailed accounts cease. Her stay included the anniversary of Sir Walter's death on 20 January when she held a great dinner costing almost a sixth of the expenditure recorded in the whole seven months. ..."

Catherine married Sir Walter DE NORWICH, Knt., Chief Baron Of The Exchequer [3912], son of John DE NORWICH [4984] and Unknown. (Sir Walter DE NORWICH, Knt., Chief Baron Of The Exchequer [3912] was born in , , England, died on 20 Jan 1329 in , , England and was buried in Raveningham, Norfolk, England.) 
de Hadersete, Dame Catherine (I46062)
604 The purpose of the alliance was to bring the rich Lincoln and Bolingbroke inheritance of her mother to the de Lacy family.[4] John's first marriage to Alice de l'Aigle had not produced issue; although John and Margaret together had two children: Family F17139
605 The Sanders Family

First Generation

1. Francis1 Sanders birth date unknown. Francis died 1760.

Francis Sanders had the following child:

+ 2 i. John2 Sanders was born 1754.

Second Generation

2. John2 Sanders (Francis1) was born in Lunenburg Co., VA 1754. John died 1833 in Wayne Co., KY.

John was left an orphan at the age of six. He served in the Revolutionary War in his early 20's.

John Sanders had the following children:

+ 3 i. James3 Sanders.
4 ii. Sarah Sanders. She married James Fletcher 1801.
5 iii. Stephen Sanders.
6 iv. Nancy Sanders. She married Isaac Mayfield in Pulaski Co., KY, April 3, 1806.
7 v. Phoebe Sanders. She married Fielding Dowell in Wayne Co., KY, July 21, 1817.
8 vi. Edward Sanders. He married Mary Norfleet in Wayne Co., KY, 1825.
9 vii. Lucy Sanders was born in Buckingham Co., VA 1780. Lucy died 1849 in Warren Co., TN. She married Michael Dean Sept 1, 1800.
10 viii. Gabriel Sanders was born 1792. He married Mary Franklin in Wayne Co., KY, Jan 13, 1827.
11 ix. Mary "Polly" Sanders was born in VA 1794. She married William Murphy.
12 x. Francis Sanders was born in Wayne Co., KY abt 1835.

Third Generation

3. James3 Sanders (John2, Francis1) birth date unknown. James died bet 1814 -1827 in Warren Co., TN.

He married Christiana Hogan. She is the daughter of Edward Hogan and Elizabeth ?.

James Sanders and Christiana Hogan had the following children:

13 i. Elizabeth4 Sanders was born in Wayne Co., TN 1810. Elizabeth died Feb 16, 1883 in Warren Co., TN. She married George Boren.
14 ii. Lucinda Lockhart Sanders was born in Warren Co., TN 1812. She married Archibold Brooks.
+ 15 iii. James C Sanders was born Dec 25, 1814.

Fourth Generation

15. James C4 Sanders (James3, John2, Francis1) was born in Warren Co., TN Dec 25, 1814. James died May 17, 1887 in Warren Co., TN, at 72 years of age. His body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Durham/Sanders Cemetery.

He married Julianna Durham in Warren Co., TN, abt 1836. Julianna was born Aug 12, 1820. She was the daughter of James Durham Jr. and Elizabeth Summers. Julianna died Aug 20, 1894 in Warren Co., TN, at 74 years of age. Her body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Durham/Sanders Cemetery. James and his two sisters Lucinda and Elizabeth were left orphans to be raised by their maternal grandparents.

Living in the Tennessee Valley, amid tall pines and conebrakes, the Sanders, Durhams and Mitchell's were prosperous planters, owners of large plantations and sawmills in around Warren County, Tennessee.

The Sanders built a large two-story log house which was torn down sometime in the twentieth century. In 1850, they owned 3 house slaves - a 21 year old woman and a 1 year old boy and 3 year old girl.

In 1854 James C. Sanders received a grant from the state of Tennessee for 47 1/2 acres and in 1874 he received one for 508 acres, both located on the Dry Fork of Mountain Creek. Your "cousins" have traced the family lines back to Francis Sanders who died in Lunenburg County, Virginia in 1760. His son John was born in 1754 but was only 6 years old when his father died. John died in Wayne County KY in 1833. He was in Buckingham County, VA during the Revolutionary War.

The Sanders were probably members of the Salem Christian Church as were several of their descendants. James was a Democrat in politics, he named four of his sons after democratic politicians. He had no known war service.

In the 1880 census James and Julianna are living next door to their daughter Ann and son-in-law, David Mitchell.

James C Sanders and Julianna Durham had the following children:

16 i. William C.5 Sanders was born 1837. William died April 1, 1907 in Huntsville, Madison Co., AL. His body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Maple Hill Cemetery. He married Minerva Rachel Mitchell Nov 18, 1858.
17 ii. Louisa Sanders was born May 13, 1840. Louisa died Nov 11, 1927 in Parker Co., TX, at 87 years of age. Her body was interred in Parker Co., TX, Jaybird Cemetery. She married three times. She married ? Pace. She married James A. Fuston in Warren Co., TN, March 13, 1856. She married James Lawson Jan 25, 1894.
+ 18 iii. Ann Elizabeth Sanders was born Dec 1, 1841.
+ 19 iv. Daniel Wesley Sanders was born Sept 18, 1843.
20 v. James Wallace Sanders was born April 29, 1845. James died March 6, 1924 at 78 years of age. His body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Salem Cemetery. He married twice. He married Sarah Cantrell 1864. Sarah was born 1846. Sarah died bef 1918. He married Susie Womack Dove in McMinnville, Warren Co., TN, Oct 16, 1918.
21 vi. Ervin F. Sanders was born Sept 2, 1847. Ervin died Sept 28, 1847 at less than one year of age. His body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Durham/Sanders Cemetery.
22 vii. Samantha Sanders was born Sept 28, 1848. Samantha died Sept 12, 1851 at 2 years of age. Her body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Durham/Sanders Cemetery.
23 viii. Franklin Pierce Sanders was born 1853. Franklin died aft 1926 in Mangum, Greer Co., TN. He married Mary E. Lawrence in Warren Co., TN, Nov 11, 1875.
24 ix. Mary Sanders was born Jan 6, 1855. Mary died Aug 28, 1906 at 51 years of age. Her body was interred in Warren Co., TN, Jaco Cemetery. She married twice. She married Stephen Dee Smith in Warren Co., TN, Nov 30, 1873. She married Elzie L. Jaco in Warren Co., TN, Sept 23, 1891.
25 x. Lavander Pope Sanders was born May 10, 1858. Lavander died March 18, 1927 at 68 years of age. He married twice. He married Flora A. Stiles Dec 24, 1875. He married Martha Ida Turner in Warren Co., TN, April 27, 1902.
26 xi. Vitula Tennessee Sanders was born Aug 12, 1859. Vitula died Aug 1937. She married William York March 17, 1875.
27 xii. Jefferson Davis Sanders was born July 31, 1861. Jefferson died June 12, 1945 in Cullman Co., AL, at 83 years of age. He married twice. He married Laura Victoria Womack in Warren Co., TN, Feb 10, 1881. Laura was born 1855. Laura died 1905. He married Mae Hilliard aft 1905. Mae was born Jan 13, 1887. Mae died Dec 29, 1965 at 78 years of age.

Fifth Generation

18. Ann Elizabeth5 Sanders (James C4, James3, John2, Francis1) was born Dec 1, 1841. Ann died Oct 6, 1921 in Commerce, Hunt Co., TX, at 79 years of age. Her body was interred in Delta Co., TX, Shiloh Cemetery.

She married twice. She married John Farrell Oct 20, 1863. John Farrell was killed in the Civil War.

She married David Ritchie Mitchell in McMinnville, Warren Co., TN, May 30, 1872. David was born August 1, 1851. He was the son of John Welsey Mitchell and Hixie McGregor. David died Oct 2, 1920 in Waco, McLennan Co., TX, at 69 years of age. His body was interred in Waco, McLennan Co., TX, Park Lawn Cemetery. The Mitchell's dealt heavily in real estate and at one time owned a sawmill and other businesses in McMinnveille, Tennessee. The McGregor's were involved in business with the Mitchell's and in fact William McGregor and his brother John donated the land that is now the Smyrna Cemetery and Smyrna Church was a Baptist Church.

David and Ann came to Texas in a covered wagon sometime around 1890. Ann's brother Wesley Sanders had moved to Parker County Texas. David and Ann followed. Ann's daughter by her first husband (John Farrell), America Farrell and her husband William Cotton came also.

They moved from Parker County to McLennan County where their daughter Tennessee (Mamo) met Charles Hays Mallory.

Ann was a widow. Her married name was Farrell. He was killed in the Civil War. Ann was 10 years older than David Mitchell.


Ann Elizabeth Sanders and John Farrell had the following child:

28 i. America6 Farrell was born in Warren Co., TN Aug 7, 1865.

Ann Elizabeth Sanders and David Ritchie Mitchell had the following children:

29 ii. John Wesley Mitchell was born in Warren Co., TN May 1, 1873.
30 iii. Tennessee Louise Mitchell was born in McMinnville, Warren Co., TN Sept 28, 1874
31 iv. James Robert Mitchell was born in Warren Co., TN Oct 7, 1876.
32 v. Rachel Katherine Mitchell was born in Warren Co., TN May 28, 1878.
33 vi. W.O. Mitchell was born 1880. Died Young
34 vii. Osie Bell Mitchell was born in Warren Co., TN August 13, 1883.

19. Daniel Wesley5 Sanders (James C4, James3, John2, Francis1) was born in Warren Co., TN Sept 18, 1843. Daniel died April 18, 1933 in Parker Co., TX, at 89 years of age. His body was interred in Parker Co., TX, Jaybird Cemetery.

He married Samantha Cantrell in DeKalb Co., TN, Dec 28, 1865. Samantha was born in TN Jan 25, 1848. She was the daughter of William Riley Cantrell and Constance Maud Magness. Samantha died Oct 27, 1931 in Parker Co., TX, at 83 years of age. Her body was interred in Parker Co., TX, Jaybird Cemetery. Wesley enlisted in the Confederate Army in September 1861. He was first in Co. B which under reorganization was made Co. A., 5th Regt. Of Tenn. Infantry. After about two years Wesley went home on furlough, during which his unit was driven back to whre he couldn't rejoin them. At the bidding of Capt. Doffy, Wesley brought his horse and was with Coffy's Cavalry unit until dismissed near the end of the war.

Daniel Wesley Sanders and Samantha Cantrell had the following children:

35 i. Sue Etta6 Sanders was born in TN Oct 13, 1866. Sue died Oct 25, 1961 in Parker Co., TX, at 95 years of age. She married Kenneth Mack Williams Oct 16, 1881.
36 ii. Urvin Howell Sanders was born in TN Nov 25, 1867. Urvin died July 25, 1942 in Parker Co., TX, at 74 years of age. His body was interred in Parker Co., TX, Jaybird Cemetery. He married Mary Addie Pearce Dec 10, 1898.
37 iii. Connie Florence Sanders was born in TN Oct 22, 1869. Connie died July 6, 1959 in Gunter, Grayson Co., TX, at 89 years of age. Her body was interred July 8, 1959 in Turkey, Hall Co., TX. She married Rio Cruse Dec 18, 1892.
38 iv. Julia Ann Sanders was born in TN Jan 21, 1871. Julia died April 26, 1958 in Parker Co., TX, at 87 years of age. Her body was interred in Parker Co., TX, Jaybird Cemetery. She married Emery W. Blair.
39 v. Christeny Sanders was born in TN Jan 5, 1873. Christeny died Jan 28, 1889 in Parker Co., TX, at 16 years of age. Her body was interred in Parker Co., TX, Jaybird Cemetery.

Elizabeth ( - ), 3
Emery W. ( - ), 7
George ( - ), 3
Archibold ( - ), 3
Samantha (1848-1931), 6, 7
Sarah (1846-BEF 1918), 4
William Riley ( - ), 6
Rio ( - ), 7
Michael ( - ), 2
Susie Womack ( - ), 4
Fielding ( - ), 2
James Jr. (1774-1855), 4
Julianna (1820-1894), 4
America (1865-dec.), 6
John ( - ), 6
James ( - ), 2
Mary ( - ), 2
James A. ( - ), 4
Mae (1887-1965), 5
Christiana ( - ), 3
Edward ( -1827), 3
Elzie L. ( - ), 5
Mary E. ( - ), 5
James ( - ), 4
Constance Maud ( - ), 6
Isaac ( - ), 2
Hixie (1827-1887), 6
David Ritchie (1851-1920), 6
James Robert (1876-1960), 6
John Welsey (1821-1885), 6
John Wesley (1873-1958), 6
Minerva Rachel ( - ), 4
Osie Bell (1883-1965), 6
Rachel Katherine (1878-1947), 6
Tennessee Louise (1874-1974), 6
W.O. (1880- ), 6
William ( - ), 2
Mary ( - ), 2
? ( - ), 4
Mary Addie ( - ), 7
Ann Elizabeth (1841-1921), 4, 6
Christeny (1873-1889), 7
Connie Florence (1869-1959), 7
Daniel Wesley (1843-1933), 4, 6, 7
Edward ( - ), 2
Elizabeth (1810-1883), 3
Ervin F. (1847-1847), 5
Francis ( -1760), 1
Francis (ABT 1835- ), 2
Franklin Pierce (1853-AFT 1926), 5
Gabriel (1792- ), 2
James ( -1814), 2, 3
James C (1814-1887), 3, 4
James Wallace (1845-1924), 4
Jefferson Davis (1861-1945), 5
John (1754-1833), 1, 2
Julia Ann (1871-1958), 7
Lavander Pope (1858-1927), 5
Louisa (1840-1927), 4
Lucinda Lockhart (1812- ), 3
Lucy (1780-1849), 2
Mary "Polly" (1794- ), 2
Mary (1855-1906), 5
Nancy ( - ), 2
Phoebe ( - ), 2
Samantha (1848-1851), 5
Sarah ( - ), 2
Stephen ( - ), 2
Sue Etta (1866-1961), 7
Urvin Howell (1867-1942), 7
Vitula Tennessee (1859-1937), 5
William C. (1837-1907), 4
Stephen Dee ( - ), 5
Flora A. ( - ), 5
Elizabeth (ABT 1790-1851), 4
Martha Ida ( - ), 5
Kenneth Mack ( - ), 7
Laura Victoria (1855-1905), 5
William ( - ), 5

The Sanders Family 1

Norma Karter Sunday, January 25, 1998 
Sanders, Francis (I25302)
606 The Woodson Family

On May 23, 1609, the London Company was granted a new charter which gave them all the land two hundred miles north and south of Point Comfort and extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, the distance being entirely unknown to the King or any of the Company.

During the year 1609, the London Company fitted out nine ships with five hundred emigrants and a great quantity of supplies of all kinds needed by the Colonists in Jamestown, Virginia. Within the next year a great many of these people died, so that at the close of 1610 there were less than one hundred white persons alive at Jamestown.

The council at London had appointed Lord De la War, governor of South Virginia, and he arrived at Jamestown in the summer of 1610 with a considerable number of emigrants and a large cargo of supplies. He immediately assumed charge of colonial affairs. The charter was amended from time to time and new governors frequently appointed, as the terms of service were usually of short duration, owing to resignation, death or other causes of removal.

Emigrants were constantly being sent over from England to Virginia until the white population increased to about one thousand in 1617. The office of governor had changed hands often, sometimes being occupied by men of no talent for leadership; at other times by men of marked executive ability.

When Governor Dale returned to England in 1618, Sir George Yeardley was appointed to succeed him. The colony at that time numbered nearly two thousand men of high character. Many of these men, owing to the law of primogeniture, lived at home under a great disadvantage, and could accomplish something for themselves, only by going to some part of the world where that law was not operative in its strictest construction. On the 29th day of January, 1619, the ship George sailed from England and landed the following April at Jamestown, Virginia, nearly a year before the more famous ship, the Mayflower, came to Plymouth's shore. This vessel brought the new governor, Sir George Yeardley and about one hundred passengers; among whom were Dr. John Woodson, of Dorsetshire, and his wife Sarah, whom he had married in Devonshire. Tradition has it that her maiden name was Winston, but no documentation has been found to prove this. Dr. Woodson came in the capacity of surgeon to a company of soldiers who were sent over for the protection of the colonist against the Indians.

It was during the administration of Governor Yeardley that the settlements were divided into eleven burroughs, each of which was allowed two representatives. These representatives were called burgesses, and when assembled, constituted the house of burgess’s, which, with the governor and council, formed the general assembly or colonial government. This general assembly convened at Jamestown, June 19, 1619, and was the first legislative assembly to perform its functions in Virginia.

Dr. John Woodson was a man of high character and of great value to the colony. He was born about 1586, in Devonshire, England, matriculated at St. Johns' College, March 1, 1604, at the age of eighteen.

Like other gentlemen of his time, he, no doubt had a desire to see the new country in which the Virginia Company of London had planted their colony a dozen years previously, so at the age of thirty-three he, with his wife, Sarah, embarked on the ship George.

Sometime in 1620 a vessel landed at Jamestown, having on board about twenty negro captives whom the Dutch skipper had kidnapped somewhere on the coast of Africa. These were sold to the colonist as slaves and found to be quite profitable in the cultivation of tobacco which was the staple crop at that time.

Dr. John Woodson, at this time or shortly afterwards, bought six of these Africans who were registered in 1623 as part of his household, but no names were given.

It was also during this year, 1620, that the London Company sent over about one hundred maids, respectable young women possessed of no wealth but of irreproachable character, who desired to seek their fortunes in the new world. The young men of the colony eagerly sought their hands in marriage.

Dr. John Woodson located at Fleur de Hundred, or, as it was sometimes called, Piersey's Hundred, some thirty miles above Jamestown on the south side of the James River in what is now Prince George County. He and his wife, Sarah, and their six negro slaves were registered at Fleur de Hundred in February 1623 Their two sons John and Robert were probably born at Fleur De Hundred. John was born in 1632 and Robert in 1634. There was also a daughter named Deborah.

The colonist lived in constant dread of an Indian uprising against them. There had never been any real peace or confidence between the two races since the great massacre of 1622.

On 18, April 1644, the Indians made a sudden attack upon the settlements and killed about three hundred of the colonists. The following account is family tradition and has been passed down through many generations. When the Indians attacked in April of 1644, Dr. Woodson was among those killed. He was returning home from seeing a patient and he was massacred by the Indians within sight of his home. Sarah managed to hold off the Indians along with a man named Col. Thomas Ligon, b. 1586 Madresfield, England, the cousin of Sir William Berkeley, Royal Governor of Virginia. He served in the House of Burgesses 1644-1645, was a Justice for Charles City County 1657 and was Lt. Col. Militia, Henrico County during the Indian wars. Sarah gave Col. Ligon her husband's gun and set about to find a weapon for herself. Looking for a place to hide the children, she spied a tub nearby; it was the only thing large enough to conceal a boy of ten. She placed John under the tub, and then managed to securely hide Robert in the potato pit.

While Col. Ligon found a tree notch to brace the eight-foot muzzle-loading gun, Sarah was back in the house. Two Indians who were in the process of descending inside the chimney met her. She disabled the first with a pot of boiling water and felled the second with a roasting pit. (The reader must accept this account as given, no explanation has been offered as to why the Indians would risk a smoking chimney with a hot fire at the bottom. There has been no account of where little Deborah was hidden during the attack). Col. Ligon had, in the meantime, killed seven Indians as they approached the house. It was not until after the Indians had fled that Sarah and Col. Ligon found that her husband had been killed.

Mrs. Venable, of Chicago, gave the eight-foot muzzle-loading gun to the Virginia Historical Society in 1927. She was a direct descendant of the Virginia Woodson’s and felt that the prized relic should be back home in Virginia. The gun bears the name "Collicot" and is said to predate 1625. It is protected carefully from moisture and scarring by the use of a protective blanket. Whether the details of the massacre are exactly as related, the gun stands as a stark testimony of the event and the times.

There is apparently no record of whether John and Sarah Woodson were then living at Peircey's Hundred or whether they had already settled on the north side of the James at "Curles". The Indians under the Powhatan Confederation attacked the English settlements on the outlying plantations, under the leadership of Chief Opechancanough. Under the new governor, Sir William Berkeley, the colonist retaliated decisively and captured the chief. Berkeley also imposed a treaty that brought a guarded peace for a generation.

Due to the loss of a great many of the ancient records of Virginia, there is no further record of Sarah and her children. The presence of John and Robert Woodson in "Curles" in 1679 is certainly compatible with the time frame of the preceding events. Robert gave a deposition in June 1680 in which he described himself as being "aged about 46 years". He would have then been born in 1634. It is believed that his brother, John, was the eldest. The surname of Woodson is uncommon enough to believe that they were the same family.

There is additional information about the lives of John and Sarah that has been handed down for generations. The Woodson genealogy written by Charles Woodson (II), the son of Charles and Mary Plesants Woodson was given to Sarah Bates, the daughter of Thomas Fleming Bates while she was visiting her Uncle Charles. It is thought that Charles (I) the son of Tarleton wrote a part of the genealogy. It was this information that Dr. R.A. Brock used to write his booklet "Descendants of John Woodson of Dorcetshire, England", in 1888. The book originally sold for fifty cents a copy. It was this booklet that has been used as a source material frequently since. Charles Woodson (I) was born about 1711; his father, Tarleton Woodson, born in the 1680's, died in 1763; Tarleton's father died in 1715, but a short time after the death of his father, Robert. It would seem that Charles Woodson (I) would have had an excellent opportunity to learn from his ancestors. His account not only supplied details of the lives of John and Sarah, but the link between them and John and Robert, who were living at "Curles" in 1679.

Later information seems to indicate that Sarah married again, which would surely have been reasonable. There may have been other children, which also seems logical, given the fact that John and Sarah were married before 1620. There is also supposition that there were two Sarah Woodson’s, the first one that came over from England with John, and possibly died here, and then another marriage to a Sarah who was the mother of John and Robert. A volume of Henrico County miscellaneous court records, 1650-1807, has been assembled from loose papers from the county records. An inventory for the estate of Sarah Johnson was recorded. It was, in effect, both a nuncupative will and an inventory of her possessions. She was identified as Sarah Johnson, widow, deceased and the date it was recorded was 17, January 1660.

The inventory leaves little doubt that Sarah Woodson married a second time to a Mr. Dunwell, and a third time to a Mr. Johnson. Her three husbands all dying before her. It seems unlikely that both John and Robert would have been involved in her affairs, and thus the disposition of her estate, had they not been her sons. Deborah may have been still under twenty-one at the time of her mother's death since Sarah was concerned about providing for her maintenance. Even though the daughter Sarah was not mentioned as being one of the children that Sarah hid during the fight with the Indians; she could have been pregnant at the time, delivering the child after her husband's death.

Children of John Woodson and Sarah Winston Woodson:

1. John Woodson2 b. 1632 m. 2nd Sarah Browne, d. 1684.

2. Robert Woodson b. 1634 m. Elizabeth Ferris, d. ca. 1707. Last known to be living in 1707, Henrico Co., VA. when he made a deed to his grandson, William and Joseph Lewis. He married Elizabeth Ferris, daughter of Richard Ferris, of Henrico, with whom, among others, received a patent, 21, October 1687, for 1785 acres at White Oak Swamp in Varina Parish, in that county. This man was the direct ancestor of Jesse Woodson James, and his brother, Alexander Franklin "Frank" James, the famous James Boys. Robert2 Woodson married Elizabeth Ferris: son Benjamin3 Woodson, married Sarah Porter; their son Robert4 Woodson (d. 1748/50) married Rebecca Pryor. Their daughter Elizabeth married Shadrach Mims (1734-1777) and became the mother of Elizabeth Mims (b. 1769) who married Robert Poor (1763-1801), a cornet in the American Revolutionary War. Their daughter in turn, Mary Poor, (died 1825) married John James (1775-1827), son of William and Mary (Hinds) James of Goochland County, Virginia. Their son Robert Sallee James, who died in the Gold Rush area of California, married Zerelda Cole and they had sons Frank James and Jesse James. (See: Background of a Bandit, by Joan M. Beamis and William E. Pullen (1971).

Jesse Woodson James, the bandit, married his cousin Zerelda "Zee" Amanda Mims. She was also a descendant of Elizabeth Woodson Mims, who married Robert Poor.

3. Deborah (mentioned in mothers will).


John2 Woodson has been generally accepted as the son of John and Sarah Woodson of Flowerdew Hundred and Piercey's Hundred. He may have been born about 1632. John was listed among the tithables living at "Curles" in Henrico County on 2, June 1679. It is interesting to note that, while the brother, John and Robert, had not been identified as Mister in the list of tithables of 1679, they were so identified in their land patents. None of the Woodson men of that time were literate; however, they were substantial citizens and respected planters. He was further listed as one of forty men who were ordered by the court to "fitt out men horse and arms" according to the Act of the Assembly. He was credited with three tithables and John Woodson, Jr., his son, was credited with two.

John married about 1660, but the name of his wife and the mother of his children is not known. It's possible that Mary Plesants was the mother of his children. He apparently married a second time to Sarah Browne, the widow of John Browne. When she made her will, she left her personal property to the children of her first marriage.

John died in 1684. He made his will on 20, August 1684 and his son, John3, presented it in court on 1, October 1684. In his will he named his brother Robert's four youngest children.

Mrs. Sarah Browne Woodson, widow, took it upon herself to operate the ferry that her son, Jeremiah Browne, has contracted to maintain. She informed the court in 1690 that it was she, who had kept the ferry, and she was entitled to the county levy. She paid 2000 pounds of tobacco yearly until her death for keeping the ferry. Sarah Woodson, widow, was credited with 650 acres of land in the quit rents rolls of 1704 for Henrico County. She wrote her will on 24, February 1701 and her daughter, Temperance Farrar, was granted probate of the will on 1, November, 1704 in Henrico County.

Children of John Woodson2 and his 1st wife (unknown):

1. John Woodson3, born before 1663 in Virginia

2. Robert Woodson, whose later whereabouts or children, after he was named in his father's will, are unknown. Had two children: Jane and Samuel.


John3 Woodson, son of John2 Woodson and his wife (name unknown), was born before 1663, in Henrico Co., VA. and died there before 1 May 1700, aged about 37 years.

He married about 1677 to Mary Tucker, daughter of Capt. Samuel Tucker and his wife Jane Larcome. Mary Woodson died in 1710 in Henrico County. She is said to have been the orphan of a ship's captain. The name of Samuel Tucker's vessel was the Vinetree. He was trading on the Virginia coast and perhaps died at sea. His widow, Jane (Larcome) Tucker, then married John Pleasants, of Curles, Henrico County, VA.

John's will, was proved in court 1, May 1700. His widow made her will on 24, September 1709 and it was proved 1, August 1710 in the Henrico Court at Varina. Her mother, Jane Pleasants had only died the previous year. Her will is dated 2, January 1708/09 and was proved at the same court in June 1709, it shows she had Tucker and Pleasants offspring, and also names some of her Woodson grandchildren.

Children of John Woodson3 and Mary Tucker Woodson:

1. Joseph Woodson married three times, first to Mary Sanburne, second Elizabeth Scott and third Elizabeth Murry.

2. Samuel Tucker Woodson, died 1718 without issue, will 1717, proved 7, July 1718, naming brothers Joseph and Benjamin, sister Jane and cousin Tarleton.

3. Benjamin Woodson, born about 1693, Henrico County, VA. Married Frances Napier. See Napier Family.

4. Jane Woodson married her first cousin, once removed, Joseph Woodson, son of Robert2 Woodson (John1) and wife Elizabeth Ferris.


Benjamin Woodson, Sr., was the son of John3 and Mary (Tucker) Woodson. He was born ca 1693 in Henrico County, Virginia and died in 1778 in Fluvanna County, Virginia, aged about 85 years.

Benjamin Woodson, Sr. married, ca 1720, in Henrico County, VA. Francis Napier, daughter of Capt. Robert2 Napier and his wife Mary Perrin. Frances Napier was born 5, February 1694/95, in New Kent County, Virginia, and was last known to be living on 25 October 1777 in Fluvanna County, Virginia at the age of 82 years.

The Woodson’s and the Napiers were united for the first time in 1720 when both families dwelt in Henrico County, Virginia. It would have been impossible for Frances Napier not to know about the Woodson family, and conversely, we find it hard to imagine that Benjamin Woodson was not aware of Miss Napier. Their prominence in the affairs of the colony and the plantations indicates they may have known each other from some years and had a lengthy courtship. As facts on Capt. Robert2 Napier reveal, he had dealings at the courthouse at Varina, the old County Seat for Henrico County, as early as the 1690s before his own family was produced.

Benjamin and Frances was the first marriage between the two families, but it was not the last. Two of their own grandchildren, Elizabeth and Tabitha Woodson were married to two more of the Napier's a couple of generations later.

While Woodson was a lifelong inhabitant of Henrico, until it was subdivided and the plantation fell into Goochland County, Frances Napier was raised in several counties. It is probably correct to say she was born in New Kent, raised in King and Queen, King William and Henrico, and lived her married life in Goochland, Ablemarle and Fluvanna Counties, yet not to have moved from the place of her birth very far. Certainly, in the years from her marriage until her death in is probable that she never moved at all, living on the same land all the rest of here life.

The Woodson family first appears in the records if Goochland County, Virginia as far as our examination of records goes, in a deed of gift as follows:

To All people ... I, Adam Buttrey of Goochland County, Virginia, in consideration of the affection I beare unto my Godson Bouth Woodson, son of Benjamin & ffrances Woodson of the same County, ... for ¹10. paid by his ffather Benjamin Woodson ... 120 acres ... Dated 8 June 1734. Signed Adam "A" Buttrey his mark. Witnesses: Rene Napier, Patrick Napier and ffra: Woodson. This was proved at Court January 21, 1734/5 by the oaths of the witnesses before Henry Wood, clerk of the court.

The land was in trust for Booth Woodson since he was a minor at the time this instrument was written.

The next mention of this couple is in a scandalous case set before the County Court of Goochland in February Term, 1739. Patrick3 Napier and Rene3 Napier, with Frances, wife of Benjamin Woodson, all of Goochland, were charged with the kidnapping of Martha Claiborne, an orphan minor of Thomas Claiborne. She was, at the time of the alleged abduction, living with her sister and brother-in-law, Joseph and Frances (Claiborne) Thompson. Frances Woodson was found not guilty. Of course, the two Napier's involved where her brothers. No animosity seems to have resulted. A couple of years later, Martha Claiborne married to Patrick3 Napier, one of her accused abductors.

The Woodson’s lived long and saw many grandchildren. In his will, Benjamin, Sr. gave property to sons Benjamin, Jr., John, Rene and Patrick, and daughters Mary Perrin Fitzpatrick and Frances Anderson. He also remembered several grandchildren, including Elizabeth Booth Woodson, Benjamin and Joseph Fitzpatrick, and George and Benjamin Anderson. This will is dated 25, November 1777 and proved 3, September 1778 at Fluvanna Courthouse. He appointed his wife Frances Executrix and sons Benjamin, Rene and Patrick as Executors. He must have considered her able to carry out that work, and healthy enough for her age. However, she did not participate in the execution of the will after all and may have been ill by that time. Frances Napier Woodson left no will and no administration was taken out.

Children of Benjamin and Frances (Napier) Woodson:

1. Booth Woodson, born ca 1721, Henrico County, VA. died 1757, Goochland Co.; married Tabitha Cocke sister to Rebecca, wife of Benjamin 5 Woodson, Jr. No issue. Tabitha Cocke is said to have married second to John Winston, and had at least one child, Sarah Winston, Born 14, May 1761.

2. Benjamin5 Woodson, Jr. born ca 1725-30, Henrico Co., VA. and died 1808, Fluvanna County, VA. Married (1) Rebecca Cocke; married (2) Frances "Franky" Jordan.

3. Mary Perrin Woodson, born 1720s, still living in December 1786, married ca 1735-40, Joseph Fitzpatrick, son of William Fitzpatrick who is said to have come from Ireland about 1710. See Fitzpatrick Family for continuation of my husbands line.

4. Rene Woodson, born 1730s, Goochland County, VA. died 1817/18, Fluvanna Co., VA., married (1) 1758 Mary Thompson (she died shortly in or after childbirth 1759); married (2) 2, February 1775, St. James Northam Church, Martha Johnson, of Louisa Co., VA; (She survived him.) He was Commissioner of the Provision Law, Fluvanna, 1780-82.

5. Frances Woodson, born 1730s, Goochland Co., VA. living in 1778; married about 1752, George Anderson, born 1733, alive in 1800, Fluvanna Co., VA.

6. John Woodson, born 1740s, Goochland Co., VA. or Ablemarle, living 1800, Fluvanna Co., VA., married 20 March 1760, St. James Northan Church, Goochland Co., VA., Mary Mims.

7. Patrick Woodson, born 1740s, Goochland or Ablemarle, Co., VA., dead by 30, March 1722 when his estate Inventory was filed in Fluvanna Court. Married Nancy Cloof, she living 24 November 1823. His inventory was totaled at $10,788.50, including 47 slaves. Patrick Woodson, Sr., and Jr. are mentioned, and one Rene Woodson was paid for giving out whiskey at the sale.

end of biography 
Woodson, Dr. John The Immigrant (I41171)
607 Thomas Broyles b. 23 Oct 1847 TN d. 3 Jul 1946 Montgomery, Wright, MO m. Sarah McRoberts b. 1849 MO d. < 1900 [daughter of Frances McConnell McRoberts and Eliza Young]

A Confederate veteran who attended parades for many years in Mountain Grove, MO, he lived in Manes, Mo. and was age 94 in 1940. He died in the mid 1940's still faithful to the Southern Cause.

end of commentary 
Broyles, Thomas (I13871)
608 to Queen Elizabeth and King James... Knevet, Sir Henry Knight, 1st Baron Knyet of Escrick (I43468)
609 who married Elizabeth Courtenay, widow of Sir James Luttrell.[1][2][3] Like his father, he supported the House of Lancaster. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Tewkesbury and tried before Richard, Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Norfolk.

Executed with other Lancastrian leaders in the Market Square he was buried under the pavement in the Chapel of St Nicolas, in the Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin. 
Touchet, Sir Humphrey (I43748)
610 will recorded... Dodson, David (I5591)
611 William Magness (brother), bondsman Family F1615
612 Witnesses: Saul Smith, John Corman Jeckoniah Denton Denton, Nathaniel (I42630)
613 WLC Coffman vs Jesse Cary Sallie Jordan Amanda Jordan Attested to by E. J. Pegram and J. M. Milam that Nepthali and wife Nancy Tracy died seized and possessed of the lands described in the petition filed in this cause, lying in the 19th district of Henderson Co, Tenn, one tract containing 106 acres, the other containing 36 Acres, this last tract of 36 acres was the property in free of Nancy Tracy died.

Of the 106 tract, some 60 or 70 acres has been cleared and of this cleared land some 40 acres is now not cultivated and is grown up in brown sedges, the balance is common or ordinary land, the fences are not good and need repairing. the remaining land lies mostly in spring creek bottom, is swampy land and not situated to cultivation, the timber consist of black and white oak, gum and some bushes. the most valuable timber having been used up.

No good water on the place except a spring on the lower portion of the land. the mansion house consists of two large buildings and perhaps some shed rooms. There is also a hog crib, stable and smoke house, but all are inferior and dilapidated.

Another describes the mansion house as one room log house. Nancy's heirs to this land were M. J. Coffman, J.B. Tracy, D.W. Tracy, E.E. Tracy, M. Jessee Cary, Jas N. Tracy. "Cass" Coffman bought this land for $300. on 12-31-1888. J.T. Coffman and James G. Douglas gave him notes for the money. 
Tracy, Nephtali (I28728)
614 [Indian Territory] Johnson, Dudley Alonzo "Lonzo" (I33143)
615 !BIRTH-MARRIAGE:Deed of Gift, Orange County, NC, Newberry District. 29 Nov 1802. A negro girl to daughter Ann Durham. wife of William Durham.

Dr. Banks Cates of Charlotte, NC research notes. 
Fussell, Elizabeth Ann (I25269)
616 !BIRTH: 1830 census- Blount Co TN; 1800 census- Rowan Co NC; 1850 census-Murray Co GA-pp 235, 202; 1860 census-Whitfield Co GA-p 720.Family history left by grandson John C. Norton. Revoluntionary War pension papers for Alexander Norton (S7224 R7725).DEATH: Will of Alexander Norton in Blount Co TN signed 24 Sep 1834. SOURCES: Sarah Norton Boyles and Martha Childs. Norton, Norman (I17576)
617 !Marr: This is believed to be a second wife; he may have been a widower when he came to America. See my book on the Killian family for more information.
One note indicated her name might have been KLEIN. Others have given BEAVER as her name. Ed KILLIAN RIN 4634 (who has made an extensive study of George, son of Andreas KILLIAN RIN 51) believes her name in German was Maria Bieber Klein or anglicized to Mary Beaver Cline.
!Birth: was given as about 1700 to correspond with his age. This is unlikely if the children are hers.

I removed the birth year

!ANCESTRY: may include Mathias BIEBER (BEAVER) and his wife Susannah.

end of note 
Cline, Mary (I26253)
618 !NAME: He is a Junior. Jr. is NOT included on the name line as such use can create problems in data exchange between systems.. Jr. is NOT included on the name line as such use can create problems in data exchange between systems
!Residence: A note says he went to Texas.
!Mar: The NC History says he married a Miss BARNES.
!Name: RIN 8367 gives all the children the name Killion, but their children back to Killian. He also give a daughter (w/no name) first and adds a Lawson Killion b 1837 in Warren, TN. He also skips the last two children I had.
!INFO-IN: from Theo Kenneth Bailey RIN19547 says there was also a daughter Susanna and that Melchizedek was born 13 Jul 1823. Apr 2007 Gene KILLIAN RIN 19821 also states there is a Susanna Killian who married a Wiley R. BESS, she born abt 1827 in Warren Co, TN, and died 9 Jul 1919, burial Gholson Cem (where?).
!DEATH: May have drowned while drunk in 1845 
Killian, Samuel Cline Jr. (I33534)
619 !Name: The "Jr. is because his father became known as Andrew, although I usually write of the father with the name Andreas to distinguish more clearly.
!Ordinances:Additional ordinance data: Batch 7422704 sheet 79 B: 13 Mar 1975 OK E: 28 Mar 1975 OK SP: 26 Mar 1975 OK
!Marr: Lorena EAKER, a respected researcher states that Maria Barbara Jonas (previously married to WHITTENBURG) never married Andrew KILLIAN. However, she states that a sister did marry Andrew. However, in some E-Mail she seems to refer to Anna Barbara Jonas and Maria Barbara Jonas as the same person. I am changing this record to show only that a JONAS married Andrew.
!DEATH: was recdorded as Nov 1829 on a temple record of 1940s 
Killian, Andrew (I18453)
620 !Records of Bob Hembree, 11819 Maple St., Whittier, CA, 90601, Roots Branches Leaves, A Family Newsletter, 2nd Ed., Fall 1989. !Records received from Bob D. Hembree 915 N. Ridge View Dr., Santa Maria, CA 93455-6319. !Ancestral File ver 4.19, Source Jane Hembree Crowley, 933 Woodsmoke Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922-1634. Gives middle initial as V. and nickname as Mart.
Source (S53033)
621 !Source: The first KILLEN in America. Arrived 1737. Scotch-Irish descent. Notes may be found in LDS Family History Center under KILLEN film 0006286 Killen, Robert "Capt. Justice" (I26250)
622 !Source:Data provided by Dallas Killion
!Mar: The husband FLEMING is believed to be the first husband. No children are known and to make it easier Leonard is listed as first husband. There is a theory that she may have had a son, Adam, by FLEMING, who was adopted by her second husband, Leonard KILLIAN, and that Adam took the name Killion.
!WILL: Her will is dated the 11th of April 1796 and it was "proved" in open court in October 1810. This means that she died prior to 1810, but the length of time between death and the "proving" of the will is not known. The will was sent to me about 1984 by DAvid McMillin RIN 7895.
!DEATH: given as 11 Apr 1796 and after 11 Apr 1796

!INFO-IN: see also Alan VINCENT RIN 48728 for more information about her and the source of her information. 
Killen, Mary Margaret (I26087)
623 !YEAGER: United Ancestries 28 May 1987 BIRTH: b. Eng., 1583-88, freeman at Newbury, Massachusetts, 1635, removed to Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1640; The Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620 - 1700, by Holme, Page 1xiv, FHC E4b. !DOWDEN: Born "1583" place "Marlborough, Wilts, England. Died "29 Jan 1678", "town officer/pur". !BURLEIGH: One of the original settlers of Haverhill, Massachusetts, and an imigrant from Marlborough, Wiltdhire, England. Davis, James (I15552)
624 " Baroness Eleanor Maltravers (~1345-1405)", abstracted October 18, 2015,,_2nd_Baroness_Maltravers Source (S8162)
625 " Edmund FERRERS" profile, which was abstracted, downloaded and published Saturday, March 4th, 2017 by David A. Hennessee,, FERRERS (6° B. Ferrers of Chartley) Source (S10562)
626 " Mary Margarite De Venuz", profile,, retrieved, recorded & uploaded to the URL,, Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, by David A. Hennessee, Source (S11504)
627 " Muriel Howard (1486-1515)", HOWARD (V. Lisle) Source (S7517)
628 " Sir Thomas Knyvet (1482 1512)" biography, profile manager: Jonathan Dale Walter Myers, last modified, December 11, 2014, Source (S7719)
629 " Sir William CALVERLEY" profile, which was abstracted, downloaded and published Wednesday, March 16th, 2017 by David A. Hennessee,, Source (S10667)
630 " Sybil (de Braose) BRUCE", profile,, Source (S4572)
631 " William (de Braose) BRUCE", profile,, retrieved, recorded & uploaded to the URL,, Thursday, August 17th, 2017, by David A. Hennessee, Source (S4571)
632 ""Bess Family Surname DNA Project",, retrieved, recorded & uploaded to this website, Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, by David A. Hennessee,, Source (S46122)
633 ""Blind John" Chisholm/Chisum/etc" --"New Information"
By William Chisholm February 10, 2008 at 09:56:58,, retrieved, recorded & uploaded to this website, Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, by David A. Hennessee, 
Source (S10957)
634 ""United States Census, 1850," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 April 2016), Peter Countiss, Grundy county, Grundy, Tennessee, United States; citing family 42, NARA microfilm publication M432 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.)., retrieved, recorded & uploaded to this website, Sunday, July 30th, 2017, by David A. Hennessee, Source (S11382)
635 "... Evan Watkins who established Watkins Ferry on the Potomac River in Fredrick County, Virgina about 1738." Watkins, Evan (I45354)
636 "...a planter, Democrat and member of the Methodist Church." Tate, Millard Filmore (I4736)
637 "...and died from wounds from accidental discarge of a revolver in the hands
of her husband."...Thomas Barnes 
Etter, Mary (I21544)
638 "...and they migrated through St.Louis,1850,and into Wright County where some of their relatives had already settled."...Barbara Rippee Claxton Hennessee, Rebecca Ann (I21371)
639 "...bound to M. T. Gillentine..","Van Buren County Historical Journal", Vol. XI, p. 7 Crelia, James Marion "Marion" (I15137)
640 "...died in 1935 from complications during childbirth." Dale, Cora Elizabeth (I9729)
641 " line of SAVAGE names ends with Lucinda SAVAGE, who had lived through two of the three murders, and was the daughter of Jesse and Bersheba SAVAGE mentioned previously. Born in 1803, Lucinda SAVAGE married Hugh J. SLAUGHTER, who ironically was the son of a murdered Justice of the Peace in Georgia, as told in a previous post. SAVAGE and SLAUGHTER.......appropriate names for two families on the edge of frontier America. Robert SAVAGE is the 6th great grandfather of Anthony MARTINI" Savage, Lucinda (I42793)
642 "...Eliza Hembree, supposed daughter of Mary Spakes Hembree, was born in 1848; and it is unknown what became of her. She seems to have disappeared either by death or marriage changing her name. Indeed, her name probably was not even Hembree to begin with since Mary was not a Hembree at the time of her birth." Hembrie, Eliza (I15468)
643 "...Father: Ellis Emmanuel JONES. Mother: Ellen Jane EVANS. Note: Came to this country when she was 13, from Wales in the ship 'Submission'"

Abstracted by Barbara Pace, 6605 Dakar Road, Fort Worth, TX 76116 and reprinted in "Cantrell Cousins",April 1996,Vol.#3 Series 2, pp. 3-4;

Will of Jane Jones, Will Book "E",p. 204, File #278,1732, Register of Wills, City of Philadelphia, PA;

"Be it remembered that I Jane Jones of the City of Phil. in the Province of Penn., widow, being at present weak of body but by the mercy of God of perfect & sound memory, I now considering the certainty of death & uncertainty when it may please God to bring me to it, do think it convenient to settle my concerns in the world according to ,my mind & will--& I do now make void & null all former wills by me made & I do order & appoint this to be my last will & testament in manner & form following viz:

1st after my death, I will & bequeath my soul to Almighty God through Jesus Christ my Lord & my body to a descent(sp) buryall(sp) at the discretion of my executrix hereafter named & all my debts to be paid.

Item 1st. I do give & bequeath to my grandson Nathan Pegg 1 Eng shilling or the value of it in coin current;

I do give & bequeath to my grandson Zebulon Cantrell 1 Eng schilling (etc)

I do give & bequeath to my grandson Joseph Cantrell 1 Eng shilling (etc)

I do give & bequeath to my granddaughter Dorothy Cantrall (same)

I do give & bequeath to my granddau Mary Price (same)

I do give & bequeath to granddau Jane---- (same)

to grandson Richard White (same). &

I do give & bequeath to my dau. Mary Jones all the remainder of my goods both real & personal to be hers & at her disposal forever to sell & dispose of as she shall think fit & convenient & I do make order & appoint my said dau. Mary Jones to by my full & sole executrix of this my last will & testament. In witness hereunto I have set my hand & seal, dated ye 3rd day August in yr of our Lord 1730.

Signed Sealed Published & Declared by the Testatrix Jane Jones as her Last Will & Testament in the presence of

James Estangh her
Att Jane X Jones
Joseph Driker mark

I the above Textatrix, Jane Jones in consideration of my above Mary here decease since the above date to hereby give, devise & bequeath unto my grandchildren Ellis Jones & Susannah Jones (my said dau Mary Jones her issue) & their heirs & assigns forever all the above mentioned residue & remainder of my estate real & personal & I do hereby nominate & appoint my friend John Calwalader of Phil. my executor, witness my hand & seal set to this codical(sp) of my will dated 7 Dec 1732.

Codical was witnessed & sworn to at the time of probate 27 Dec 1732, inventory--27 July next--acct 10 Feb--filed 2 Mar 1733".

Evans, Ellen Jane "Jane" (I3972)
644 "...four sons by his second wife, two of whom served in WWI."/Thomas G. Webb Miller, Julia (I22611)
645 "...grandfather of Elaine Durham Bargatze, correspondent.> Durham, James Americus (I47406)
646 "...has always caused me to wonder if Lazarus Dodson married a Native woman." ... Roberta J. Estes Family F15382
647 "...he became the first King of England from the Lancaster branch of the Plantagenets."

Marriage and issue

The date and venue of Henry's first marriage, to Mary de Bohun, are uncertain, but her marriage licence, purchased by Henry's father John of Gaunt in June 1380 is preserved at the National Archives. The accepted date of the ceremony is 5 February 1381, at Mary's family home of Rochford Hall, Essex.[2] Alternately, the near-contemporary chronicler Jean Froissart reports a rumour that Mary's sister Eleanor de Bohun kidnapped Mary from Pleshey Castle and held her at Arundel Castle, where she was kept as a novice nun; Eleanor's intention was to control Mary's half of the Bohun inheritance (or to allow her husband, Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester, to control it).[24][25] There Mary was persuaded to marry Henry. They had six children:[26]

Henry V of England (1386–1422)
Thomas of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Clarence (1387–1421)
John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford (1389–1435)
Humphrey of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Gloucester (1390–1447)
Blanche of England (1392–1409) married in 1402 Louis III, Elector Palatine
Philippa of England (1394–1430) married in 1406 Eric of Pomerania, king of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Mary died in 1394, and on 7 February 1403 Henry married Joanna of Navarre, the daughter of Charles d'âEvreux, King of Navarre, at Winchester. She was the widow of John V of Brittany, with whom she had had four daughters and four sons; however, her marriage to the King of England was to be childless. But Henry had already four sons from his first marriage, which was undoubtedly a clinching factor in his acceptability for the throne. By contrast, Richard II had no children and Richard's heir-presumptive Edmund Mortimer was only seven years old. The only two of Henry's six children who produced children to survive to adulthood were Henry V and Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. Henry IV's male Lancaster line ended in 1471 during the War of the Roses, between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists, with the deaths of his grandson Henry VI and Henry VI's son Edward, Prince of Wales. The descendants of Henry IV's son Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, include Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, queen consort of George VI and mother of Elizabeth II,[27] and the Queen's current daughters-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.[28] 
Henry IV King of England (I43553)
648 "...he was hanged for 'ye sin of bestiality with sundrie creatures." Potter, William The Immigrant (I33767)
649 "...John White, who held a lease under New College, Oxford, by his wife Isabel, daughter of John Bawle of Lichfield..." Bawle, Elizabeth Isabel (I41188)
650 "...Know all men by these presents that we William Sharpe of Talbot County and Phillip Poplestone master of the ship Encrease of Youghall are holden and firmly bound to the right honorable Charles Lord Baltimore in the sum of one hundred pounds sterling to be paid to the said Charles Lord Baltimore the said sum of one hundred pounds or his certain attorney, executors and administrators or assigns to they which payment well and truly be made we bind us and either of us our and either of our heirs executors and administrators and every of us jointly and severally by himself for all and in the whole firmly by these presents signed with our hand and sealed with our seals dated the eight and twentieth day of March one thousand six hudred seventy nine and in the fourth year of the Dominion of the said Charles Lord Baltimore over Maryland.

Whereas the persons in the catague(sic) mentioned were lately brought over by the above bound Phillip Poplestone in the ship above mentioned and their rights by him assigned to the above bound William Sharpe as by the said catalogue may appear and whereas upon their humble request the above named Charles Lord Baltimore hath the day of the date above written promised a grant to the said William Sharpe by his general warrant to take up land in the province for the right of the said several persons now the condition of this obligation is such that if the said persons mentioned and named in the said catalogue or any or either of them have not formerly been made use or in order to their rights nor shall be hereafter made use of to the purpose otherwise then according to the intent that is herein and hereby declared then this obligation to be void and of none effect otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Sealed and delivered by the said Wm. Sharpe in the presence of William Sharpe, Vincent Lowe, Rich Keen, Thos. Greening. Annexed to the above obligation was this catalogue follow viz and catalogue of all the servants names which came out of Ireland into Maryland in the ship Encrease of Youghall Phillip Poplestone master, March 8, 1679.

...42. Cath Hennesy"

(Data taken from a photocopy of the original record, located at the Maryland Hall of Records (Patents, Liber 20, folio 184). Photocopy. Personal library of Eric Shawn, Oak Grove, Oregon. This reference to Thomas Shehawne is also found in Harry Wright Newman's To Maryland from Overseas. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986, p. 156.) 
LNU), (Catherine (I26193)
651 "...last seen in the Marengo County, Alabama..."

Braswell, Robert "Robin" (I45215)
652 "...listed in 1840 as 5-10 years of age, but missing from the 1850 census." Cantrell, Son (I4552)
653 "...married three times. Once to Florence HARRISON. Lived near Waco,TX.
nfr.", Catherine Lynn. 
Crelia, Lilliston (I22712)
654 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tracy, Dale (I44605)
655 "...mother of Henry V of England" de Bohun, Mary (I45187)
656 "...moved to Spartanburg,SC with his parents and later to Warren Co.,TN where he died."

Revolutionary Patriot, private, serving in Salisbury District. Preacher. 
Cantrell, Reverend Isaac M. (I3983)
657 "...moved with his parents to Spartanburg County, SC, near Mayo, where married
and had a large family. He moved to Tennessee by 1810 and settled in Warren
County on Sink Creek which became a part of DeKalb County..."...Christie. 
Cantrell, John "Johnny Flat" (I3954)
658 "...My mother's sister, Ella, who was named for Grandmother Merriman's sister, Aunt Ella Kesey, married Mr. Joe Harmon. They had four children, three daughters, and one son.The daughters were Josie,Lula and Frankie.The son was Billy. My mother was very close to her sister, Ella and family. They seemed to have a lot in common and enjoyed being together very much. However, this wonderful association was to last only a few years.

They were all saddened and grieved by the sudden death of Aunt Ella. The children were young when their mother passed away, but uncle Joe, who was a very fine man, did a marvelous job in taking care of them. He realized the difficulty he faced in trying to be both a father and mother to his children, but he was determined to meet the responsibility.

My mother said Joe Harmon was such a good and kind man that he put the welfare of his children above everything else. Uncle Joe devoted his life to his children and denied himself the possibility of happiness in another marriage. He lived on a farm in the Smyrna Community, but it seems that he was more interested in the timber business. However, this was all changed by an accident involved in hauling a load of lumber. One leg was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. As a result of this accident Uncle Joe was forced to turn to something less active. This he did by opening a country store. Since he was such a nice, friendly person, his operation of the country store proved to be very successful." 
Harmon, Joseph "Joe" (I680)
659 "...Pioneer James Magness, the first white man in Yellville." Magness, James Washington (I23645)
660 "...Samuel Asbury was the son of George Clonts..." Clontz, Samuel Asbury "Asbury" (I9637)
661 "...Sarah Magness Webb and Daniel Webb reared their family in the neighborhood of the Caney Fork Baptist Church, where they built a school for the education of the their children. They left a large family of useful and worthy men and women, who have been a credit to their lives." Magness, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" (I767)
662 "...Sir Thomas Tunstall, probably his son, who was already a knight in 1382, and who in 1402 obtained the king's licence to crenellate his manor of Thurland and to inclose and impark 1,000 acres of meadow, &c., called Fairthwaite. Sir Thomas died in 1415 holding the manor of Cantsfield of John Harrington in socage by a rent of 3s. 4d.; also the manors of Tunstall, Burrow and Leck, Newton and Hubberthorn."

Tunstall, Sir Thomas Knight (I35548)
663 "...states that he and the remaining grandchildren of Anderson's son., Gassaway, believe the list to be correct, although not necessarily given in order of their birth: 1. William., 2. Sidney, 3. Thomas., 1794 in North Carolina, 4. Nancy, m. 1828p Simon Davis, 5. Polly, 6. Willis, m. 1831,, Phebe Green, 7. Abraham, b. 1805p 8. Sally, m. William Davis, 9. Lucinda, m. 1832, George Davis., 10. Eliza,, m. 1832, Richard Philbeck, 11. Anna, b. 1799, m. 1837, d. 1881, m. John Davis, 12. Gassaway., b. 1808, d. 1869, m. 1838, Martha Parker, 13. Andrew.. 14. Arena, m. 1842, Miner Lequire,, 15. Drury Anderson was still living in 1834 but must have died before 1840. He was mentioned in the 1820 N. C. Census at which date there were in the home three boys and six girls. [We enjoyed a short visit two years ago with Anderson Womack at Mill Spring, N. C. He is a re tired school teacher in his 70s and has done much research on the Womack family. 0. B. W.]

Anderson's son Thomas and wife Elizabeth mentioned in the 1820 Census of Warren County had a son Nathan., b. N. C.p 1817 and a daughter Nancy, b. Tenn.y 1819. Evidently they moved to Tennessee between 1817 and 1819. Thomas lived in Warren County at the times of the 1820, 1830 and 1840 Censuses. He was mentioned in the 1850 Census of Cannon County and owned land there in 1844.

He and Eliza beth are also mentioned in the 1860 Census of Cannon County and evidently he died there before the 1870 Census. His granddaughter, in an affidavit stated that she was born in 1873, a daughter of John Newton Womack who was the son of Thomas. She also stated that Thomas died at the home of his son, John Newton Womack in Cannon County., and she thought he died before she was born. Her name was Julia Ann Davenport, Lebanon, Tenn. [We visited her two or three years ago. 0. B. W.]

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Womack were

Nathan, b. N. C.p 1817. The other children all b. in Tennessee, were,
Nancy., b. 1819, m. Abraham Ford, Robert G., b. 1832.,
Willis, b. 1836,
Drury. b. 1838 and
Amos, b. 1841. These dates are from the 1850 Census of Cannon County, however actual date of Amos, b, July 19, 1840 in Warren County.,..." 
Womack, Thomas (I14974)
664 "...that James M. Hembree is a grandson raised as a son, not a son, of Abraham..."...Larry Petrisky,p. ii

end of commentary 
Hembree, James Madison "Mat or Nat" (I10853)
665 "...they had eight or more children.", Thomas G. Webb.
" her old age, Sally lived with a daughter, Becky Scott, in DeKalb County near her brother's home." 
Magness, Sarah G. "Sally" (I4254)
666 "...Tisdale Spencer Sr. (born c.1792 N.C.) joined family in l870. Tisdale Sr. wife was Elizabeth Hennessee Spencer..Many families joined Spencers from Gilmer Co. some names are LONG, STEPP, LONDON..all related to Spencer family.Please contact me, I have much information on the Spencer family." Hennessee, Elizabeth (I1892)
667 "...To eldest son SETH WARD plantation I now live on and all the lands that shall be left in what I expressed in my will above said.

To eldest son, SETH WARD, one bed, bedstead, with curtains and vallainces, 2 flock beds with covering, one large table, and forme, one old chest, one pr doggirons, 7 pewter dishes, one gallon flagon, 6 plates and leather chair, one joint stoole, one chest, pr pott racks, one copper kettle, one brass kettle, one smoothing iron, a spit and frying pan, one courch, pr pot hooks, one powdering tub, 3 napkins, 3 pr sheets, 8 head cattle, one great iron pestle, one well bucket & chain, one ladle, one copper pot, 9 silver spoons, 2 seal gold ring, 1 silver bowl, and salt cellars, 1 silver dram cup."

end of legacy 
Ward, Captain Seth (I32887)
668 "...was a Confederate soldier, wounded in battle, which left him a cripple.

He afterwards became a lawyer and moved first to Nashville, then to Franklin, where he died.

He was a man of handsome, impressive appearance and a capable and successful lawyer.

His issue reside in Birmingham, AL." 
Magness, Richard Marion "Dick" (I776)
669 "...was a prominent man with much influence and financially well fixed. He
lived in Smithville where he reared his family and where he was in business."
Probably named for a prominent Tennessee politician...Clyde Potter Letter. 
Potter, William Carroll (I4190)
670 "...was killed May 6, 1864, at the Battle of the Wilderness in Virginia."

More info ... 
Durham, Micajah (I47401)
671 "...was murdered and robbed while working at Camp Forrest, Tullahoma,TN. He
had just been paid and was enroute to his barracks when he was struck by an
unknown assailant...Catherine G. Lynn." 
Goodson, John William (I5604)
672 "...was of Dutch origin. She was short and had dark hair. She had a strong
coarse voice. I remember her. She visited and stayed in our home as we were
growing up.", Norvin Clontz. 
Lowdermilk, Fannie Evelyn (I9725)
673 "...went from Virginia into Smith County,Tennessee. The date is not known
and the name of his wife is not known. He left Smith County and moved to Van
Buren County, Tennessee, in 1846 with his three sons. It is assumed that his
wife was dead at this time. There may have been other sons and daughters who
remained in Smith County or went elsewhere."...AC Hillis
Unmarked grave... 
Clark, Benjamin (I23952)
674 "...who died in the Civil War."...Barbara Rippee Claxton
10 Aug 2010; No record of him in 
Yeager, James T(homas) (I21533)
675 "...who it is said married and settled in Tennessee." Cantrell, Daughter (I3967)
676 "...who tradition records as having married and settled in Georgia." Cantrell, Daughter (I3968)
677 "...who was killed by Mary's brother, George Etter, while in camp in Georgia,
during the Civil War."...Thomas Barnes
May be son of Abner/"Warren County,TN Will Book 3",p. 144...DAH 
Woodlee, John Lafayette (I21547)
678 "...William Babthorpe of Osgodby by Christina, da. of John Sothill of Stockfaston, Leics." Sothill, Christina (I41361)
679 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Dowis, Jeaneane Jo (I35089)
680 "1760-2010 Bragg-King Pedigrees", compiled by Tom Bragg | Source (S51431)
681 "1760-2010 Bragg-King Pedigrees", compiled by Tom Bragg | Source (S51432)
682 "1800-1861 Granberry-Keeling Pedigree", compiled by Tom Bragg | Source (S51425)
683 "1812 Warren County, Tennessee Tax List", Unidentified Return, Transcribed from TSLA Roll No. 9 by C. Hammett" Source (S7606)
684 "1830 Census - Middle Tennessee", Byron Sistler, 1971. Source (S19)
685 "1830 Census - Middle Tennessee", Byron Sistler, 1971. Source (S16990)
686 "1830 Census - Middle Tennessee", transcribed & indexed by Byron Sistler, 1971, p. 158; (Warren Co.)

Zachariah More 0111101-0212001"

BTW, his children share common Christian names with Indimian Moore's family...

Mary MOORE, born 1788, Virginia is enumerated in two families from Thomas; 1850 DeKalb Co.,TN Census, Family #633, p. 73. 
Moore, Thomas J. (I6849)
687 "1830 Federal Census for Warren County, Tennessee", from NARA microfilm, M19, Roll 181 Source (S1116)
688 "1850 Warren County, Tennessee Census", "United States Census, 1850," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 9 November 2014), Thomas Parris, Warren county, Warren, Tennessee, United States; citing family 981, NARA microfilm publication M432 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.)., abstracted, recorded & published Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 by David A. Hennessee, Source (S10232)
689 "1850 White County,TN Census", transcribed from microfilm, by Peggy Allison, 1981. Source (S22006)
690 "1850 White County,TN Census",transcribed from microfilm,by Peggy Allison,
1981,"Hache-Hash...",p. 77 
Source (S29237)
691 "1850 White County,TN Census",transcribed from microfilm,by Peggy Allison,
1981,"Warren County Cemetery Book 1",p. 186 
Source (S42581)
692 "1850 White County,TN Census",transcribed from microfilm,by Peggy Allison,
1981,"Warren County Cemetery Book 1",p. 186;RUSSELL,Richard:FGR 
Source (S29247)
693 "1900 Warren County, Tennessee Census", abstracted by Robert A. C. Hillis, Jr., given to me by Mary & Shirley Barnes, revisited, abstracted, downloaded and published Saturday, February 4th, 2017 by David A. Hennessee, Source (S13)
694 "1900 Warren County, Tennessee Census", abstracted by Robert A. C. Hillis, Jr., given to me by Mary & Shirley Barnes, revisited, abstracted, downloaded and published Saturday, February 4th, 2017 by David A. Hennessee, Source (S10358)
695 "5 Sep 1870 Bastardy case: Eliza Dickey - child born 186_ in Van Buren Co. - vs Murphee Drake - granted; L. M. Drake and Uriah Drake signed." Source is the Van Buren County Historical Journal, Vol. XI, p. 36 Family F9048
696 "5 Sep 1870 Bastardy case: Eliza Dickey - child born 186_ in Van Buren Co. - vs Murphee Drake - granted; L. M. Drake and Uriah Drake signed." Van Buren County Historical Journal, Vol. XI, p. 36 Source (S11315)
697 "5 Sep 1870 Bastardy case: Eliza Dickey - child born 186_ in Van Buren Co. - vs Murphee Drake - granted; L. M. Drake and Uriah Drake signed."/Van Buren County Historical Journal, Vol. XI, p. 36 Drake, Levi Murphy "Murphy" (I23148)
698 "A Brief and Incomplete History of the House of Curwen"....

Curwen, Sir Christopher II (I35540)
699 "A brief history of the Duttons of Dutton", by G. H. Buchan, 1984, abstracted December 18, 2015 by David A. Hennessee, Source (S8762)
700 "A Calendar of Early Bermuda Deeds", Volume 5A, 1618-1680, edited by Peter D.
Garrod, M.A.,abstracted by David A. Hennessee;Rich,Jane:Pedigree provided by
Frank Young;;19 Jan 2001 
Source (S35892)

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