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41001 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hennessee, Michael Hugh (I3565)
41002 Unmarried. Somewhat retarded. Hennessee, Doris Ivy (I1269)
41003 Unmarried...CGL Crelia, Raymond Leslie (I25768)
41004 Unmarried...Lynn McGee, Elza Lewis (I21086)
41005 Unmarried...Modlin Clontz, John Oscar "Oscar" (I10702)
41006 Unmarried...Wes Dodson Webb, Price (I21778)
41007 Unnamed Slave:
owner's name: Abram L Byas
esidence: Bienville parish, Bienville, Louisiana
ender: Female
ace: Black
ge: 45 years
alculated birth year: 1805
ilm number: 443485
igital folder number: 4198715
mage number: 00357
ine number: 38
ounty: Bienville
tate: Louisiana
ollection: Abram L Byas in household of Abram L Byas, "United States Census (Slave Schedule), 1850 " 
Byas, Abram Landres (I7691)
41008 Unusual family name...ADIER
Adier, Emeline (I28918)
41009 Upchurch Family
Posted By: Cheryl Holland
Date: Monday, 6 June 2005, at 10:15 p.m.
I am searching for information on the family of Joseph Upchurch (1776-1850) and his son Ambrose (1806-1851). They lived in the Warren County area until around 1875.

pg 171-172. 2 Sep 1850. Ambrose Upchurch appointed administrator of the estate of Joseph Upchurch, dec'd. 
Upchurch, Joseph (I27558)
41010 UPDATE: 1998-11-30 David Hennessee UPDATE: 1994-11-14 OCCU: School Will Book 3 p 65 gives middle initial "L"; census says "T" FATHER: Will Book 3 p 65 MARRIAGE: Book A p 38 Hennessee, Anderson L. (I158)
41011 Upholland is a civil parish and village in West Lancashire, England, approximately 3 miles east of Skelmersdale and 4 miles west of Wigan. The population of the civil parish at the 2011 census was 7,376.


The locality was referred to as Holland in 1086 in the Domesday Book.[3] The name Upholland differentiates it from another place locally called Downholland, 10 miles to the west (on the other side of Ormskirk). Both derive their names from the manor of Holland, a possession of the Holland family until 1534.

Map & source: 
Holland, Margaret (I37175)
41012 Upon his death (Sir Thomas), he left his estate to his son Nicholas,[2] an ancestor of William, Duke of Cambridge 's maternal ancestors, the Spencer family... Fairfax, Sir Nicholas (I35872)
41013 Upper Cumberland Genealogical Association, Vol. XXXV, No. 2, Summer 2010 Source (S35723)
41014 Upper Cumberland Genealogical Association, Vol.XVII, No.4, p. 154.,
Watkins,Chuck:Pedigree:faxed 14 Sep 2001;865/482-4641 
Source (S16456)
41015 Upper Hardres /h?rdz/ is a village and civil parish south of Canterbury in Kent, England Martin, Ellen (I34996)
41016 URL:

Subject: Goldie Mae Hennessee
Author: Sandy Miller
Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Hennessee, Walker, McClanahan

Goldie Mae Hennessee was the daughter of George Landrum and Elvira McClanahan Walker. They were originally from Tennessee and settled in Pottawatomie county in Oklahoma during the land run. Information courtesy of Ann Storer.

Goldie Mae Hennessee

Goldie Mae Hennessee
Posted by Sandy Miller on Wed, 19 Apr 2000
Surname: Hennessee

Goldie Mae Hennessee
Funeral services were held at 10 a.m., Tuesday, 29-Oct-1985 in the Cyril First
Baptist Church for Goldie Mae Hennessee, 98, Cyril, who died 27-Oct-1985 at
Cyril. Rev. A.L. Swagerty, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Apache,
officiating. Burial was in the Cement Cemetery under the direction of the
Cyril Funeral Home.
Mrs. Hennessee was born 05-Apr-1887 near Davis, Ok. She married William H.
Hennessee on 23-Sep-1911 at Shawnee. They came to Cyril on 30-Jan-1931 from
Tribbey, Pottawatomie county, Ok. She was a member of the Tribbey Free Will
Baptist Church.
Preceding her in death were her husband; two sons, George and James; her
parents; four brothers and three sisters. Survivors include one son, one
daughter, 17 grandchildren, 41 great grandchildren and 18
Walker, Goldie Mae "Mae" (I2820)
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Subject: Mooneys
Author: Bertha Tucker Jones
Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2001
Classification: Query
Surnames: Mooney, Parnell

Indeed it is. We have him as James -some think his name was James Jacob but he md (1)unknown (2) Retta Parnell.

He was the son of Jacob Mooney the emigrant. We have James as father of: Jacob Parnell, David,John W., Edward, Byars, James T., Amos S., Andrew J., Joseph H., Jesse, Henrietta, Diadema, and two more daughters. Is this research the same as yours?

Would love to check further with you on this. Please email me. Thanks for responding. 
Mooney, James T. (I25006)
41018 URL: Source (S51537)
41019 URL:
"United States Census, 1850," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 05 Jul 2013), Allen Merryman, 1850.
Name: Allen Merryman
vent Type: Census
vent Date: 1850
vent Place: Bledsoe county, Bledsoe, Tennessee, United States
ender: Male
ge: 37
arital Status:
ace (Original):
irthplace: North Carolina
irth Year (Estimated): 1813
ouse Number: 190
amily Number: 190
ine Number: 6
ffiliate Publication Number: M432
ffiliate Film Number: 870
S Film number: 24561
igital Folder Number: 004191096
mage Number: 00178
Household Gender Age Birthplace
llen Merryman M 37 North Carolina
liza E Merryman F 30 Tennessee
lizabeth Merryman F 78 North Carolina
ary Merryman F 46 North Carolina
rvin Merryman M 76 North Carolina Allen Merryman, "United States Census, 1850" 
Merriman, Allen (I16528)
41020 URL:
"United States Census, 1870," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 06 Jul 2013), Martha Merriman in entry for Bettie Merriman, .
Name: Martha Merriman
irth Year (Estimated): 1795
ender: Female
ge (Original): 75y
ace: White
irthplace: North Carolina
vent Place: Tennessee, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
ettie Merriman M 73y Virginia
artha Merriman F 75y North Carolina
idda A Merriman F 10y Tennessee
Hickman F 44y North Carolina
J Hickman F 14y Tennessee
ennie Bolton F 15y Tennessee Martha Merriman in household of Bettie Merriman, "United States Census, 1870" 
Ferguson, Martha (I21137)
41021 URL:
"United States Census, 1870," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 06 Jul 2013), Martha Merriman in entry for Bettie Merriman, .
Name: Martha Merriman
irth Year (Estimated): 1795
ender: Female
ge (Original): 75y
ace: White
irthplace: North Carolina
vent Place: Tennessee, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
ettie Merriman M 73y Virginia
artha Merriman F 75y North Carolina
idda A Merriman F 10y Tennessee
Hickman F 44y North Carolina
J Hickman F 14y Tennessee
ennie Bolton F 15y Tennessee Martha Merriman in household of Bettie Merriman, "United States Census, 1870" 
Merriman, Lydia Ann (I31959)
41022 URL:
"United States Census, 1900," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 07 Jul 2013), Thomas L Chisam in entry for John Chisam, 1900.
Name: Thomas L Chisam
itles and Terms:
vent Type: Census
vent Date: 1900
vent Place: ED 31 Civil District 17, Franklin, Tennessee, United States
irth Date: Mar 1900
irthplace: Tennessee
elationship to Head of Household: Son
ather's Birthplace: Tennessee
other's Birthplace: Illinois
ace: White
ender: Male
arital Status: Single
ears Married:
arriage Year (Estimated):
other of how many children:
umber of Living Children:
mmigration Year:
age: 4
heet Letter: B
amily Number: 85
eference ID: 91
S Film number: 1241570
igital Folder Number: 004118957
mage Number: 00160
Household Gender Age Birthplace
ead John Chisam M 47 Tennessee
ife Francis N. Chisam F 30 Illinois
on Thomas L Chisam M 0 Tennessee
oarder Emma Baumgardner F 54 Tennessee Thomas L Chisam in household of John Chisam, "United States Census, 1900" 
Chisam, Thomas Lee "Tom" (I3398)
41023 URL:
"United States, Civil War Confederate Applications for Pardons, 1865-1867," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 05 Jul 2013), Lewis D Merriman, 1865 - 1867.
Name: Lewis D Merriman
vent Type: Amnesty
vent Date: 1865 - 1867
vent Place: South Carolina
ffiliate Publication Title: Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ('Amnesty Papers'), 1865-1867
ffiliate Publication Number: M1003
ffiliate Film Number: 46Collection: Lewis D Merriman, "United States, Civil War Confederate Applications for Pardons, 1865-1867" 
Merriman, Lewis D. (I25799)
41024 US Air Force Page, Jay Emmit (I40262)
41025 US Army Hennessee, Charles Long (I3154)
41026 US Army Byars, Leffry Allen (I19089)
41027 US Army Page, Jay T. (I40249)
41028 US Army Hughes, Elmer Raymond "Dutch" (I41764)
41029 US Army Middleton, Jesse (I41980)
41030 US Army Swindell, Robert Straight (I44508)
41031 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hennessee, Bradley E. "Brad" (I2491)
41032 US Army Air Corps Hale, Argel Thomas (I40582)
41033 US Army Sargeant Strickland, Dr. Roscoe Lee Jr., Ph.D. (I47395)
41034 US Army Sargent Hennessee, John Raymond (I876)
41035 US Army, Private Volentine, Curtis N. (I39482)
41036 US Army... DeCeuninck, George H. (I41261)
41037 US Census Putnam Co.,TN,1860,compiled and published by Joyce Bradley McComb,
1989,1730 Jesamine Road,Lexington,SC 29073,803/356-3581 
Source (S36056)
41038 US Census Putnam Co.,TN,1860,compiled and published by Joyce Bradley McComb,
1989,1730 Jesamine Road,Lexington,SC 29073,803/356-3581;Watkins,Chuck:SETTLE
Source (S36058)
41039 US Congressman. Elected to represent Oklahoma's 6th and 7th Districts in the United States House of Representatives, he served from 1941 to 1947, 1949 to 1957, and from 1961 to 1965. He was defeated in 1946, 1956, 1958, and in 1964. Also served as a Member of the Oklahoma State House of Representatives from 1971 to 1979, and in 1988, the year he passed away. Wickersham, Victor Eugene (I40987)
41040 US Congressman. Elected to represent Tennessee's 4th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1847 to 1849. Also served as a Member of the Tennessee State Legislature.

Hill, Hugh Lawson White (I28423)
41041 US Infantry, War Between the States
35th Illinois Infantry, 35th Regiment Illinois Infantry
Company K, Rank Private 
Jennings, Lenore "Jim" (I42954)
41042 US Navy Byars, Alva J. "Alvie" (I5924)
41043 US Navy Goodson, Milburn Alfred "M.A." (I30414)
41044 US Navy Lively, Gordon Raymond (I39504)
41045 US Navy Wilcher, Hollie Eugene (I40334)
41046 US Navy Russell, Richard T. (I40672)
41047 US Navy Merriman, Leburn (I41808)
41048 US Navy Berry, Dermont Richard (I41873)
41049 US Navy Lanning, Forest Raymond (I42713)
41050 US Navy Seals, Ryan Brown "Brownie" (I43716)
41051 US Navy Sea Bees... Byas, Charles Hilborn (I39610)
41052 US Navy, Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class, Served in the Navy 1954-1967, Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class Byars, Jerry Dan (I39300)
41053 US World War I Draft Registration 1917-1918 DeCeuninck, Gustaaf Charles (I31444)
41054 usgenweb/tn/white/cemeteries/pollard.txt Source (S16609)
Shannon Conway interview | 21 Mar 2011 | 580.492.6540 
Source (S37824)
41056 Source (S1074)
41057, retrieved March 1, 2016 Source (S7763)
41058 USMC Graham, Chester Ray (I38118)
41059 USMC Henry, George Felix (I39771)
41060 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Still, Jerry Wayne (I40096)
41061 USMC Lanning, Brian Norbert (I42714)
41062 USMC... Etier, J. D. (I37887)
41063 Utah, Salt Lake County Death Records, 1908-1949 for Barney Bramhall Source (S44412)
41064 VA Hospital in Clontz, Albert Lanier (I11235)
41065 VA Hospital, Hennessee, Edgar Franklin "Ed" (I305)
41066 VA Hospital, Scott, Arcie (I1441)
41067 VA Hospital, Finger, Howard Wilson (I1449)
41068 VA Hospital, Clontz, Charles McGee (I10632)
41069 VA Hospital, Capshaw, Albert L. (I19744)
41070 VA Hospital, Higginbotham, Drury Akeman (I19796)
41071 VA Hospital, Simons, Abe (I19882)
41072 VA Hospital... Lock, William Francis (I27851)
41073 VA Patents 34, p. 367
Library of Virginia Digital Collection:
Land Office Patents and Grants
Archd. & Jno: Clendening
340 Acres
Form Page [illegible]st
George the Second &c: To all &c: Know ye that for the Considerations mentioned in an order of our Trusty and Wellbeloved William Gooch Esquire late our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of our Colony and Dominion of Virginia in our Council of the said Colony Granted to John Robinson Esquire, James Wood Henry Robinson and John Lewis the xxix Day of October one thousand seven Hundred & forty three, We have Given Granted and confirmed and by these Presents for us our heirs and Successors Do Give Grant and confirm unto Archibald Clendening & John Clendening one certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing three hundred and forty Acres lying and being in the County of Augusta and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at two pines on the East sides [sic] of the Cow Pasture River corner to the Land in possession of William Docharty thence up crossing the River one hundred and seventy five Poles to a black Oak and Poplar opposite to the House of William Docharty then[ce] West one hundred and eight Poles to three Black Oaks on the side of a Hill North seventy Degrees West sixty four Poles to two Pines on a hill, Thence South seventy Degrees West sixty four Poles cross the River to a Lynn on the Bank Thence South five Degrees East one hundred & eighty two Poles to three white Oaks, [T]hence South fifty five Degrees East sixty four Poles to a Black & White Oaks, thence North eighty Degrees east one hundred and fifty six Poles to a Sugar & Mulberry Trees on the River Side thence up the same South twenty Degrees East twenty Poles to a Hiccory at the Mountain Foot Thence up the River and Mountain Foot to the Beginning: With all &c: To have hold &c: To be held &c: Yielding & Paying &c: Provided &c: In Witness &c: Witness our Trusty and Welbeloved Francis Fauquier Esquire our Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of our said Colony & Dominion at Williamsburgh under the Seal of our said Colony the tenth Day of August one Thousand seven hundred and fifty nine In the thirty Third Year of our Reign ~
Fran: Fauquier
NOTE: Transcriber's comments are in brackets [ ].
NOTE: Image format copyrighted by the Library of Virginia. 
Clendenon, John (I25280)
41074 Valentine was the son of James and Sarah Martin Cunningham. His siblings were William, Daniel, Murrell, Rhoda and Joseph.

Valentine was first married to Mary LaPrade in Feb 13 1779 in Chesterfield Co VA. He later married the widow Frances Lahon, also spelled Lawhon and Lawton.

Children with Mary LaPrade were: Elizabeth, Jesse, Nancy, Rhoda, John, Martha, Polly, Charles, William and Alexander.

Children with Frances Lahon were: Henry Martin, Cynthia Ann and Lucinda Cunningham. His second wife brought children from her first marriage. They were Hugh, John, William and David.

Mr Cunningham enlisted in the military in Virginia on Feb 19, 1778. He served 12 mos under Capt William Cunningham (relationship unknown) and under Col Richard Parker's VA Regiment and was in the Battle of Monmouth and several skirmishes.

He applied for a war pension on Sept 12 1820 and received it. 
Cunningham, Valentine (I42161)
41075 Valerie Giles submitted her comments, corrections or additions to this event, person (or family) October 3rd, 2016, Source (S9790)
41076 Van Buren Marriage Book, p. 19:
"B. P. Marshell to Mary Swindle, Dec. 7, 1882." Anybody know? 
Swindle, Mary J. (I3742)
41077 Van Triplett Bivans

Van Triplett Bivans, 68, passed away peacefully on Oct. 12, 2017, with his wife, Pam, and his family at his side, while traveling in Texas as part of their long dreamed of retirement plan of touring the country in their RV.

Van, born on March 23, 1949, in Newton, Mass., was the son of Ernest Bivans and Nan Burns as the middle child of three.
In his youth,he was active in local theater, including plays at Santa Barbara Jr. High and at the Park Theater. He attended Santa Barbara High School, where he also performed in theater and choirs with a wonderful singing voice, and was a DJ at KIST radio.

His college years were spent at New Mexico State University at Las Cruces, NM.

After college, he joined the Air Force and was stationed first at Vandenberg AFB, then transferred to Iraklion AFB in Crete for three years where he enjoyed diving and earned a private pilot’s license. He then spent a year traveling Europe in a VW van.

On returning to Santa Barbara, he was hired in 1978 as the manager of the Hollister Inn, now the Super 8 Motel, where he worked for 31 years.

He married Cindy Cofiell in 1979. They had met at a singles square dance in Santa Barbara. They loved to dance and competed in swing dance competitions. They had two loving daughters, Monica in 1981 and Crystal in 1983.

In 1989, he married Pam Pickens whom he also met at a square dance. They continued their love of square dancing, round dancing and swing, traveling around the state in their RV to dance conventions.

Van and Pam were very involved in the Lompoc Foursquare Church. He and Pam hosted youth and community events such as post-game high school gatherings, Special Olympics car shows, Halloween parties, Flower Festival events; Van even babysat in the nursery.

Orchid growing became a passion for Van. His yard was full of the most unusual varieties. He joined the local orchid club, and they often entered their club’s display at the annual Santa Barbara Orchid show, bringing home trophies.

Like his Dad, he was an accomplished carpenter, building wine racks, remodeling his kitchen, building his orchid house in the back yard, and making crosses for the church.

Van enthusiastically pursued sports — surfing as a young man, then archery competitions, skiing with family in Colorado and California, fishing, rollerblading, windsurfing, kayaking and river rafting.

In 2010, Van was hired at All American Trailers North where he excelled with his management and sales skills. With his love of all things trailers and camping, the job was perfect for him.

He retired in 2015, looking forward to his long-held dream of traveling the country and camp hosting in their new 38-foot fifth-wheel RV.

They enjoyed this dream for a year, starting in Oregon, returning to Bakersfield for the birth of his third grandchild, then on to Colorado, then, sadly, ending in Texas.

Van leaves behind his beloved wife, Pam; his adored daughters, Monica Hennessee (Andrew), Crystal Bivans and Crystal Fielding; three grandchildren, Scarlett Hennessee, 3, Everett Hennessee, 7 months, and Blake Gagosian, 13, (son of Crystal); brother Bruce Bivans (Leslie Brueckner) and sister Patricia Dixon (Howard Smith).

A celebration of life will be held at Lompoc Foursquare Church at a later date when Pam is able to return home.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Lompoc Foursquare Church, 137 No. “C” St., Lompoc, CA 93436.

— Patricia Dixon

end of obituary 
Bivans, Van Triplett (I49833)
41078 Vanderbilt Hospital Smith, William Butler "Butler" (I2671)
41079 Vanderbilt Hospital McGee, Silas Roy (I23798)
41080 Ve Glenn LANE (
Date: Tuesday, 10 March 2009, at 2:46 p.m. 
Source (S53519)
41081 Ve Lane, Family Group Records, 8 Sep 1998, Source (S6321)
41082 Ve Lane, Family Group Records, 8 Sep 1998, Source (S18162)
41083 Velda's grandfather told her the original spelling of the name was Byars. Her notes and Sources:

1830 Claiborne Pr. census lists Robert Byas.
1840 census the three boys are listed together; Thadeus W. Byas; A.H. Byas; A.L. Byas:
1850 Bienville Pr LA Census: Robert Byas #110; Asa Byas #111; Abram Byas #125.

Copies of Bible Records of Abram L. Byas (Title page not included). The Logan family came from Edgefield Dist. SC in a colony of forty. This was known as the South Carolina Colony in the History of Bienville, Parish, LA. The first wife of Abram Landres Byas as Permelia Logan is documented when William Logan's land was sold after his death. The Bible records and land records support much of the information on her work sheet.

Byas, Asa Harold (I7692)
41084 Velma Bales Starkey's obituary, "Southern Standard", February 3, 1993. Source (S16670)
41085 Velta Sellars, obituary, "Southern Standard", February 10, 1993,
abstracted by Margie Tucker. 
Source (S25514)
41086 Venita Marie Byars was born Mar. 29, 1913 in Colby, KS. She is the daughter of John Andrew Byars and Ethel Leona Parks. She married Francis Earl Gray on Jul 30, 1932 in Oakland, CA. Earl was born Dec. 10, 1910 in Sander, CA. He is the son of Francis Marion Gray and Ellen Sofia Sandell.

Venita and Earl moved to Martinez, CA where Earl was a carpenter. Earl became a well known for the homes he built. In the late 1970's Earl and Venita moved to Pioneer, Amador Co., CA where they had bought some land and Earl built a home for them to live.

July 10, 1993 Earl had a stroke and died in Jackson Hospital, Jackson, CA. He is buried in Pioneer Cemetery. Venita remained in Pioneer until her death 26 Nov 1999. She is buried with her husband Earl. 
Byars, Venita Marie (I34783)
41087 Venus C. Cope, obituary, "Southern Standard", abstracted by Margie Tucker. Source (S15130)
41088 Vera Love, obituary, "Southern Standard", June 25, 1980,
abstracted by Margie Tucker. 
Source (S21305)
41089 Vera Winters Cone | 7 Jun 2014 | Telephone Interview | Source (S1146)
41090 Vernell Harding,personal knowledge,364 Fred Cooper Road,McMinnville,TN 37110 Source (S30366)
41091 Verney is the name of an English family that traces back around eight centuries. It first settled at Fleetmarston in Buckinghamshire, then at Pendley in Hertfordshire, and finally at Middle Claydon which the family purchased in the 1460s in Buckinghamshire and where descendants still live in Claydon House.

Early History

The Verney's family's pedigree goes back to Ralph de Verney (fl. 1216–1223), but the fortunes of the family were made by Sir Ralph Verney (c. 1410-1478). After settling in Buckinghamshire in the 13th century, the family had purchased Middle Claydon by the 1460s and it was during this period that Sir Ralph Verney became Lord Mayor of London in 1465 and M.P. for the city in 1472.[1] Sir Ralph Verney's eldest son, Sir John Verney, married Margaret, heiress of Sir Robert Whittingham of Pendley. In 1525, Sir Ralph Verney's fourth son, of the same name, married Elizabeth, one of the six co-heiresses of John, Lord Braye.

Involvement in the English Civil War

Sir Edmund Verney of Pendley (died 1600) left two sons, half-brothers, Sir Francis Verney (1584–1615), who became a soldier of fortune and a buccaneer, converted to Islam and died at Messina in hospital in extreme poverty, and Sir Edmund Verney (1590–1642) of Middle Claydon. Sir Edmund accompanied Prince Charles and Buckingham on the abortive mission to Madrid in 1623, and was knight-marshal to King Charles I. When the English Civil War broke out the royal standard was entrusted to him at Nottingham, and while defending it he was slain at Edgehill in 1642. His eldest son, Sir Ralph Verney (1613–1696), 1st baronet, sat for Aylesbury in both the Short and the Long Parliaments. He took the side of the parliament at the outset of the Civil War, but went abroad in 1643 rather than sign the Covenant, and his estates were sequestrated in 1646. He returned to England in 1653, and, though he refused to act against Oliver Cromwell, was subsequently reconciled to the Restoration government. His brother, Sir Edmund (1616-–1649), had taken the king's side, and commanded the troops of the Royalist infantry at the Siege of Drogheda and was slain during the final assault.

18th century

Sir Ralph Verney's estates and honours descended to his son, Sir John (c. 1640-1717), who was created Viscount Fermanagh in the Irish peerage in 1703 and was father of Sir Ralph Verney, created Earl Verney in 1743. Earl Verney's sister, Lady Margaret Verney, by her marriage with Sir Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Baronet, linked the Verney family a second time with the barony of Braye, and the present (as of 1911) Lord Braye's surname is Verney-Cave. Earl Verney's eldest son, John Verney, Viscount Fermanagh, predeceased him in 1737, leaving a posthumous daughter, Lady Mary Verney (1737-–1810), who was created Baroness Fermanagh in 1792. His second son, Ralph, 2nd Earl Verney (c. 1712-–1791), was a friend of Edmund Burke, who entered parliament as Verney's nominee for Wendover. Earl Verney was an ardent supporter of the Whig interest, but received no reward from the party leaders. He rebuilt Claydon House with great splendour from the plans of John Adam, but, with his financial ventures, this brought him to bankruptcy. He died with no children of his own.

19th century

Verney Papers: Notes of Proceedings in the Long Parliament by Sir Ralph Verney, printed by the Camden Society.
The present Verney family, of Claydon Hall, Buckinghamshire, is descended in the male line from Felix Calvert (1596-–1674) of Little Hadham, Hertfordshire. The Right Hon. Sir Harry Verney, 2nd baronet (1801–-1894), was the son of General Sir Harry Calvert, G.C.B., created a baronet in 1818. He assumed the name of Verney in compliance with the will of Mary Verney, 1st Baroness Fermanagh, mentioned above. This lady died unmarried, leaving the paternal estates and the Verney portraits to her half-sister, Catherine Calvert (Mrs Wright), known thenceforward as Mrs Verney, on whose death in 1827 they came into the possession of her cousin, Sir Harry Calvert (Verney). Sir Harry Verney entered the British House of Commons for Buckingham in 1832, and remained a member of the House with two short intervals for fifty-two years. He married in 1835 Eliza, daughter of Admiral Sir George Johnstone Hope, K.C.B., M.P., and secondly Frances Parthenope Nightingale, sister of Florence Nightingale. Frances, Lady Verney, collected from the mass of papers preserved at Claydon House the Memoirs of the Verney Family during the Seventeenth Century, which contain a charming picture of the life and manners of the country gentlemen of that day. A second edition, abridged and corrected by Margaret Verney, appeared in 2 vols. in 1904. See also the Verney Papers edited for the Camden Society in 1853-–1854. An all-girls grammar school was named after her in the 1960s, the Lady Verney High School in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

The Verneys who hold the barony of Willoughby de Broke descend from Richard Verney (1683–1711), who was granted the title 11th Baron Willoughby de Broke by the House of Lords in 1696. These Verneys had inherited the Verney estates at Compton Verney in Warwickshire through the marriage of Sir Richard Verney (died 1630) to Margaret Greville (died 1631), sister and heiress of Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke. The male line was interrupted in 1853 when Robert John Barnard (1809–1862), nephew of the 16th baron, inherited the title. Robert took the title 17th Baron Willoughby de Broke, adopted the surname Verney and was the grandfather of Richard Greville Verney who sat in the House of Commons from 1895 to 1900 for SE Warwickshire and succeeded to the title in 1902. The family had left Compton Verney House by 1887 and it was finally sold in 1921. 
Verney, Sir Ralph Knight, Lord Mayor of England (I46645)
41092 Vernia Byars, obituary, "The Southern Standard", April 3, 1985, abstracted
by Woodrow Barnes 
Source (S827)
41093 Vernice Paul Holt Obit son of Wavie Birth: Apr. 14, 1936 Death: Sep. 20, 2009 Warren County Tennessee, USA

HOLT, Vernice Paul - Rock Island, TN resident and Warren County native Vernice Paul Holt, age 73, was born April 14, 1936 and died September 20, 2009 at his residence following an extended illness. A retired employee of McMinnville Manufacturing Company and member of the Baptist Church, he was the son of the late Jack Robert and Wavie Ann Harper Holt. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two brothers, Jessie and Sam Holt and sister, Emmie Gatchel. He is survived by his companion, Louise Harper of Rock Island, TN; sister and brother-in-law, Janie and Nathan Zingale of the Centertown Community; brother and sister-in-law, Billy and Phyllis Holt of McMinnville; two sons and daughter-in-law, Mark and Amy Holt and Douglas Holt both of McMinnville; step-son, Greg Harper of Rock Island, TN; three step-daughters and their spouses, Roxanne and Tracy Pack of Morrison, TN, Mary and Ricky Willis and Debra and John Russell both of McMinnville; grandchildren, Justin, Kaitlan and Lindsey and step-grandchildren, Angel, Daniel, Melissa, Aaron, Skylar, Johnathon and Rickey, Jr..

Funeral service will be held at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 23, 2009 in High's Chapel with Damon Woodlee officiating. Burial will follow in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. Visitation will be held from 12:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Tuesday and 9:00 a.m. until time of service Wednesday at High's. 
Holt, Vernice Paul "Paul" (I11066)
41094 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. George, Briena Renee (I764)
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41096 Veteran of the War of 1812 and was with General Andrew Jackson at the "The Battle of New Orleans"...Laney Roberts

*For more information on this family, contact, Mac Cunningham at who writes, Saturday, December 03, 2011 4:35:23 PM;

John Cunningham II (1792-1858) was known during the early 19th Century in White and Warren Counties, TN as a Christian, Husband, Father, Pioneer, Patriot, Farmer, Tanner, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Distiller, Democrat and Grandfather.

There are a number of newspaper accounts, family trees, etc. which speculate that John Cunningham II (Captain in War of 1812) of Rock Island, Warren, TN is a son of another John Cunningham (Rev. War Soldier) of Viola, Warren, TN. Yet, the two communities, Rock Island and Viola, are at opposite ends of Warren county. Regretfully, the speculations appear incorrect due to the lack of "original source" documents and "first person" accounts.

The two John Cunninghams, in their individual migration to opposite ends of Warren County, TN, apparently used two different routes, separated by over a decade of time. (John II of Rock Island migrated from VA about 1804-1810 yet John of Viola moved with his second wife and family from NC about 1822). Some people believe that John II of Rock Island is perhaps one of the sons of John of Viola first marriage in Virginia. However, John of Viola's Last Will and Testament lists all his children by name (in Virginia and Tennessee- including one deceased) from both marriages and John Cunningham II of Rock Island is not listed.

As of October 2009, there are no known original source genealogy documentation (e.g. wills, land transfers, Family Bible, court records, etc.) nor genetic DNA test results which connect John Cunningham of Rock Island (Haplogroup I2b1) with John Cunningham of Viola.

In summary, the "overwhelming preponderance of evidence" indicates there is no direct family connection between the two John Cunninghams. However, the on-going search for the parents of John Cunningham II of Rock Island, Warren, TN continues with renewed energy and determination.

There are four historical-based "leads" requiring additional research:

(1) 1812 Tax List for Warren County
(2) The Blanche Bently papers as recorded in McMinnville at a Milestone, by Walter Womack, lists a JOHN CUNNINGHAM at Rock Island as an early settler ca 1797 in Rock Island, Warren County, TN.
(3) Goodspeeds History of Tennessee - Warren County, Highlights a {First name unknown}, CUNNINGHAM from VA who served in the Rev. War, father of John Cunningham II of Rock Island, Warren, TN (Captain in the War of 1812).
(4) page 211 includes an example of early court records in White County, TN listing JOHN CUNNINGHAM and others by name involved in land proceedings.

Cunningham, John Sr. (I2923)
41097 veteran of WW II, Korea and Viet Nam... Melton, Robert Taylor Jr. (I25935)
41098 Veteran's Home Hennessee, Jesse Harris (I240)
41099 VI. SIR JOHN SAVILE, Knt., of Thornhill, Elland, etc.; High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1455 and 1461; M.P. Yorkshire 1450, 1467. Mr. Hunter says "he was chief steward of the manor of Wakefield, connected with which office was the custody of the castle of Sandal. The castle thus became his occa­sional residence, where he died on the morrow of the feast of St. Basil, 1482. He was carried through Wakefield and sumptuously buried at Thornhill."

1 Dodsworth says there was the fol­lowing inscription: "Orate pro anima Thome Sayvill, militis, qui hanc capellam fieri fecit ..... anno Domini 1447."

Will. - Nov. 23, 1481. Johannes Savile, miles. Corpus meum loco sepulturµ patris in eccl. St. Mich. de Thornhill. Margaretµ Savile, filiµ meµ, xlli. Lego ad distribuendum inter servientes meos secundum eorum merita et servitia, xli. Johanni Savile pro le heirelomes, j lectum pendentem cum pertin., j librum vocatum Missale, cum calice et vestimento, cum pannis ornamentis altari pertinentibus, j craterem argenti stantem et coopertum, j craterem stantem et deauratum cum quibusdam signis argenti, j mappam cum tuello, j salsarium argenti et coopertum, j par de awndeirenes, cum tabulis et formis, tristellis, et cathedris, ij ollas µnneas, j stantem in le fournes, aliam sine fournes, j patellam, j pelvim cum lavacro de masselyn, ij veruta ferrea, vj cocliaria argenti, ij plumba, et iij le worteledes, j maskefat, j gilefat, j stepefat cum cµteris vasis ligneis pandoxatorio pertinentibus, j cilicium j plaustrum j aratrum cum cultura et vomere, ij herpicas. Item Willelmo Savile, filio meo, xx marcas. Thomµ Savile, filio meo, xx marcas. Henrico Savile, filio meo, xls. Ricardo Savile, filio meo, xls. Nicholao Savile, filio meo, xls.

(As to estates, in English.) Wife Alice, if she survives me, to have for her life the manor called Bothamhall and all those lands, etc., in Risshworth and Goulkery which Thos. Savile, knt., my father, by his deed gave to me and Alice my wife at our marriage. Wife to have also for life the capital mes­suage of Coldeby with the lands thereto belonging in the Isle of Axholme, and lands in Estrington and in Thurleston in the parish of Penyston, which the said Thos. Savile, knt., by his deed gave to us after our marriage. Wife to have also for life the manor of Thornhill and lands in Ovenden, Waddesworth and Skircoittes, which Wm. Gascoigne, knt., and others granted to me and Alice my wife by deed dated 1 July, 28 Hen. VI. My feoffees to grant by deed, with power of distress on non-payment, to my son Henry an annual rent of ą4 out of the manor of Hundesworth for his life. And like annuities to my sons Richard and Nicholas. And to my son, William Savile, a moiety of the manor of Hundesworth in tail male, with remainder to his brother Thomas. And to my son, Thomas Savile, the other moiety of the said manor in tail male, with remainder to his brother Wm. And after the death of the said Henry, Nicholas, and Richard, the said William and Thomas Savile to have the said manor free from the said annuities. After wife's death my feoffees to convey all my lands, etc., to my right heirs according to my deed. Residue of my goods to wife Alice and son William, extrix. and exor. Witnesses, John Cooke, vicar of Sandall, John Porter, rector of High Holand, and Robt. Chaloner, literate.

Proved June 21, 1482, by widow, power reserved for son William, the other exor. (Reg.Test., v, 66; Halifax Wills, i, p. 21).

Mar. Alice, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne, Knt., of Gawthorp, extrix. of her husband's will. On July 3, William, Bishop of Dromore, was commissioned to veil Alice, widow of Sir John Savile (Reg. Rotherham, 23b). On Jan. 14, 1493-4, Sir John Waterton, Knt., administered 
Savile, Sir John (VI) Knight (I46176)
41100 Victor over the English in the Battle of 1066 Conqueror, William the King of England, Duke of Normandy (I37353)

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