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39801 Two sons, Sterling & William who both died before 1865 in Missouri... Byars, Jane (I5801)
39802 Two sons;played the fiddle...Thomas G. Webb Gribble, Hollie Burr (I15412)
39803 TX or OK Family F442
39804 U.S. Social Security Death Index 
Source (S651)
39805 U.S. Social Security Death Index Source (S461)
39806 U.S. Social Security Death Index for Carl Greunke Source (S44392)
39807 U.S. Social Security Death Index for Clyde W Hennessee Source (S2427)
39808 U.S. Social Security Death Index for Ernest Halteman Source (S44429)
39809 U.S. Social Security Death Index for Gordon W Bassford Source (S44705)
39810 U.S. Social Security Death Index for James R Bottorff Source (S44515)
39811 U.S. Social Security Death Index for Moses Byars Source (S44414)
39812 U.S. Social Security Death Index for Willis Brace Source (S44513)
39813 U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records,

Name: Gillen H Robinson
Birth Year: 1916
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: Tennessee
State of Residence: Tennessee
County or City: Davidson
Enlistment Date: 1 Feb 1945
Enlistment State: Georgia
Enlistment City: Fort Oglethorpe
1940 Davidson Co TN, Hogard(Haggard) age 23 and his wife, Kathleen age 27 live with Kathleen's sister Mildred and her husband Aaron Robinson. Aaron and Haggard are brothers. Haggard was born in Chester CO TN. Aaron and Haggard are grocery clerks in a retail grocery. Mildred is a sales lady in retail grocery story. Indexed Robertson
TN Death Records Index 1949-2009

Name: Robinson Gillen H
Date of Death/Age: 05-04-1999/82
County of Death: Davidson
County/State of Residence: Wilson/T
Marital Status: Widowed 
Robinson, Gillen Haggard (I39940)
39814 U.S. World War II Enlistments, Army, 1938-1946 Name:Warren G Hogan Birth Year:1921 Race:White, citizen Nativity State or Country:Texas State:Texas County or City:Dallas Enlistment Date:4 Feb 1942 Enlistment State:Texas Enlistment City:Dallas Branch:Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Branch Code:Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Grade:Private Grade Code:Private Term of Enlistment:Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Component:Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective Dec. 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of Source:Civil Life Education:3 years of high school Civil Occupation:Gas And Oil Man Marital Status:Single, without dependents Height:71 Weight:177 He died on 12 Jul 1944 at the age of 23 in Normandy, France.17 Hogan, Warren Guy (I17971)
39815 U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current
Name: Emma P. Gatchel SSN: 410-38-0707 Last Residence: 37110 Mc Minnville, Warren, Tennessee, USA BORN: 26 May 1929 Last Benefit: 37110 Mc Minnville, Warren, Tennessee, United States of America Died: May 1994 State (Year) SSN issued: Tennessee (Before 1951) 
Holt, Emma Pearl (I11064)
39816 UCGA | Volume XXXV | Number 4 | Winter 2010 Source (S23875)
39817 UCGA | Volume XXXV | Number 4 | Winter 2010 - "sickened and died...
was 5' 6" with fair hari and complexion and blue eyes." 
Womack, William M(ullican) (I18098)
39818 UCGA | Volume XXXVI | Number 3 | Fall 2011 | "The Hargis Family", pp. 11-14 Source (S44516)
39819 Uchtred mac Fergusa (c. 1120 - September 22, 1174) was Lord of Galloway from 1161 to 1174, ruling jointly with his half-brother Gille Brigte (Gilbert). They were sons of Fergus of Galloway; their mothers' names are unknown, but Uchtred may have been born to one of the many illegitimate daughters of Henry I of England.

As a boy he was sent as a hostage to the court of King Malcolm IV of Scotland. When his father, Prince Fergus, died in 1161, Uchtred was made co-ruler of Galloway along with Gilla Brigte. They participated in the disastrous invasion of Northumberland under William I of Scotland in 1174. King William was captured, and the Galwegians rebelled, taking the opportunity to slaughter the Normans and English in their land. During this time Uchtred was brutally mutilated, blinded, castrated, and killed by his brother Gille Brigte and Gille Brigte's son, Mael Coluim. Gille Brigte then seized control of Galloway entire.

Uchtred had married Gunhilda of Dunbar, daughter of Waltheof of Allerdale and they were the parents of Lochlann and Eve of Galloway, wife of Walter de Berkeley. 
Galloway, Uhtred of Lord of Galloway (I45639)
39820 ulcerated cancer of the throat... Bottom, George Washington (I26226)
39821 Unable to locate her in Van Buren or Warren census records. Do not know her
Gibbs, Elizabeth "Bettie" (I27526)
39822 Uncle "JJ" was a hoot. He collected coffee pots like Midas collected gold. Very loving man. Favorite expression was, "By Gad", called his nephews, "Sweet Boy". Gave me my first donut...DAH Hennessee, James Joseph "JJ" (I7)
39823 Uncle Aud was quite a character. Whenever my Dad, Berth (1918-1985), and I were in McMinnville, we would always jump in the car and look for "Hennessees" - and there were a blue million of them!

Neither Dad nor I could really understand our relationship to the other Hennessees because of the many marriages enjoyed by the many Hennessee boys and the many half-brothers and sisters produced by their marital bliss. In point, my Dad's grandfather, James Hennessee (1846-1927), had two families totaling 16 children. We were never sure whether Uncle Aud, half-brother to my grandfather, Jesse, was really kin or only "half-kin". Nonetheless, Dad always spoke well of Uncle Aud and I was therefore anxious to meet him.

Trip after trip into the country looking for Aud invariably was met with, "Aud? Ya just missed him by 5 minutes! Where'd he go? Dunno...". After 30 years of missing him by 5 minutes and the passing of my father I gave up figuring that if my father couldn't find him - I never would.

A few years later, I went to the nursing home, in McMinnville, to visit my Aunt Georgie Newman Hennessee (1903-1988). Walking down the corridor I noticed a placard pointing to "Albert Hennessee". I wondered if this was "Aud" because Dad never knew his given name. In excited steps to his room I was fearing the "5 Minute Rule" and if he were there, what he would look like and if I could be sure that this was the phantom "Uncle Aud". I soon as I turned into the room and saw his bright blue eyes and prodigious proboscis there was no doubt that this man was a Hennessee like all the Hennessees I knew. I walked over to the bed and hugged him, joyous in the fact that I had finally found Aud and wishing Dad were there to share the great victory.

It would be further confirmed that this was, indeed, Aud Hennessee, because within ten minutes he had talked me out of a twenty-dollar bill...David Alden Hennessee. 
Hennessee, Albert Audley "Uncle Aud" (I44)
39824 Uncle Bill used to set me on his lap and tell me stories about his regiment in France during World War I. Even-tempered person and very kind. It was a shame he and "Sister" had no children. Uncle Bill would always eat one thing at a time and always used a broad-bladed knife...even for peas...DAH Moss, William Charles (I69)
39825 Uncle Fred was in the Navy, Gunner's Mate 3rd Class, during WW II and assigned to the destroyer-class, US Leutze DD 481 which was commissioned March 4, 1944 at the Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington.

Vessel's History from

Leutze completed the necessary performance trials and continued the training of her crew on escort missions to Pearl Harbor and Eniwetok during June and July 1944. On 2 August she departed Seattle for the war zone a sleek new destroyer and returned 1 year and 1 day later a battered veteran about to be scrapped. In this short interval she had played a part in five invasions and a major naval battle before a kamikaze ended her fighting days.

After departing Seattle, Washington, the destroyer rehearsed in the Hawaiian and Solomon Islands for the invasion of the Palaus . Arriving off Peleliu 12 September (D-Day -3), Leutze bombarded enemy positions ashore and suffered her first casualty when shrapnel from an enemy shell sprayed the ship. Withdrawn on the 24th, she joined Task Group 77.2 (TG 77.2) at Manus Island , Admiralties , for the invasion of the strategically important Philippines .

Action off Leyte began 18 October with little serious opposition to the preinvasion bombardment but rose to a crescendo climax with the Battle of Leyte Gulf 24 and 25 October. Leutze, first firing on an enemy plane two days earlier, suffered 11 casualties on the morning of the 24th when hit during an enemy bombing and strafing run. That night in Surigao Straits with Rear Adm. Jesse B. Oldendorf s 7th Fleet support ships, she attacked with torpedoes the ships of Japan s Southern Force under Adm. Shoji Nishimura . During this phase of the last major battle between surface ships, Nishimura lost two battleships and three destroyers in a vain attempt to force his way through the Straits and attack the American invasion fleet.

Thereafter with its surface fleet decimated, Japan again resorted to airstrikes. Although Leutze emerged unscratched, on a single day 1 November, four sister ships of her screen were crashed by suicide planes.
After a period of tender overhaul, she steamed out of Kossol Roads 1 January 1945 for the invasion of Lingayen Gulf , Luzon , Philippines. En route the ship received ice cream for all hands for returning a sailor fallen overboard from Makin Island (CVE-93). She arrived in Lingayen Gulf 6 January for fire support. While supporting this operation, Leutze 7 January sank a Japanese patrol vessel and 9 January a small suicide boat loaded with explosives.

Careful preparations were made for the next assault. Iwo Jima , desired as an airfield site, was selected as the target. Practicing with underwater demolition teams at Ulithi and conducting exercises until beyond Saipan , Leutze arrived Iwo Jima 16 February. Despite intensive previous bombing and shelling, enemy fire was heavy.

While protecting Navy frogmen on the 17th, she took, a shell on the after part of the forward stack. Remaining until the completion of her mission, she then transferred her seriously wounded commanding officer and three other injured and resumed station. Ordered back to Ulithi the next day for repairs, she returned to Iwo Jima early in March but only for 4 days, as much of this fleet was now needed for Operation Iceberg , the conquest of Okinawa .

This last big amphibious operation of the war, unlike Iwo Jima, took place within range of Japanese land-based planes. While escorting battleship New York (BB-34) for the preinvasion shelling of 27 March, Leutze made two depth charge runs which apparently sank a midget submarine . On a second voyage with Mobile (CL-63) and Oakland (CL-95), she arrived Okinawa 3 April. This was 2 days after D-Day but in time for the first of the Japanese operations Ten Go, the massed kamikaze attacks.

Byars, Fred Swindell (I706)
39826 Uncle George told me some things about his Mom, my Grandmother, Urbanie Eliza Maes. She knew 7 languages and was quite intelligent. Her Dad was a tailor. My Grandmother was an excellent seamstress as is evident from her wedding picture. She made her wedding dress featuring Soutache embroidery. Evidently her family owned a lace making operation in Belgium; she used to sell Belgian lace to the French. The family could not afford to pay the taxes so it was lost.

She went through Ellis Island on 27 March 1921. She was from Hulste, Belgium. Her birthday was March 17, 1899, so she had just turned 22. She married my Grandfather in May, 1921, perhaps it was an arranged marriage.

My Dad referred to his Mother as "an angel." Her Catholic faith was very dear to her, and I understand that she was very upset when my Dad married my Mom, a Baptist.

My grandparents lived in Grosse Point Woods. They were close to their extended family. My grandfather made beer in the basement; my grandmother grew Belgian endive under the stairs.

My Grandmother took in sewing, and maybe laundry. My Grandfather was a machinist.

Dad always said she made the best Raisin bread. It was rich with eggs and yellow in color. She evidently was a good cook, and passed that on to my Dad who inspired my love for cooking.

Perhaps if my Grandmother lived today, she would have a different life. Something horrible happened to her during WW I. She began to have manic-depressive episodes and was sent away to a mental hospital. My Grandfather could not keep up with the medical bills. Hard times hit their family, my Grandmother then went to a State run hospital. My Mom said she used to get nervous when she had to go back to the hospital. I think I would be nervous also about going to a mental institution in the 1950's. She had a lobotomy at some point in the 1950's.

Attached is a picture of Emily Sue Mitchell, Urbanie Eliza Maes' great granddaughter, in New York, with the Statue of Liberty in the background taken in 2012. That was 90 years after Emily's Great Grandmother was in the same location.
Sent from my iPhone= 
Maes, Eliza Urbanie (I31445)
39827 Uncle Jim loved his peanut-butter. Aunt Nannie would buy him a 2 lb jar of JFG peanut-butter every week...DAH Byars, James Mullican (I76)
39828 Uncled Fred worked for the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) before the war.

Note: The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men from relief families as part of the New Deal created by President Roosevelt.

Byars, Fred Swindell (I706)
39829 Under bond for killing Mr. Bud McAdoo, a merchant of Auburn. He was
son-in-law of Judge Gribble, of Lebanon. 
Odum, Charles (I13042)
39830 Under guardianship of Tillamn Potter and Leonard Cantrell.
Living with daughter, Sallie, in 1910 DeKalb Census. 
Webb, Martha Jane (I3912)
39831 Underhill-Digue,Cathy;Pedigree,,4683 Grand Haven Lane,
Apt. B, Indianapolis,IN 46280 
Source (S36414)
39832 Undoubtedly named after Henry VIII--due to the close family association with the royal family--Henry Alexander Webb was born on May 11, 1510. As noted in the diagram above, Henry married Grace Arden, daughter of Thomas Arden, of Aston Cantlow parish of Warwick county. The continued close association of the Webb family and royalty are documented in a letter sent by the Queen, Catherine Parr, requesting that grants and privileges due Henry Alexander Webb be fulfilled as promised. Sir Henry and wife Grace had three children: First-born Alexander, Agnes and Robert. Little is known of Agnes and Robert. Sir Henry Alexander permanently secured nobility for the family when, on June 17, 1577, he was granted a coat of arms. Webb, Sir Henry Alexander (I37425)
39833 Union Co.,NC 1850 Census
"The Clonts Family", by Betty K. Price, p. 12 
Source (S12248)
39834 Union Co.,NC 1850 Census
Great Long's FGR 
Source (S12036)
39835 Union Co.,NC 1850 Census
Thelma Clonts' Notes & Letter dated, Novemeber 21, 1992 
Source (S12031)
39836 Union Co.,NC 1850 Census Source (S12222)
39837 Union County Marriage Book Source (S12046)
39838 Union County Marriage Book cites I.H.Little marrying R.I.Clontz,daughter of
Johna. & Emaline,December 17, 1893...DAH. 
Little, I. Hamp (I11999)
39839 Union County Marriage Book identifies his parents as "Jerry & Mary Clontz".
His initials appear to be, "G.T.", in 1880 Union County Census and his mother,
Mary, is living next door. 
Clontz, Thomas T. (I11909)
39840 Union County,NC Marriage Book Source (S39766)
39841 Union Soldier...

Co. A 7th Indiana Volunteers
Age: 18
Date Enrolled: 1861/09/09
Where Enrolled: Indianapolis, Indiana
Regiment: 7
Company: A
Discharge Date: 1864/09/20
Notes: Promoted to Corporal, February 1, 1864. No muster out location shown.
Cavalry/ Battery Unit:
Name: Robert Chance 
Chance, Robert H. (I34089)
39842 Union soldier... Blankenship, John Rowland (I23920)
39843 Union soldier...Dee Mitchell Source (S35227)
39844 United States AR Census, 1870 for Josephine Duty Source (S37581)
39845 United States AR Census, 1870 for Mathew Duty Source (S37580)
39846 United States AR Census, 1870 for William Duty Source (S37582)
39847 United States Census (Mortality Schedule), 1850 for John T Hennessee Source (S37572)
39848 United States Census AR, 1870 for Archibald Morrison Source (S37730)
39849 United States Census, 1850 for Alexander J Hennessee,Burke Co.,NC Source (S1324)
39850 United States Census, 1850 for Allen Worley
(HH) in Smith Co.,TN 
Source (S44366)
39851 United States Census, 1850 for David Fain,Gilmer Co.,GA Source (S37481)
39852 United States Census, 1850 for David Henesie (HH) in Cherokee Co.,NC Source (S1052)
39853 United States Census, 1850 for Eli Bess (HH) in
Warren County, Tennessee 
Source (S44484)
39854 United States Census, 1850 for Elizabeth Ashford in Cannon Co.,TN Source (S44650)
39855 United States Census, 1850 for Elizabeth Merryman in Bledsoe county, Bledsoe, Tennessee Source (S45036)
39856 United States Census, 1850 for Ezekiel Butcher (HH) in Wright Co.,MO Source (S53579)
39857 United States Census, 1850 for Francis McRoberts (HH) in Wright Co.,MO Source (S37334)
39858 United States Census, 1850 for Gabriel Frost
(HH) in Reeds Creek,Lawrence Co.,AR 
Source (S44381)
39859 United States Census, 1850 for George Corpening,Burke Co.,NC Source (S37513)
39860 United States Census, 1850 for Gilbert W Smith
(HH) in Bledsoe Co.,TN 
Source (S44422)
39861 United States Census, 1850 for J K Hargis
(HH) in Weakley Co.,TN 
Source (S44518)
39862 United States Census, 1850 for James Denton
in Jackson county, Jackson, Tennessee 
Source (S44536)
39863 United States Census, 1850 for Leonard Harmon in Marion Co.,TN Source (S36757)
39864 United States Census, 1850 for Majors Holloway
(HH) in Rhea county, part of, Rhea, Tennessee 
Source (S44667)
39865 United States Census, 1850 for Obadiah Ray, Greene Co.,AR Source (S36008)
39866 United States Census, 1850 for Owen Merramon, Wilkes Co.,NC
United States Census, 1860 for Wade C Meromon, Wilkes Co.,NC 
Source (S37392)
39867 United States Census, 1850 for Owen Merramon, Wilkes Co.,NC Source (S37393)
39868 United States Census, 1850 for Pleasant Earls
(HH) in White Co.,TN 
Source (S44629)
39869 United States Census, 1850 for Reuben M Drake Source (S44436)
39870 United States Census, 1850 for Sarah Keesey (HH) in Bledsoe Co.,TN Source (S34593)
39871 United States Census, 1850 for Susan Smith
in Bledsoe county, Bledsoe, Tennessee 
Source (S45035)
39872 United States Census, 1850 for Tennessee Marimen (HH) in Hamilton county, Hamilton, Tennessee Source (S44817)
39873 United States Census, 1850 for Thomas Vaughan(HOH) of Cooper Co.,MO Source (S36449)
39874 United States Census, 1850 for Thos Wilcher,Amite Co.,MS
United States Census, 1880 for Chas. Dumont(HH) of Copiah Co.,MS 
Source (S36892)
39875 United States Census, 1850 for Thos Wilcher,Amite Co.,MS Source (S36891)
39876 United States Census, 1850 for William B Mcbride in Van Buren county, Van Buren, Tennessee Source (S44614)
39877 United States Census, 1850 for William Baxter,Rutherford Co.,NC Source (S37549)
39878 United States Census, 1850 for William Norris
in White Co.,TN 
Source (S44634)
39879 United States Census, 1850 for William Pack
in Franklin county, Franklin , Tennessee 
Source (S44490)
39880 United States Census, 1850 for William Shook (HH) of McMinn Co.,TN Source (S2514)
39881 United States Census, 1860 for Basel Ashford
in Cannon Co.,TN 
Source (S44649)
39882 United States Census, 1860 for Delaney Edge
in DeKalb Co.,TN 
Source (S44837)
39883 United States Census, 1860 for G C Hennessee,Cooke Co.,TX Source (S37429)
39884 United States Census, 1860 for John Rinck
in Jefferson Township, Washington Co.,IN 
Source (S44480)
39885 United States Census, 1860 for Josiah Harmon in Holt Co.,MO Source (S36914)
39886 United States Census, 1860 for P W Hennessee in Burke Co.,NC Source (S1338)
39887 United States Census, 1860 for W B Gilliland
in Prairie Beat, Van Zandt Co.,TX 
Source (S44395)
39888 United States Census, 1860 for Willis Taylor
in Warren Co.,TN 
Source (S44838)
39889 United States Census, 1870 for A. Wilcher,Warren Co.,TN Source (S37446)
39890 United States Census, 1870 for Draper Toney
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Name: Draper Toney
Estimated Birth Year: 1827
Gender: Male
Age in 1870: 43y
Color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, Indian): White
Birthplace: North Carolina
Home in 1870: North Carolina, United States
Household Gender Age
Draper Toney M 43y
Huldah Toney F 35y
Emaline Toney F 20y
Sarah Toney F 18y
Daniel Toney M 7y
Joseph Toney M 6y
Rosianah Toney F 5y
John A Toney M 4y
Jackson Toney M 3y
Adalin Toney F 2y
Alfred Toney M 6m
Elijah Waters M 19y
Toney, Draper (I30307)
39891 United States Census, 1870 for Draper Toney(HH)
North Carolina Deaths and Burials, 1898-1994 for Daniel Toney
North Carolina Deaths and Burials, 1898-1994 for Daniel Toney 
Source (S37707)
39892 United States Census, 1870 for Draper Toney(HH)
North Carolina Deaths and Burials, 1898-1994 for Daniel Toney 
Source (S37706)
39893 United States Census, 1870 for Draper Toney(HH)
North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979 
Source (S44320)
39894 United States Census, 1870 for Elizabeth Qucksale
(HH) in Illinois 
Source (S44510)
39895 United States Census, 1870 for Martha E Ferree,Burke Co.,NC Source (S1326)
39896 United States Census, 1870 for Paul Hollar Source (S44482)
39897 United States Census, 1870 for Rebecca Fisher (HH) in (Putnam Co.,TN) Source (S37807)
39898 United States Census, 1870 for Simpson Lowrey
(HH) in (White Co.)TN 
Source (S44623)
39899 United States Census, 1870 for Thomas J Kidwell Source (S37381)
39900 United States Census, 1870 for Walter Huling (HH) Source (S5686)

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