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301 of leukemia Tunnell, Virginia Faye (I1568)
302 of leukemia Gruenke, Carl W. (I2004)
303 of liver cancer... Welch, Delia Louise (I13450)
304 of liver disease Cantrell, Sarah A. (I5425)
305 of liver trouble Cantrell, William Watson (I5048)
306 of lobar pneumonia Potter, Keziah "Kizzie" (I3959)
307 of lobar pneumonia Arnold, Mary Elizabeth (I17543)
308 of lobar pneumonia Jones, Stacy (I17553)
309 of lung cancer... Hennessee, William Wayne "Wayne" (I1603)
310 of lung disease Fuson, Martha Samantha (I17497)
311 of malaria & apoplexy Loring, Tessie (I17499)
312 of malarial fever... Cantrell, John Lucien (I1424)
313 of measles Judkins, Oca T. "Ocie" (I12082)
314 of measles Redmon, Ester (I17572)
315 of measles... Cordell, Etta N. (I6712)
316 of milk poison Parker, Sarah Adeline (I15838)
317 of nephritis Clark, William "Bill" (I16592)
318 of nephritis McGee, James Clinton (I17299)
319 of nephritis... Blankenship, Dr. James Rowland (I10902)
320 of old age Ferrell, Hixa C. "Hixey" (I6844)
321 of old age Cantrell, Sarah Durham (I7178)
322 of old age Cantrell, Celeta M. (I8336)
323 of old age Allen, Nancy Jane (I16563)
324 of old age Blankenship, Jerome Bonapart Washington (I17527)
325 of old age, pneumonia Caplinger, John (I17562)
326 of paralysis Cantrell, Franklin Pierce "Frank" (I4232)
327 of paralysis Cantrell, William Watson (I4858)
328 of paralysis Fisher, Elba F. "Elby" (I9958)
329 of paralysis Webb, Tennessee Gertrude "Tennie" (I13603)
330 of paralysis Loring, Calvin P. (I15908)
331 of pnemonia Savage, India Malinda "Indy" (I14154)
332 of pulmonary hemorrhage Knowles, John (I7528)
333 of pulmonary pnemonia Green, Clara F. (I17567)
334 of pulmonary tuberculosis Webb, Silas Richard "Dick" (I4206)
335 of pulmonary tuberculosis Cantrell, Martha Jane (I7188)
336 of pulmonary tuberculosis Hardcastle, Francis Emmaline "Fannie" (I17531)
337 of pulmonary tuberculosis Cantrell, Linnie I. (I17540)
338 of senile degeneration Davis, Syon Bass "Bass" (I7249)
339 of senile degeneration... Cantrell, Joseph "Joe" (I8913)
340 of stomach ulcers Knowles, John Henry Savage (I15608)
341 of T.B. Stevens, Bertha Ann (I26661)
342 of TB Judkins, Cindrella Rice (I2997)
343 of TB Holton, Augustus Rollie (I3714)
344 of TB Cantrell, Bethel Magness (I5070)
345 of TB Cantrell, Eliza C. (I5416)
346 of TB Cantrell, Jerome E. (I5437)
347 of TB Moore, Archibald Zachariah "Archie" Jr. (I6857)
348 of TB Cantrell, Mary A. (I7200)
349 of TB Pedigo, Martha Belle "Belle" (I7433)
350 of TB Cantrell, Sarah (I7446)
351 of TB Farless, Jessie Emma (I11022)
352 of TB Cantrell, Lorie Virgil (I12661)
353 of TB Cantrell, Ethel (I12875)
354 of TB Bryant, Cynthia B. (I15809)
355 of TB Redmon, John Harmon (I15811)
356 of TB Pirtle, Bettie A. (I15812)
357 of TB Cantrell, Berry Young (I15841)
358 of TB Redmon, Minnie Lee (I16318)
359 of TB Cantrell, Sarah E. (I16565)
360 of TB Clark, Isaac "Ike" (I16593)
361 of TB Pack, Nancy A. (I18061)
362 of TB complications Young, Clarence Sanduski (I11850)
363 of TB... Deal, Ida Caroline (I1473)
364 of TB... Hennessee, Evelyn (I2346)
365 of tetanus Hash, Tabitha "Bitha" (I22732)
366 of the "Spanish Flu" Cantrell, Aaron (I4034)
367 of the "Spanish Flu" Cantrell, Ova Bell (I5378)
368 of the "Spanish Flu" Webb, Evan J. (I16320)
369 of the "Spanish Flu" Cantrell, Luther Carl "Coll" (I17510)
370 of the "Spanish Flu" Cantrell, Vinnie L. (I17511)
371 of the "Spanish Flu" Barnes, Harvey E. (I17513)
372 of the "Spanish Flu" Green, Minnie Francis (I17514)
373 of the "Spanish Flu" Adcock, Thomas Peyton (Pate) "Tom" (I17523)
374 of the "Spanish Flu" Ray, Jewel (I17524)
375 of the "Spanish Flu" Webb, William L. (I17528)
376 of the "Spanish Flu"... Rhodes, James Spinks (I1059)
377 of thyroid gland cancer Trapp, Mary Ann (I4285)
378 of toxemia of lungs,liver Parrish, Lorena "Rena" (I6190)
379 of tubercular meningitis Webb, Lonnie Allen (I17530)
380 of tuberculosis Cantrell, James Herd "Herd" (I6321)
381 of typhoid fever Fisher, Gentry Guy (I8181)
382 of typhoid fever Young, Julia A. (I12818)
383 of typhoid fever Titsworth, Ada (I15911)
384 of typhoid fever Redmon, Jennie (I17504)
385 of typhoid fever Cope, Hobert Herd (I17544)
386 of typhoid fever Cantrell, Hellen Jeanette (I17569)
387 of typhoid fever... Hennessee, Thomas Patrick (I1469)
388 of typhoid fever... Hennessee, William Patrick (I3181)
389 On 3 November 1456, Edmund became infected with the bubonic plague and died.

He was buried at the nearby Franciscan Church in Carmarthen.

There were suspicions that Edmund may have been murdered, and so a trial was held several months later with several parties accused, but no one was found guilty.

Edmund's remains were removed to the choir of St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire in 1539, due to the dissolution of the monasteries enacted by King Henry VIII of England, of the Royal House of Tudor. 
Tudor, Sir Edmund 1st Earl of Richmond (I46923)
390 One of the founders and 13th Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1348 Holland, Thomas Knight, 1st Earl of Kent (I43450)
391 Only the weight of circumstantial evidence places John Byars of Tar River, Granville Co., NC, as head of this provisional household. It is not known if William (Guliame or Gulemus), George, Anderson, andJames are brothers, but the proximity of their lands, interaction as witness to legal documents, and the close association of their descendants would indicate such a relationship. John Byars was in Granville Co.

in the 1750s. William, who died abt. Dec. 1831, was 90-100 in the 1830 census.

The majority of the data shown for this John Byars is from the research of William T. Skinner, 12505 Atkins Circle Drive, Apt. 123, Charlotte, NC 28277 (Oct. 2011) and is found in his book, Memories and Family of Bill & Trudy Skinner (Franklin, NC: Genealogy Publishing Services, 2002). 
Byars, John (I34899)
392 or Amherst Co.,VA Wilcher, Sarah "Sallie" (I13)
393 or Virginia... Shook, William Jr. (I2268)
394 page 1-D;

"Some say that William McGregor m. Easter (Esther) Stiles. No proof has been found."

page 8-A; "...some say Elizabeth Webb."

Catherine Gaffin Lynn;

"Elijah Dodson married Sallie McGregor, 1770-1858. She was a daughter of William McGregor, a brother of John McGregor who immigrated from Warwick Co.,Va about 1782-1785 and who both settled in Warren Co., Tenn. Near Smyrna."

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McGregor, William "Will" Jr. (I312)
395 Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957, on the ship, "Cameronia" Gillentine, John Smith (I21627)
396 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Byars, Joe Brooks (I731)
397 poss. being poisoned at Arklow, Wicklow, Ireland de Verdun, Sir John Baron of Westmeath (I46126)
398 possible daughter of JOSEPH GRAY ... Tammy Reynolds Hensel Gray, Maria (I22682)
399 Posted By: Alison C Stevens
Subject: James Henry Dodson b 1827, s/o Isaac Dodson & unk Molder,
Post Date: July 22, 2008 at 10:28:03
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Texas deaths of persons born in White County, Tennessee
Dodson, James Henry, born 20 Dec 1827, White County, Tenn, died 17 June 1918, Burkburnett, Wichita County, Texas, father- Isaac Dodson of Unknown (marked out), mother- Molder of Va, informant- M Dodson of Burburnett

Dodson, James Henry (I20541)
Subject: Re: Pleasant L. Neal b. 1815 Tn.
Post Date: March 31, 2000 at 13:05:28
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Neal, Pleasant L. (I15056)

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