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201 in child-birth... Dodson, Tabitha (I6458)
202 in childbirth... Swindle, Mollie (I2224)
203 in the household are 3 white males 15-20, 2 white male 20-30, and 1 white female 50-60). Family F10745
204 In the household are 6 white males under 21, , 1 white female 21+, and 2 white females under 21. Family F10745
205 in the royal presence... Family F15444
206 in University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals... Staton, Gladys (I39462)
207 Includes NotesNotes for Thomas Long:
BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Baltimore County Families by Robert Barnes;1659-1746; p 409; Santa Clara Public Library.

LAND: Maryland Genealogical Bulletin, Vol. 9, p. 45: Land grant in 1689 to Thomas Long and wife from John Hails, 136 acres at Pt. Dickerson.

Ibid. Vol. 12 p. 25: Land Grants Baltimore Co. MD, 1682, Thomas Pert from Thomas Long and wife, 100 acres in Norwich; 1674, John Leakins from Thomas Long, "Rich Neck", 74 acres; 1671 - Thomas Long from Peter Sterling, Power of attorney.

More About Thomas Long:
Identifier Number: 4436.
Record Change: 11 May 2004

More About Thomas Long and Mary:
Marriage: Abt. 1676, of Baltimore Co., Maryland. 
Long, Thomas (I40600)
208 Inscibed on his tombstone, "CO B 2 NC INF / SP AM WAR" Hennessee, Daniel Lafayette "Dan" (I1229)
209 Inscription:

'Hic jacet magister Nicolaius Girlingtonius Hackforthiensis familie, armiger preclarus, vera pietate insignis et omni splendoris genere instructissimus qui ex hac vita migravit, decimo die Januaryii An. Dom. 1584--etatis sue vero 76.'

[Translation: Here lies Master Nicholas Girlington of Hackforth, armor bearer, fully imbued with true piety, he departed this life the 10th day of January the year of our Lord 1584 at the age of but 76.] 
Girlington, Nicholas III (I35644)
210 intestate Cantrell, Stephen (I4301)
211 intestate in Phelps County... Dodd, James (I32698)
212 Iroqouis Nation,Pre-Colonial America, Virginia Flower, Cleopatra Scent (I26927)
213 Isabella was the illegitimate daughter of William the Lion, King of Scots by the daughter of Richard Avenel... Mac William, Isabella (I46149)
214 Isle Of Wight, New England, Eastern VA?
Posted by: Thomas M. Tucker Date: July 30, 2000 at 11:53:49
of 7551

Does anyone know if Charles L. Cobb, b. abt 1735 Bedford Cty. VA., m. Ann Walton b. 1729/30 VA.,- Thomas Cobb b. abt 1710 VA m. Susannah Unknown abt 1730, is in the Ambrose line, Pharoah line, the New England line or some other line.

I ask the same question about Susannah Cobb b. 1702, New Kent, VA, M. William Walton b. 25 Dec. 1700 New Kent, VA,- John Cobb b. abt 1676 Northampton Cty., VA M. Susannah Hughes, b. abt 1680.
Some folks refer to these cobbs as the Albermarle County Cobbs.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Cobb, John (I27843)

John2 Woodson has been generally accepted as the son of John and Sarah Woodson of Flowerdew Hundred and Piercey's Hundred. He may have been born about 1632. John was listed among the tithables living at "Curles" in Henrico County on 2, June 1679. It is interesting to note that, while the brother, John and Robert, had not been identified as Mister in the list of tithables of 1679, they were so identified in their land patents. None of the Woodson men of that time were literate; however, they were substantial citizens and respected planters. He was further listed as one of forty men who were ordered by the court to "fitt out men horse and arms" according to the Act of the Assembly. He was credited with three tithables and John Woodson, Jr., his son, was credited with two.

John married about 1660, but the name of his wife and the mother of his children is not known. It's possible that Mary Plesants was the mother of his children. He apparently married a second time to Sarah Browne, the widow of John Browne. When she made her will, she left her personal property to the children of her first marriage.

John died in 1684. He made his will on 20, August 1684 and his son, John3, presented it in court on 1, October 1684. In his will he named his brother Robert's four youngest children.

Mrs. Sarah Browne Woodson, widow, took it upon herself to operate the ferry that her son, Jeremiah Browne, has contracted to maintain. She informed the court in 1690 that it was she, who had kept the ferry, and she was entitled to the county levy. She paid 2000 pounds of tobacco yearly until her death for keeping the ferry. Sarah Woodson, widow, was credited with 650 acres of land in the quit rents rolls of 1704 for Henrico County. She wrote her will on 24, February 1701 and her daughter, Temperance Farrar, was granted probate of the will on 1, November, 1704 in Henrico County.

Children of John Woodson2 and his 1st wife (unknown):

1. John Woodson3, born before 1663 in Virginia

2. Robert Woodson, whose later whereabouts or children, after he was named in his father's will, are unknown. Had two children: Jane and Samuel. 
Woodson, John (I43317)

John3 Woodson, son of John2 Woodson and his wife (name unknown), was born before 1663, in Henrico Co., VA. and died there before 1 May 1700, aged about 37 years.

He married about 1677 to Mary Tucker, daughter of Capt. Samuel Tucker and his wife Jane Larcome. Mary Woodson died in 1710 in Henrico County. She is said to have been the orphan of a ship's captain. The name of Samuel Tucker's vessel was the Vinetree. He was trading on the Virginia coast and perhaps died at sea. His widow, Jane (Larcome) Tucker, then married John Pleasants, of Curles, Henrico County, VA.

John's will, was proved in court 1, May 1700. His widow made her will on 24, September 1709 and it was proved 1, August 1710 in the Henrico Court at Varina. Her mother, Jane Pleasants had only died the previous year. Her will is dated 2, January 1708/09 and was proved at the same court in June 1709, it shows she had Tucker and Pleasants offspring, and also names some of her Woodson grandchildren.

Children of John Woodson3 and Mary Tucker Woodson:

1. Joseph Woodson married three times, first to Mary Sanburne, second Elizabeth Scott and third Elizabeth Murry.

2. Samuel Tucker Woodson, died 1718 without issue, will 1717, proved 7, July 1718, naming brothers Joseph and Benjamin, sister Jane and cousin Tarleton.

3. Benjamin Woodson, born about 1693, Henrico County, VA. Married Frances Napier. See Napier Family.

4. Jane Woodson married her first cousin, once removed, Joseph Woodson, son of Robert2 Woodson (John1) and wife Elizabeth Ferris. 
Woodson, John (I43324)
217 killed by a horse Hicks, George P. (I19481)
218 letter from Samuel Clarence Hennessee, April 22, 1991 Source (S1664)
219 license not returned... Family F3946
220 Linda Hennessee Taylor, letter received in the summer of 1992 Source (S2358)
221 Lived in Indianapolis,IN. Beltz, Essie Irene (I248)
222 Lived in McMinnville. Provided information on this family, 7/24/1991. Hennessee, Mattie Lee (I303)
223 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hennessee, Jessie Marie (I301)
224 married firstly, in 1350, Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Earl of Desmond (d. June 1358); married secondly, Thomas de Ros, 4th Baron de Ros, of Helmsley; married thirdly Sir Richard Burley, Knt Family F15769
225 Moore City,TN, NOT listed in "Geographic Namesaver". I might be Moore County...DAH Goodson, Elizabeth (I4901)
226 Moved to Coffee County when he was 5. Retired to Summerfield,FL in 1987.

Lived near brother Melvin Paul. Never married...DAH 
Hennessee, Herman Dion "Mose" (I285)
227 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Howell, Jerry Wayne Sr. (I45660)
228 name: Ottis Waggoner
irthplace: Tennessee
elationship to head of household: Son
esidence: Civil District 9, DeKalb, Tennessee
arital status: Single
ace : White
ender: Male
mmigration year:
ather's birthplace: Tennessee
other's birthplace: Tennessee
amily number: 71
age number: 3
ollection: "United States Census, 1910," Ottis Waggoner in household of Andrew Waggoner, Civil District 9, DeKalb, Tennessee 
Waggoner, Otis (I25917)
229 Notes for Thomas Smithers Hill:

When the Revolutionary War began in 1776, Thomas was 16 years old. He entered military service as a private in June 1776. In his first 3 month tour he was sent to quell trouble with Indians on the Tennessee River. Five years later, in 1781, he served another 3 month tour on an assignment to prevent the British from crossing the Dan River. At about this time, one of the last major battles of the Revolution was unfolding nearby at Guilford Court House, but apparently Thomas did not participate directly in this battle. Finally, he was sent once again to East Tennessee to serve his final tour to protect an area in Hawkins County from Indians.

More About Thomas Smithers Hill:
Burial: Unknown, Anderson Cemetery.
Military service: 1776, Revolutionary War, Private in Capt John Leak's Co. of Col James Martin's Regt NC.

Hill, Thomas Smithers (I25197)
230 of a brain tumor Hillis, Audrey Beatrice (I23023)
231 of a fractured ileum... Hutchison, Avy (I14361)
232 of a gunshot wound to the abdomen Moore, James "Jim" (I16584)
233 of a stroke Branch, Margaret Lucinda (I10546)
234 of abcess of the bowel Eason, Sarah Jane (I6307)
235 of acute erysipelas Webb, Felix Zollicoffer (I8353)
236 of acute indigestion Webb, Cartie (I16384)
237 of acute indigestion Ralston, Charles I. (I29954)
238 of an enlarged heart... Moore, Walter Shannon (I318)
239 of an heart-attack Mynatt, John Rupert Sr. (I32716)
240 of angina pectoris West, Robert B. (I4271)
241 of apoplexy Potter, Dr. Thomas J. (I4660)
242 of apoplexy Avant, W. Jepp (I17539)
243 of apoplexy Avant, Alvin (I17571)
244 of appendicitis... Clonts, William Thomas (I9683)
245 of arterial sclerosis Cantrell, Martha Ann (I7137)
246 of arthritis Magness, Ella J(ane) (I4238)
247 of blood poisoning Clontz, J. T. (I10458)
248 of Bright's Disease Avery, Newton (I8239)
249 of Bright's Disease Cantrell, Hasel Haswell "Hass" (I8909)
250 of Bright's Disease (Bright's disease is a historical classification of kidney diseases that would be
described in modern medicine as acute or chronic nephritis.) 
Cantrell, Abraham Patterson "Pat" (I7187)
251 of bronchial pneumonia Webb, Joe Brooks (I12653)
252 of bronchial pneumonia Webb, Josephine (I12910)
253 of cancer Moore, Walter Preston "Sonny" Jr. (I81)
254 of cancer Dodson, Naomi (I4724)
255 of cancer Clontz, Robert Bernard Jr. (I10294)
256 of cancer Henley, Johnnie (I20372)
257 of cancer Clouse, Robert Simpson Dayton "Dayton" (I30537)
258 of cancer... Hennessee, Vonnie Faye "Faye" (I1321)
259 of cancer... Hennessee, Maxie (I3484)
260 of cerebral apoplexy Titsworth, William J. "Bill" (I15430)
261 of cerebral apoplexy Mangum, Jerome Parish (I16502)
262 of cholera Webb, Daniel Watkins "Wat" (I3962)
263 of chronic heart disease Clark, Cynthia (I15500)
264 of chronic mitral imcompetence Norman, Hattie (I14518)
265 of chronic nephritis Wright, Erastus Duncan (I16921)
266 of consumption Harmon, M. H. (I6716)
267 of consumption Redmon, Leonard P(ayne) (I9929)
268 of consumption Logue, Anna (I18435)
269 of delayed menapause Magness, Frances Jane (I7352)
270 of diabetes Moore, Dwight Steven "Steve" (I88)
271 of diphtheria Cantrell, Jesse Howard (I17518)
272 of diptheria Griffith, Elcie L. (I17550)
273 of double pneumonia Quick, Alda (I12633)
274 of double pneumonia Cantrell, Boyd (I17545)
275 of dropsy Moore, Vira (I17519)
276 of dysentery Redmon, James Monroe (I7149)
277 of dysentery Harden, James Waymon "Waymon" (I17002)
278 of exophthalmic goiter Givan, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" (I6186)
279 of gangrene of the foot Taylor, Nancy Catherine "Catherine" (I17495)
280 of heart attack Creasman, Earl Franklin (I30454)
281 of heart dropsy Hennessee, Harriet Leola "Leola" (I1498)
282 of heart dropsy Cantrell, William Lafayette "Bill" (I3923)
283 of heart dropsy (congestive heart failure) Walters, Lethia Evelyn "Lethey" (I32133)
284 of heart trouble Cantrell, William Jasper (I5483)
285 of heart trouble Griffith, William Joseph "Joe" (I16376)
286 of Hodgkin's disease Dodson, Ersa "Ersie" (I5459)
287 of influenza Parish, Louvernia (I4442)
288 of influenza Cantrell, Levi Dodson "Dim" (I6318)
289 of influenza Adcock, Robert David "Bob" (I7351)
290 of influenza Avery, Amanda "Mandie" (I12689)
291 of influenza Vanhoosier, Nancy (I17533)
292 of influenza Cantrell, Mantie (I17535)
293 of insanity Bounds, Martha "Mattie" (I17507)
294 of lagrippe Cantrell, Ruby Mai (I8435)
295 of leukemia Tunnell, Virginia Faye (I1568)
296 of leukemia Gruenke, Carl W. (I2004)
297 of liver cancer... Welch, Delia Louise (I13450)
298 of liver disease Cantrell, Sarah A. (I5425)
299 of liver trouble Cantrell, William Watson (I5048)
300 of lobar pneumonia Potter, Keziah "Kizzie" (I3959)

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