Sir John de Strathbogie


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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Sir John de Strathbogie (son of John of Strathbogie, 9th Earl of Atholl and Margaret).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  John of Strathbogie, 9th Earl of Atholl was born ~1266, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland (son of David Strathbogie, I, Earl of Atholl and Isabel de Dover); died 7 Nov 1306, London, Middlesex, England.


    John of Strathbogie (c. 1266 - 7 November 1306)[1] was warden and Justiciary of Scotland.

    Early years and family

    John was born in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland around 1266.[1] He was the son of David I Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl (d. 1270), by his spouse Isabel, daughter of Richard de Dover, Baron of Chilham, Kent. John de Strathbogie first appears on record as his father's son and heir in 1282. He was a great-great-grandson of King John of England.

    Life and military service

    In 1284, he joined with other Scottish noblemen who acknowledged Margaret of Norway as the heir to King Alexander.[2] In 1296, he fought on the Scottish side at the Battle of Dunbar, where he was captured and sent to the Tower of London. After a year's confinement there he was set free on condition that he served King Edward I of England in Flanders.

    He did homage for his manor of Lesnes, Kent, in 1305 but subsequently returned to Scotland, and in 1306 joined Robert the Bruce in his rebellion against English overlordship, and his English possessions were forfeited. He took part in the coronation of The Bruce in that year.


    In the subsequent English invasion of Scotland in 1306, he was taken prisoner at the Battle of Methven. John, Earl of Atholl, was hanged in London, Middlesex, England on 7 November 1306, on a gallows 30 feet higher than ordinary. This was to signify his higher status than his fellow prisoners, no earl had been executed in England for 230 years. His body was burnt and his head fixed on London Bridge.[3]

    Marriage and children

    John married Marjory (also known as Margaret),[3] daughter of Donald, 6th Earl of Mar.[3] They had two sons and a daughter:

    David de Strathbogie, 10th Earl of Atholl (d. 28 December 1326)[3]
    Sir John de Strathbogie, Knight.
    Isabel, wife or mistress of Edward de Brus, Earl of Carrick.


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    John — Margaret. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Margaret (daughter of Donald, 6th Earl of Mar and unnamed spouse).

    Other Events:

    • Also Known As: Margory

    1. David Strathbogie, II, 10th Earl of Strathbogie was born ~ 1290, Chilham, Kent, England; died 28 Dec 1326, Kilbaine Forest, England.
    2. 1. John de Strathbogie
    3. Isabel de Strathbogie

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  David Strathbogie, I, Earl of Atholl died 6 Aug 1270.


    David I Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    David I Strathbogie (died 6 August 1270) was the first of the Strathbogie Earls of Atholl.

    David was the son of John de Strathbogie and Ada, suo jure Countess of Atholl.

    He died at Tunis (or Carthage) in the Eighth Crusade, in the company of Louis IX of France, having married before June 1266, Isabel (d. 1292), daughter of Richard de Dover, feudal baron of Chilham, Kent, by his spouse Maud, suo jure Countess of Angus. In 1266 Isabel was heiress to her brother, Richard de Dover, by which she inherited the barony of Chilham, with the manor of Chingford Earls, Essex. In 1270 they leased the latter to the Knights Templar by licence from the king.

    The 8th Earl of Atholl was succeeded in by their only son, John de Strathbogie, 9th Earl of Atholl, Warden and Justiciar of Scotland.


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    Preceded by
    Ada Earl of Atholl
    12641269 Succeeded by
    John de Strathbogie

    David — Isabel de Dover. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Isabel de Dover
    1. 2. John of Strathbogie, 9th Earl of Atholl was born ~1266, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland; died 7 Nov 1306, London, Middlesex, England.

  3. 6.  Donald, 6th Earl of Mar

    Donald — unnamed spouse. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  unnamed spouse
    1. 3. Margaret