Lady Ellen Rolleston, of Hornby

Female 1395 - 1444  (~ 49 years)

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  1. 1.  Lady Ellen Rolleston, of Hornby was born ~1395; died 6 Aug 1444, Hornby, Yorkshire, England.


    About Sir Christopher Conyers, of Hornby
    Sir Christopher Conyers, Sheriff of Yorkshire1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
    M, #15074, b. circa 1393
    Father Sir John Conyers d. bt Jun 1438 - Jul 1438
    Mother Margaret St. Quinton d. c 1426

    Sir Christopher Conyers, Sheriff of Yorkshire was born circa 1393 at of Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England. He married Eleanor Rolleston, daughter of Thomas Rolleston, Esq. and Beatrice Haulay, before September 1415.2,6
    Sir Christopher Conyers, Sheriff of Yorkshire married Margaret Waddeley, daughter of Robert Waddeley, circa 1447.3,7

    Family 1 Eleanor Rolleston b. c 1390, d. 6 Aug 1444


    Sir John Conyers, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Constable of Middleham, Bailiff & Steward of Richmond Liberty, Steward of the lordship of Middleham+9,2,6 d. 14 Mar 1490
    Sir Richard Conyers+
    Elizabeth Conyers+10 b. c 1413
    Roger Conyers, Esq.+ b. c 1419
    Joan Conyers+ b. c 1423
    Isabel Conyers+11,4,8 b. c 1433
    Margaret Conyers+ b. c 1435

    Family 2 Margaret Waddeley
    Margaret Conyers+12,13,3,5,7 b. c 1451, d. 1500

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    Christopher Conyers1
    M, #220984
    Last Edited=9 Apr 2007
    Christopher Conyers lived at Hornby, Yorkshire, England.1
    Child of Christopher Conyers
    Margaret Conyers+1
    [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume III, page 294. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage.

    Christopher CONYERS
    Born: ABT 1380
    Died: AFT 1462
    Father: John CONYERS
    Mother: Margaret St. QUINTIN
    Married 1: Ellen ROLLESTON (b. ABT 1399 - d. 6 Aug 1444)
    1. John CONYERS (Sir)
    2. Joan CONYERS
    3. Richard CONYERS
    4. Isabel CONYERS
    5. Margery CONYERS
    6. Eleanor CONYERS
    7. Elizabeth CONYERS
    Married 2: Margaret WADELEY AFT 1444
    7. Margaret CONYERS
    From: CONYERS2

    Name Sir Christopher Conyers, Knight [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
    Born of, Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England
    Died 6 Aug 1444 of, Hornby, Yorkshire, England [1, 9, 10]
    Father Sir John Conyers, Lord Conyers, b. Abt 1360, Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England
    Mother Margaret St. Quintin, b. Abt 1362, Brandesburton, Yorkshire, England
    Family 1 Eleanor Rolleston
    1. Sir John Conyers, d. 14 Mar 1489-1490
    2. Sir Richard Conyers, b. of, Marske, Yorkshire, England
    3. Sir Richard Conyers, b. Abt 1425, of, Cowton South, Yorkshire, England
    4. Thomas Conyers, d. 1449
    5. Isabel Conyers, b. Abt 1428
    6. Christopher Conyers, Rector of Rudby, d. Bef 1 Sep 1483
    7. Elizabeth Conyers, b. Abt 1433
    8. Ralph Conyers
    9. Jacob Conyers
    10. Sir Roger Conyers, Knight, b. of, Winyard, Durham, England
    11. Catherine Conyers
    12. Joan Conyers
    13. George Conyers
    14. Margaret Conyers
    15. Sibilla Conyers
    16. Margery Conyers
    17. James Conyers
    18. Hawise Conyers
    Family 2 Margaret Waddeley
    1. Brian Conyers, d. Bef 16 Oct 1478, of, Pinchingthorpe, Yorkshire, England
    2. Margaret Conyers, b. of, Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England d. 1500, Bolton, Yorkshire, England
    3. Nicholas Conyers, Gentleman, d. Bef 6 Feb 1497-1498
    4. Henry Conyers
    5. Conan Conyers
    6. Alice Conyers
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    Sir John Conyers (died 1490), one of twenty-five children of Sir Christopher Conyers (died 1460),[1] was a pre-eminent member of the gentry of Yorkshire, northern England, during the fifteenth century Wars of the Roses.
    Based in Hornby Castle,[2] he was originally retained by his patron, the regional magnate Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury at a fee of 8 6s. 8d.[3] By 1465, he was Steward of the Honour of Richmondshire and was being retained, along with his brothers William and Richard, by Salisbury's son and successor as regional magnate, the earl of Warwick,[4] for which he received 13 6s. 8d. He accompanied Salisbury on his journey from Middleham to Ludlow in September 1459, and took part in the Battle of Blore Heath on the 23rd of that month.[5] He later took part in Warwick's rebellion against Edward IV in 1469 and the Battle of Edgecote, raising his 'Wensleydale connection,[6] and possibly even being the ringleader, 'Robin of Redesdale.'[7] He submitted to the King in March 1469. After Edward's successful return to power in 1471 he was a Justice of the Peace for Yorkshire's North Riding.[8] A loyal retainer and probable ducal councillor of Edward's brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III, (who retained him for 20 annually)[9] he was made a knight of the body, at 200 marks per annum annuity, and substantial estates in Yorkshire, "where he was very active on local commissions." He was also elected to the Order of the Garter.[10] In August 1485 he appears to have fought in and survived the Battle of Bosworth in the army of Richard III, and was later granted offices in Richmondshire by the new king, Henry VII in February 1486, as a result of 'good and faithful service.'[11] He supported Henry during the first rebellion of his reign, in spring 1486, a position that has been called 'particularly significant' and, according to Michael Hicks, it 'was a momentous decision'.[12]

    The Yorkshire Background of the Boyntons of Rowley", from "The Colonial Genealogist", by Robert Joseph Cuffman, MA, FAS/he, FSO, Associate Editor, reprinted by the Augustan Society 1988.
    "Sir Robert Conyers - Lord of Ormsby, holding also Coatham in Durham - b.1325 d. 1392 (Vist. of Yorks 1563-4 70 ft.; VCH Durham 3:301); married (1) Joan de Melton, niece of William de Melton, Archbishop of York 1317-40. (Vist. of Yorks 1563-4 70 ft.; Walker, Yorks. Peds. 2:285), thus d/o Henry de Melton. He married (2) Juliana Percy, d/o and heiress of John Percy, Lord of Ormsby, of the line of Percy of Kildale, who died without male issue and was sometimes given "William" (VCH Yorks NR 2:278; VCH Durham 3:301; Visit. of Yorks 1563-4 70 ft.) . He married (3) Aline de la Ley d. 1408, Lady of Dalden, d. 1408, by whom he had an only child, heiress to her mother, the Joan Conyers who married Sir Robert Bowes, Knight Banneret."
    John Conyers (son of Sir Robert Conyers and 1st. wife Joan de Melton) married Margaret St. Quinton, living Oct 1426 d/o Sir Anthony St. Quinton (Vist. of Yorks. 1563-4 70 ft., 74 & ft.). "He was no doubt the 'John Conyers' who, with Sir Robert Conyers (his son) and Sir Thomas Boynton, settled Tanton Manor on William Percy of Castle Leavington in 1397 (VCH Yorks NR 2:307)"
    Christopher Conyers (son of John Conyers and Margaret St. Quinton) Lord of Hornsby 1427, living 1459 (VCH Yorks NR 1:401) m. 1st. Ellen Roleston, d. 6 Aug 1444. Married 2nd. Margaret Wadeley (d/o Robert) (Vist. of Yorks. 1563-4 74 & ft.). "He was doubtless the 'Christopher Conyers' who with John Conyers of Ormsby and Christopher Boynton, was a trustee of Tanton Manor in 1434 (VCH Yorks NR 2:307) and who with those trustees settled Castle Leavington on Sir William Bowes, along with other trustees that year. (VCH Yorks NR 2:360)." Two of his sons were, Sir John Conyers of Hornby d. 1490, Sheriff of Yorkshire who m. Margery, dau. and coheir of Philip, Lord Darcy and Meynell and Robert Conyers, heir of Hornby, married Margaret, dau. and coheir of Rowland Darcy of Hinton, Leicestershire.

    "Britannia" by William Camden (1607)


    62. [The river] Swale driveth on with a long course, not without some lets [obstructions] heere and there in his streame, not farre from Hornby Castle, belonging to the family of Saint Quintin, which afterwards came to the Cogniers [Conyers], and seeth nothing besides fresh pastures, country houses, and villages,


    Name: Christopher Conyers

    Surname: Conyers
    Given Name: Christopher
    Prefix: Sir
    Sex: M
    Birth: 1383 in Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England
    Death: 1456 in Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England
    _UID: 53FBD77679A94C4180F1D7DAEB0C31E377CD

    He administered the will of his cousin John Conyers of Ormsby in 1438. His will was dated 1426. In it, he asks to be buried in the kirk of Hornby beside his father. He leaves Ellen, his wife one third of his goods. To son Thomas he left lands in Hornby, Brokeholme, North Ottrington and half his lands in Erythorne, Hunton, Hesilton, Little Crakehall and Whitby. Also mentioned were son John and daughter Joan. His mother dame Margaret Conyers was named one of the executors.

    CHRISTOPHER CONYERS, of Hornby; m Ellene, dau and coheir of - Rylestone (d 1443), and had, with a yr s (Sir William, of Marske, Yorks, identified by some historians (others prefer his er bro Sir John) with 'Robin of Redesdale', leader 1469 of an insurrection fomented by the 1st and last Earl of Warwick ('Warwick the Kingmaker') of the March 1449/50 cr (see ABERGAVENNY, M) against EDWARD IV, in particular his favourites and in-laws the Woodvilles, d 1495): Sir JOHN CONYERS 1 2 3

    Change Date: 18 Aug 2009 at 01:00:00
    Father: John Conyers b: 1371 in Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England
    Mother: Margaret St Quintin b: ABT 1380 in Brandsburton, Yorkshire, England
    Marriage 1 Ellen Rolleston b: ABT 1395 in Rolleston, Staffordshire, England
    Married: BEF 1415
    John Conyers Sheriff of Yorkshire b: ABT 1414 in Hornby, North Riding, Yorkshire
    Joan Conyers b: 1428 in Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, England
    Roger Conyers b: 1419
    Catherine Conyers b: 1417
    Margaret Conyers b: 1421
    Sibyl Conyers b: 1423
    Richard Conyers of South Cowton b: 1425 in Cowton, Yorkshire
    Thomas Conyers b: 1426
    James Jacob Conyers b: 1429
    Isabel Conyers b: 1430
    Ralph Conyers b: 1432
    Christopher Conyers b: 1435
    Robert Conyers b: 1437
    Elizabeth Conyers b: 1439
    Margery Conyers b: 1440
    George Conyers b: 1442
    Title: Magna Charta Sureties 1215
    Author: Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Sheppard Jr, 5th Ed
    Publication: 1999
    Page: 164
    Title: Visitations of the North c 1480-1500, Publications of the Surtee's Society
    Page: #144:92, 116
    Title: Burke's Peerage and Gentry
    Page: Yarborough Family Page

    Hornby Castle, Yorkshire (North Riding), was a fourteenth and fifteenth-century courtyard castle, with a late fourteenth-century corner tower known as St Quintin's Tower, after the medieval family which occupied the castle (demolished in 1927) and fifteenth-century work done for William, Lord Conyers.[1]

    Hornby was largely rebuilt in the 1760s by John Carr of York, who was responsible for the surviving south range and the east range (demolished in the 1930s) and outbuildings, for Robert Darcy, 4th Earl of Holderness. The eventual heir was the Duke of Leeds, who assembled there rich early eighteenth-century furniture from several houses, illustrated in the books of Percy Macquoid.

    (A) Henry Pudsey o'f Barforth or Berforth'
    m. Margaret Conyers (dau of Christopher (not Sir John) Conyers of Hornby)


    Re: Conyers of Sockburn, Coatham, Ormesby and Hornby
    On Oct 31, 7:35 am, John Watson wrote:
    Hi all,

    Something which has puzzled me and I am sure many other genealogists over the years, how do the families of Conyers of Sockburn, Conyers of Coatham, Conyers of Ormesby and Conyers of Hornby fit together. Here is my suggestion, which is full of holes but at least has the merit of fitting the available facts. The main differences to the perceived pedigrees being the identification of Scolastica de Cotum's husband as Roger Conyers, and the subsequent descent of lands in Coatham, Durham and Northumberland. Any corrections or additions would be gratefully received.

    1. Humphrey Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1215
    Death: bef. 1283 [1]
    Father: Geoffrey (Galfrid) Conyers

    succeeded his brother John as lord of Sockburn, and Girsby[1]

    Spouse: Pernel [1]

    Children: John Conyers (- <1304)
    Sir Roger Conyers (- <1298)

    1.1 John Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1240
    Death: bef. 1304[1]

    proved his right to free warren in Girsby in 1293[1]

    Spouse: Unknown

    Children: John Conyers (c.1270-<1342)
    Roger Conyers (-) >>> Conyers of Sockburn

    1.2 Roger Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1250
    Death: bef. 1298
    Father: Humphrey Conyers
    Mother: Pernel

    Sir Roger de Conyers, knight [2]
    protection for 4 years going to Holy Land, 10 Feb 1271 [2]
    Holding 1 knight's fee in Northumberland [2]
    Distrained to receive knighthood 1278 [2]
    Quittance of eyre, Northumberland 27 Dec 1278 [2]
    Safe conduct for him, sent by King to Rothelan, 28 Apr 1279 [2]
    Protection till Michaelmas 31 Mar 1282 [2]

    He and his wife dead at the date of his father-in-law, Ralph de Cotum's ipm, when Ralph's heirs were his daughter Alice and John Conyers, son of his daughter Scolastica [4]

    Spouse: Scolastica de Cotum
    Death: bef. 14 Sep 1298 (date of writ for father's ipm) [3]
    Father: Sir Ralph de Cotum
    Mother: Christian

    Children: John Conyers (1284-1310)

    1.2.1 John Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1270
    Death: bef. Apr 1310 [5]
    Father: Roger Conyers
    Mother: Scolastica de Cotum

    Of Coatham Conyers, in the parish of Long Newton, Durham, also know as Coatham Stub and Stubhouse [7]

    21 July 1300, had pourparty of the lands late of Ralph de Cotun, his grandfather [6] included manors of Cronkley & Benrig, Northumberland [9]

    John Conyers 'of Stubhouse' made a grant of land in Cronkley (Northumberland) in 1306 [7]

    29 April 1310, Debtor: Thomas de Aynill, of Deighton, Creditor: John de Coyners of Stib Ho (Stubhous), recently deceased [5]

    Spouse: Unknown

    Children: Robert Conyers (c. 1305->1338) Robert Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1305
    Death: aft. 1338 [10]
    Father: John Conyers

    de Banco Rolls relating to Northumberland for 1321: Robert, son of John de Conyers of Stubhous, plaintiff, William de Herle, defendant. Manor of Benrigge [8]

    de Banco Rolls for Northumberland for 1338, Robert de Conyers of Hubhouse, plaintiff, William Hunter and others, defendant. Trespass at Crumclyf [Cronkley] for 20s. [10]

    Spouse: Unknown

    Children: Robert Conyers (c.1325->Nov 1390) Robert Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1325
    Death: bef 18 Nov 1390 (date of ipm) [11]
    Father: Robert Conyers

    Of Coatham Stub and and through first wife, Juliana de Percy, lord of Ormesby in Cleveland, Yorkshire

    ipm for Durham of Robert Coniers taken 18 November 1390. Robert Conyers, aged 34 is his son and next heir. He had been enfeoffed of his manor jointly with Alina his wife, to hold to them and their heirs of Robert and his first wife Juliana. He held the manor of Cotom next Longnewton of Thomas, son and heir of Alexander Surtees [11]

    Spouse 1: Juliana de Percy (c.1330-1370) [12]
    Father: John de Percy of Ormesby (->1325)

    Children: Sir Robert Conyers (c.1356-1432)
    John Conyers(c.1360-1412)
    William Conyers ( -<1412)
    Margaret Conyers ( -1408)

    Spouse 2: Aline de la Legh (c.1340-1408)
    Widow of William de Dalden (d. 1369) [13]

    Children: Joan Conyers (c.1380-1438)

    Note: Robert Conyers of Coatham Stub, Durham did not marry Joan, niece of William de Melton, as suggested by N. Harris Nicholas. Robert Conyers who married Joan was of Norton Conyers, Yorkshire - see Feet of Fines for the county of York, 1327 to 1347, Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series, vol. 42; 1910, p. 52 Robert Conyers
    Birth: abt. 1356 [11]
    Death: bef. 18 Jul 1432 [15]
    Father: Robert Conyers
    Mother: Juliana de Percy

    Sir Robert Conyers of Ormesby

    de Banco Rolls for 1369 for Northumberland. Robert Conyers, chivaler, executor of Goscelin Surtays, plaintiff. Robert Conyers de Stubhouse and Elizabeth his wife, defendants [14]

    Robert Conyers, knight, brother of John Conyers of Horneby, mentioned in a royal pardon, dated 22 Apr 1423 [16]

    John Conyers of Ormesby administered to his father Sir Robert Conyers's effects on 18 Jul 1432 [15]

    Spouse: Elizabeth

    Children: John Conyers (c.1385-1438) John Conyers
    Birth: abt.1360
    Death: bef. Jul 1412 [18]
    Father: Robert Conyers
    Mother: Juliana de Percy

    John Conyers of Hornby

    17 Aug 1403, Robert and John Conyers, brothers, were appointed custodians of the castle of Skelton, the manors of Skelton and Marske, and all the other lands of Thomas Faucomberge knight in cos. York and Northumberland [17]

    dead before 24 April 1412, when Richard de Norton and Laurence de Middleton, vicar of the church of Grimston granted to Richard son of John Conyers of Hornby, deceased, the manor of Solberge (Solbergh Super Wysk') [18]

    Spouse: Margaret St. Quintin
    Birth: abt. 1385
    Death: aft. May 1435
    Father: Anthony St. Quintin
    Mother: Elizabeth Gascoigne?

    Children: Christopher Conyers (c.1400-1460)
    Richard Conyers [18]
    Thomas Conyers [18]



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    Hi all,

    I spotted a small error in my previous post.

    John Conyers, son of Sir Roger Conyers must have been born before
    1279, since the king gave him his share of Ralph de Cotum's lands in
    1300 when he must have been 21 or more.


    Ellen — Christopher Conyers, Knight. Christopher (son of John Conyers and Margaret St. Quintin) was born ~ 1393, Hornby Castle, Hornby, Bedale, DL8 1NQ; died 0___ 1462, Hornby Castle, Hornby, Bedale, DL8 1NQ. [Group Sheet]

    1. Richard Conyers, Knight was born 1425-1444, South Cowton, Yorkshire, England; died >1485, (South Cowton, Yorkshire, England).

    Ellen — Christopher Conyers, Knight. Christopher (son of John Conyers and Margaret St. Quintin) was born ~ 1393, Hornby Castle, Hornby, Bedale, DL8 1NQ; died 0___ 1462, Hornby Castle, Hornby, Bedale, DL8 1NQ. [Group Sheet]

Generation: 2